Video – Stripper Preacher

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OUTRAGE: Many have describe Tasha's antics as attention seeking

Her Church ministry is called the GOSPEL FROM THE STRIPPERS POLE and claims to represent the Church of Christ but many are viewing the antics of Tascha Emmanuel, a self confessed ex-stripper as a slap on the face of those who practice Christianity.
OUTRAGE: Many have describe Tasha’s antics as attention seeking

Since uploading a video on YouTube, where she appears to be wearing an outfit that doesn’t only reveal her cleavage but also almost showing her nipples, Tasha has drew a lot of criticism from the public. This however has not stopped her gaining more views on YouTube and at the time of writing one of her videos has half a million hits. Tasha still uploads her weekly videos on YouTube where she preaches the good news.

She is very active on social networks and seems to support a lot of feminist movements. She recently spoke out in support of a law that protects mothers from breast feeding in public places.


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