OMG!!!! A Guy On Shared Photos Of His Testicles, Because He Has Three – PHOTO

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Everybody likes to mark their birthday with a special party and/or unique celebration. One Reddit user has set a high bar for that, though, because he forever memorialized turning 18 by sharing photos of his balls online. All three of them. (And really, once you’ve put photos of your junk on the Internet, it never goes away — just like those pics of you drunkenly stealing a road sign you put on MySpace forever ago.)
So, click this link if you want to see his three neatly shaven testicles; don’t click it if you don’t or if you’re in an environment where people might see you looking at the testicular trio and get weirded out. “GardenofGandalf,” the threeballin’ guy in question, has patiently answered the many questions that inevitably follow a photo of unusual genitalia. He’s ballsy like that; here’s three key things you need to know:
See photo after the cut:
1. The right ball is the “normalest.”
2. Yes, the balls get “kind of” tangled up sometimes, but they also “orient themselves” in a way that isn’t obvious when he’s just out and about in sweatpants or skinny jeans.
3. He does not know if he has “supersperm,” because he hasn’t compared it with other guys’ ejaculate and “it would be a whole process to figure [that] out.” Logistically and medically, I suppose.

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