10 Things Men Should Never Ask Women

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First of all, a man should never
ask a woman if he can kiss her,
as she will only say, a man should
never “ask” for a kiss.
Asking her for a kiss will only
make a man look like a boy,
which is what a woman is not
interested in, and even if she

says “yes”, it could mean she is
just being polite, while on the
inside her attraction meter will
read a firm, “No”.

Secondly, a man should never
ask a woman if he can take her
out on a date sometime, as she
would like to be with a man who
is a leader and in control, not
someone who asks her
permission to hit on her.
A man should confidently ask a
woman out, by simply saying,
“We should hang out… what’s
your number?” or tell her about a
specific place he wants to take
her to.

Thirdly, a man should never brag
about the car he has or the kind
of house he lives in, as it would
seem like he is trying hard to
impress her.
Women would be far more
impressed by a man’s material
possessions if he does not
mention them in conversation.

The fourth thing a man should
never ask a woman is what she
wants to do for the night, as she
likes a “man with a plan”.
The man needs to have a game
plan before he calls her, so as to
ensure that she will not be
burdened with having to think
about what to do.

Fifthly, a man should never ask a
woman if she likes him, as this is
one phrase that turns off a
woman completely.
He should just assume that she
likes him, and never ask the
question, as it would look like he
has no confidence.

The sixth tip is that a man should
never ask a woman why she
never answered his message, as
one, it would show that he cared
she did not reply back, and two,
it would give her a guilt trip,
which is seen as insecurity by

The seventh tip is that a man
should never ask a woman how
men she has slept with, as this
shows that he is suffering from

The eighth tip is that a man
should never hint at a future date
with a woman he has just met,
as she not only wants but needs
a guy who is somewhat of a
“challenge”, and will lose interest
if she senses she has won.

The ninth tip is that a man
should never end a phone
conversation with a woman with
a “next step”, as firstly it would
kill any spontaneity by being
predictable, and secondly he
would kill any chances of her
calling him.

The tenth tip is that a man
should never talk bad about a
woman’s guy friends especially if
he hasn’t met them and doesn’t
know her very well, as this is the
fastest way for her to mark him
as “insecure”.

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