PHOTO: Assassins Kill Man

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Togolese X


A young computer engineer living in Togo Garantibougou, Essoyomawè Laodjassondo Benjamin, aged 29, was tragically killed at his home Wednesday, March 19 at 3 o’clock in the morning by masked individuals, entered his home break.They took his bike, laptop and many other things.

Togolese XWhen the two assassins arrived at the house, they shot the lock to open the door. They used a gaseous product to numb the occupants (Benjamin and his wife). Armed with torch, the attackers entered the room. The effect of light would have awakened the couple. The cry of women, Benjamin, wanting to get up, received two shots in the chest and died. The woman pulled by her hair and assaulted was questioned in relation to the place where the family hid his money. After these exchanges, the attackers took the half-naked woman away into the darkness. They had meanwhile removed the bike, computer, mobile phone, bag, etc..

The question now is what would motivate a crime so despicable, if it was a settling of accounts or a heinous crime? Many people do not understand why tragedies like this happen regularly in the Togolese community. We recall, in fact, in January 2012, a similar tragedy had saddened the Togolese community. A young Togolese named Claude Kondi was killed in the gun at night in her room by a group of unidentified criminals. In March 2006, the mutilated body of a young Togolese responding to Angelot Konou name was found on a road out of Bamako, the open skull and brain amputated. What actions the Consulate of Togo in Mali he leads or will it take to protect the community against attacks of this type? All these facts create psychosis and raise real concerns within the Togolese community that feels at once referred as she has always felt like home to Mali.What sickens and more outrageous is the fact that these crimes have so far been no serious investigation or concrete action to put their hands on the perpetrators and bring them before the courts to that justice is done. It would be highly desirable for the murder of Benjamin did not go unpunished as others.

He leaves behind a widow and a boy carrying a pregnancy to term.


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