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Nipples are one thing that all humans have in common.You know Nipples produce milk, which comes in handy for breastfeeding. Nipples bring some extra excitement to the bedroom. Women’s nipples tend to be more sensitive than men’s.READ BELOW

Well,Nigeriacamera has brought you some amazing facts you don’t know about nipples,so get ready to expand your mind as you read further.1. Nipple orgasm

torso of sexy woman in black, lace bra

Did you know that it’s possible for a woman to achieve orgasm solely through nipple play? It’s true! This doesn’t happen for every woman, but certain women can have genital orgasms that are caused by intense nipple stimulation.

2. Let’s talk about aureole, baby
Baby Breastfeeding

For those who aren’t aware, the circular pigmented area around the nipple is called the aureola. Small openings around the nipple called lactiferous ducts release milk during lactation, while sebaceous glands provide lubrication, protection, and help with suckling during breastfeeding.

3. They come in threes
bustling crowd walking

Statistically, one in 18 people is born with a third nipple. One in 18! Any day on the street, you could pick out a group of 18 people, and chances are that one of them is blessed (or cursed) with one or more extra nips.
These nipples rarely serve a purpose; they are simply remnants of the multiple nipples that usually disappear from a baby before birth.

4. Men can breastfeed

Though it isn’t common by any means, male lactation has happened more often in recent years as a result of hormonal treatments for prostate cancer.
What is really interesting, though, is that both men and women can actually lactate from excessive massaging and sucking on the nipples over an extended period of time. Who knew?

5.Babies about to burst
adorable newborn baby in cute winter hat

You may think that lactation is only a possibility for women who have given birth (or, as mentioned earlier, really gone to town on their breasts), but there is one notable exception! Babies sometimes emerge from the womb producing milk. That’s right! Newborn babes can have milk leaking from their teats.
This is perfectly normal, though, and the effect only lasts for a few days. It’s caused by estrogens, which are passed to the baby from its mother.

6. A whale of a meal
baby killer whale in group of whales

Whales have nipples that differ quite a bit from human nipples, and even those of other animals. Because their young aren’t able to perform the suction motion necessary to retrieve milk from an underwater nipple, a whale’s teat is built to be operated by the mother. When the baby whale attaches to his or her mother’s nipple, she then ejects milk into its mouth. Pretty cool, eh?


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