Nigerian University Girls Exposed, Lésbian Party Gone Wild (SEE PHOTOS)

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I would wish if you can share this story on your platform, There have been rapid increase of gay relatíonships in Nigeria and these days alot of people take it as a normal thing, here I was invited for a party, so i came with my boyfriend and later got to know it was an all girls party, so since he had exams, he said i should just have fun that we would see later, I was disappointed, but later decided to cheer up since i didnt want to feel down, but i was surprised that when the music started playing, girls started doing Intimate stuff with each other, some where kíssing, and touching each other séxually, i took pictures but my battery was low so i couldnt take much, here are the ones i got, i would have loved to share the university with you but dont want any silly stuff to come out, and since am a girl i would be affected, cause you know that even if i share the name of the uni with the world, if the authorities come they will start doing off things, which will simply just piss me off.

but i can confirm that its in the eastern part of Nigeria thou. please share my story and pictures too.

thank you



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The point of sharing this?

A lot of bad people are using nude pictures to scam innocent people especially women. If they lay their hands on your naked pictures/vidoes they can use it as a scam material to aid them in their bad adventures. When your nudes are uploaded here you can contact us for removal so far you have proof!WE DONT charge a DINE

If Ladies could listen to our advice, it will be to their own good because guys are not what they always appears when in happy mood. Never send your nude photos/videos to any man no matter how you love him. Your nudes are not so cheap that money/relationship can pay for them. When the relationship ends, you will be under the power of whoever has your nudes. A word to a wise lady.

My take: Never ever on any circumstance allow yourself to be video taped in any form whatsoever in the name of love or fun. The consequences can be really disastrous! Beware!

2 thoughts on “Nigerian University Girls Exposed, Lésbian Party Gone Wild (SEE PHOTOS)

  1. It beggars belief what you guys are doing in the name of journalism; what’s wrong with students getting drunk and having the fun of their lives. What happened to the #COZA pastor and others who deprived themselves of youth and fun should be an eye-opener; that when a youth bottled up those pressures, one day he/she will let it out but then, too late. What’s wrong with being gay or lesbian? It’s their choice… You guys should be talking about your politicians who are all paedophiles (preying on minors and vulnerable girls in the society). I have never heard of gays or lesbians stealing millions from state treasury or them having affair with the church members or misusing their offices for sexual favours. I’m not gay, but I’m open-minded and liberal to the universal rights of all humans. Everybody has the right to live and be who they are so long they do not infringed on the rights of others. I hope Nigeria and other African countries will grow out of this hypocrisy. And focus on development and getting students back to university as most are turning to prostitution to survive. I’m a concerned Nigerian but far from the reach of what is happening there; the #Injustice! The rich getting richer and the poor dying in abject poverty. God help Nigeria!

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