TRUE STORY – The Hot Nurse

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I had been in the hospital just over a month now. Up until this point I drifted between conscious and semi-conscious. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Then she spoke, so sweet, so kind. We carried on a bit, I had a bad habit of tormenting my nurses once I started coming around. As I thought about her later that night my cock grew hard. Even though I had a catheter in I stroked my cock a bit. Before long I had sticky pre-cum oozing out around the catheter tube. Not knowing what the consequences might be I decided against cumming with it in. I licked pre-cum from my fingers, then thought about my medical condition to distract myself. Every time I saw her my cock would grow, my heart would race. Even when she wasn’t looking after me she would smile and say hi every time she passed my room. As the days went on I was regaining my health. One particular day Kimber was my nurse again. She was so attentive, so sexy and so damn sweet. That night I lay in bed with a raging hard on. I was texting my FWB (friend with benefits), she was also very sexy, curvy in all the right places. The conversation was getting heated. My cock was oozing lots of pre-cum passt the catheter tube as I thought of Kimber and Sandy. I stroked my cock gripping it tightly as I thought about each of them. Then i thought about fucking the two of them at once. I was too far gone to stop, I came but nothing came out. I was slightly worried but had been so aroused that there was no stopping it.

A few nights later Kimber came into my room after her shift was over at 11:00pm. She sat and chatted with me for a bit. I knew she was horny just by the look on her face and she noticed the tent in my sheets. I told her that I masturbated and that I came. She could tell I was concerned and said not to worry that my semen would have just went into my bladder and diluted with my urine and exited that way. Then I told her that I was thinking about her when I was masturbating. She squirmed a bit in her chair and grinned. Kimber had seen my cock more than once as she had looked after me several times. Kimber left me her number and said “tonight you should text me”. I was in shock as she stood up and headed for the door. My hands were trembling as I entered her number into my phone. “I’m touching it” was my first text. Kimber replied with “I wanted to touch it”. Immediately pre-cum began oozing out past the tube. I told her my cock was getting wet, she replied with….. I’m soaked. I told her how bad I wanted to lick her pussy and ram my cock into her. She replied saying she needed my cock. We went on for a bit, I was getting really close, when all of a sudden I get a picture message. My body trembled, I moaned and came once again inside myself as I admired her smooth dripping wet pussy on my phones screen. We kept texting, I described in detail touching her, licking her ass and pussy, fucking her hard and fast. I’m getting partial texts in response. Oh yeah, mmmmm, oh, yes. And then… oh my fuck that was good ! Out of curiosity I asked if she was home already. She replies with no, I’m in the parking garage.

We chatted quite a bit over the next few days but took it easy, no sexting. After all I was still recovering and we both knew I had to be careful due to my lack of privacy. Sandy dropped in a few times and we fooled around a bit, we were both missing our usual adventures. I was very honest with her, she knew about Kimber and Kimber obviously knew about her. Having gotten some relief fairly recently I was a bit more mellow and could control myself around both of them. Kimber asked how serious it was between Sandy and I. I replied not at all, we are FWB, we are both single. She said good because I don’t want to fuck someone else’s man. Again I was stunned, she’s going to fuck me? I thought. A few nights later Kimber popped in to check on me during her shift. She sat on the edge of my bed, grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh. I rubbed her leg a bit edging toward her pussy. She guided my hand up over her belly and then down inside her pants. My cock sprang to life as my fingers touched her wet pussy lips. Kimber moaned softly as I rubbed her smooth pussy, letting a finger wander into her slit. She grabbed my arm with both hands holding me back somewhat but at the same time bucking her hips ever slightly to match my movements. I wanted to eat her so bad but it was too risky. I managed to wiggle my hand in far enough to slip a finger inside her. I worked it fairly gently, not wanting her to moan out loud. She kept getting wetter and wetter. My cock was throbbing but somehow I resisted the urge to stroke it. Kimber burried her face in my arm as she came, muffling her moans and pants. I pulled my hand from inside her pants and licked her delicious juices from my fingers. Kimber leaned into me still coming down from her climax, her legs were trembling. After a few minutes she stood up and said “I’ll be back after my shift to return the favour”. She leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and whispered… you are amazing. I wanted to get off but somehow restrained myself. Still somewhat hopped up on meds I drifted off to sl**p.

I woke up sometime later to a strange sensation. As I came to my senses I realized that Kimber had my cock in her mouth sideways and was licking all around the shaft with her tongue. My catheter was still in preventing her from taking it head on. It felt amazing, she was quite talented. My precum was soon flowing and I was loving the sight of it on her pretty face. Kimber licked and sucked on my cock for what seemed like hours, fondling my balls and licking them once in a bit. I was getting close and she knew it. Just as I was about to cum Kimber pulled my catheter out in one slick motion and dropped her head down over my cock. I came hard, shooting my hot salty cum into her pretty mouth. Kimber shook violently and I realized that she had gotten off as well. She kept sucking and slurping on my cock long after I finished cumming. She cleaned me up a bit and reinserted my catheter which was a bit painful but well worth it. She came up, sat on the edge of my bed, leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips. Kimber looked in my eyes and said ” I can’t wait to fuck you “. Looking back at her I told her I couldn’t wait to eat her. Well we can’t do either of those here she said, sucking your cock was risky enough. You better get well soon or I’m gonna end up getting fired. She gave me a peck on the cheek and headed home. A few minutes later I got a picture message of her dripping wet pussy that she took in the elevator followed by a shot of her tits.

