Leaked NAKED Photo: Miley Cyrus Goes Topless While Straddling A Horse Statue And Smoking Weed

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The original: This is the official cover of the Adore You remix, tweeted by Miley in February

She’s certainly not shy when it comes to showing off her figure. But Miley Cyrus’ desire to shock has reached a whole new level thanks to the single cover for the remix of her single Adore You. The shot is circulating the web after it was leaked online, and it shows 21-year-old Miley completely topless and wearing just a white thong as she straddles statue of a horse. See the picture after the break


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Sporting a long, dark wig, Miley leans forward and embraces the equine, while holding a blunt in her right hand. The provocative image was leaked online earlier this week, and it appears to be the full unedited version of the Adore You remix single cover, which is a close-up shot of Miley, her chest out of the frame.

The pop star tweeted an image of the edited cover art in February. Some have speculated that the nude artwork was purposefully leaked to drum up enthusiasm for the single, which hasn’t performed too well, peaking at number 21 on the Billboard charts.

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