Check out Bootylicious Law Student setting University of Nairobi on fire (PHOTOS)

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 Check out Bootylicious Law Student setting University of Nairobi on fire (PHOTOS)
Check out Bootylicious Law Student setting University of Nairobi on fire (PHOTOS)
Check out Bootylicious Law Student setting University of Nairobi on fire (PHOTOS)
Check out Bootylicious Law Student setting University of Nairobi on fire (PHOTOS)
She is referred to as the upcoming Kenya socialite; others think she is just a show off, while some see her as the next Huddah Monroe (one of Kenya’s representative to BBA 8).
Meeting Maura for the first time, one can hardly tell she is 20, not to mention the fact that she is a Law student at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Law student! Of course, Maura is not your average Law student; she is a video vixen, a dancer, blogger, model and the reigning UoN Miss Malaika.
In a chat , Maura was asked why she is been compared to Huddah Monroe, and the bootylicious socialite said “I think they likened me to her because of my daring seductive photos since she also takes daring and seductive photos.”
How come a not so slim girl was crowned UoN Miss Malaika?
She stated “I am driven by the passion to prove that you don’t have to be skinny to look gorgeous; you can be a big girl and still make millions of heads turn.”
KandF also observed that the video vixen added ‘Hawtbutts’ to her name and asked if it was a reflection of her public persona, but Maura has this to say “It started when I was in high school many people used to tell me I have a hot a$$ all the time, that is when I discovered I was blessed and pimped it up to Hawtbutts”, and she is very proud of her behind, ‘my a$$ is my favourite asset and people love it,’ she added.
Does she have a role model? “My role models are my Parents, Queen Latifah and Donald Trump,” she said.
In few years time, “I see myself as a fashion icon for big girls all over the world and hopefully a millionaire with some businesses,” Maura emphasized.
Interestingly, Maura has one fear – lizards.

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