I was getting better every day. Kimber would text often when she wasn’t at work and often be in my room when she was at work. We kept things pretty tame for the next couple of weeks. We figured if we kept it up we would end up fucking and getting caught. Sandy visited as usual and we would fool around a bit. Both of them noticed that my sexual tension was on the rise again and both were eager to help with it…. once I got released.

The day I was released Sandy came over. We fucked like never before. It had been just over two months since we had. First I was on top, then her, next I fucked her doggy style. It was amazing. After three rounds of fucking and several orgasms we had a shower. We returned to bed and I went down on Sandy, slowly and gently licking her soft sexy pussy. My hands wandered up her body and squeezed her huge tits. My tongue found her opening and I began lapping wildly at it. i was sucking and slurping on her hot delicious pussy, squeezing her tits, twisting and pinching her nipples gently. I brought one hand down and slipped a finger inside her. my tongue circled around her clit. Sandy’s body was trembling and she was moaning uncontrollably. I kept licking and sucking on her clit as she started cumming, thrusting my finger in and out of her. my other hand now slithered down her body, I slid it under her ass and slipped a finger into her tight asshole. Sandy was cumming uncontrollably, I moved my face down sucking up as much of her delicious juice as I could get. My fingers kept thrusting, my tongue flailing, I was drinking from her pussy as she moaned and thrashed around on the bed. I pulled myself up onto her and we embraced. My cock f***ed itself into her tight wet pussy. We just laid there holding each other. I knew Sandy needed a rest so I just held her in my arms. After a few minutes I rolled off of her and she immediately went to work on my cock. Sandy is by far the best cock sucker I have ever met. She loves it. It felt so good being in her mouth, She sucked and fucked my cock with her mouth, licking the shaft and then all around the head, taking it all the way in her mouth. I liked grabbing her head and fucking her mouth, which is what I did next. After letting go of her had I started fondling her tits and ass as she continued working over my throbbing cock. Then i went on to rubbing her sopping wet pussy. She had me right on the edge and kept me there quite a long time. I moved my soaking wet fingers from her pussy to my mouth. As soon as I tasted sandy’s sweet juices I started cumming. She was still sucking and licking, swallowing as much as she could. I was in heaven. We repeated the scenario over the next few days with slight variations.

Sandy had to go out of town for work on the fourth day after I was released. I had been texting Kimber all along and she was in the loop. She had to work the first night but was off the following two. Kimber surprised me by showing up that first night after her shift. She was exhausted so we chatted a bit and just went to sl**p. I was still off work so I had no place I needed to be so we had lots of time. Kimber removed all of her clothes and climbed in to bed with me. We cuddled up and I wrapped my arms around her grabbing her ass cheeks. Kimber reached down grabbing my swollen cock and said “tomorrow this is mine” and she drifted off to sl**p still holding it. I woke up abruptly, I thought I was being attacked. Kimber had rolled me on my back and was riding my cock like a wild woman. She was moaning and panting, we were both soaked. She bounced up and down on my cock like it was a pogo stick. I reached up grabbing her hips and began thrusting trying to match her pace. It was no use, she was going nuts. I just layed there playing with her tits and let her fuck my cock. I knew she had cum more than once before I woke up, as i said we were both soaked. I was getting close, Kimber came at least three more times, she was rocking her hips, bucking wildly it was wild. She leaned down to me, still thrusting away on my cock. I wrapped my arms around her grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling myself deeper inside her. Her body was trembling uncontrollably, I started cumming. As my hot cum shot inside her, she started having an enormous orgasm. She kept riding my cock bucking wildly, panting and moaning. My cock was throbbing inside her and soon I was cumming again. Kimber collapsed into my arms her body still shaking uncontrollably. It had been 2am when she woke me and it was now 6. We were exhausted and drifted off to sl**p. I woke up around 9 and thought I’d get the upper hand this time. I slithered out of Kimber’s arms and gently rolled her on her back. I positioned myself between her legs and began very gently licking her beautiful pussy. I worked very slowly and very softly, I wanted her to be fully aroused before she woke up. I gently rubbed the tip of one finger around her opening as she got wetter. I kissed her beautiful pussy and let my tongue glide along her pussy lips. I barely touched her clit, just enough to make it protrude slightly. Kimber was stirring a bit in her sl**p and her body tensed up just a bit. I brought my mouth down to the entrance of her pussy, moving my finger to her ass. I played with her wet asshole without penetrating while my tongue tracd around her opening. Kimber began stirring a bit more and moaning softly in her sl**p. That was my que. I quickened the pace a bit, adding to fingers to her clit. Kimber moaned, opened her eyes and leaned up a bit. as she did I plunged my tongue inside her licking wildly, send my finger deep into her ass wiggling it and began rubbing her clit gently. She gasped, moaned and started cumming hard. I kept at her sucking and licking at her sweet pussy. Her hot juice flowed from her like a river. She was moaning and shaking, calling my name. I worked her over like that or 35 minutes, then right when she thought she could handle anymore I pulled back, got into position and thrust my cock all the way inside her. She came hard as I thrusted into her, her arms wrapped around me and her nails dug into my back. I pounded my cock in and out of her tight pussy. Kimber came several more times, she let go of me and collapsed to the bed. I kept pounding at her sweet little pussy. She was in the midst of a powerful orgasm when I shot my first load. She regained some strength and wrapped her arms around me, thrusting her hips to meet my motions. I came in her again and we collapsed in each others arms. We spent the next two days practically in bed 24/7.

We still get together every chance we get. I have been trying for months to get them to do a threesome but neither of them is willing. Well, I gotta run, the doorbell just rang and for the life of me I can’t remember which one I’m expecting.

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