THE DICKTIONARY!! What A Guy Says To His Friends About A Girl, And What He Actually Means

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In case you’re wondering what exactly we mean when we’re talking to our guy friends, I’ve provided a basic outline of some of the more commonly used phrases — and their true meanings.

1. “She’s all right.”

What it means: We probably like her.

Why we use it: Because we don’t really want to discuss the corny details about a girl we might like with the rest of our guy friends or just to keep things short and sweet.

Used in a sentence: “She’s all right. We went out to dinner again last night.”

Synonyms: “She’s good”; “Can’t complain”; “All good”

2. “I like her.”

What it means: We really like her.

Why we use it: Because we always strive to be vague and indistinct about our true feelings, we don’t want to come right out and say we “really” like her.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, man. I like her. She could be a good one.”

Synonyms: “I’m into her”; “She’s great”

3. “She spent the night.”

What it means: We had sex with a particular woman.

Why we use it: Because, unlike the bulk of male stereotypes, not all men necessarily divulge highly-detailed accounts of their sexual conquests.

Used in a sentence: “Hung out with Jess last night — she spent the night.”

Synonyms: “She slept over”; “We slept together”

4. “She’s cute.”

What it means: We’re sort of interested in her.

Why we use it: Because we’re attracted enough to some chick to use the word “cute”; however, we might not be fully ready to use ones like “hot” or “sexy” just yet.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, I’m not sure what it is about her, but she’s cute — there’s something.

Synonyms: “I’m into her”; “There’s something about her”

5. “She’s got a good personality.”

What it means: We might be compensating for a specific chick’s aesthetic shortcomings.

Why we use it: Because we’re interested in a woman, for reasons outside of her physical appearance.

Used in a sentence: “I’m not really concerned with what she looks like; she’s got a good personality.”

Synonyms: “Looks aren’t important to me.”

6. “I was hammered.”

What it means: We probably did something regrettable.

Why we use it: To illustrate the fact that we were not thinking clearly, likely as a form of compensation in the light of poor decision-making.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, we slept together — but I was hammered — so I can’t really remember the rest of my night.”

Synonyms: “I blacked out”; “I don’t remember”; “I f*cked up”

7. “I don’t like her like that.”

What it means: We either value our friendship with a particular girl or really don’t like her.

Why we use it: Because we don’t want our intentions to get twisted or give anyone the wrong impression.

Used in a sentence: “Nah, we were just studying — I don’t like her like that.”

Synonyms: “We’re just friends”; “It’s not like that”; “I’m not interested in her as anything more”; “I’m just being polite.”

8. “I just need a break from her.”

What it means: Another woman has sparked our attention.

Why we use it: Because we need an easy out of a relationship or current situation.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, I do like her — but, I don’t know — I just need a break from her for a little while.”

Synonyms: “I need some space”; “I need some time to figure out what I want.”

9. “I’m done with her for good this time.”

What it means: We’re probably going straight to her apartment after we get done here.

Why we use it: Because we don’t want our friends thinking that we’re falling back into the same trap.

Used in a sentence: “She really f*cks with my head. I’m done with her for good this time, though — I swear.”

Synonyms: “It’s quiet for her”; “We’re done (but it’s not over).”

10. “She just doesn’t know what she wants.”

What it means: She knows she doesn’t want us.

Why we use it: Because we can’t take rejection and want to deflect as much of it as we can on other circumstances.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, she’s back with her ex now — she just doesn’t know what she wants.”

Synonyms: “She broke up with me”; “I can’t take rejection”; “She needs to do some soul-searching.”

11. “I think I might love her.”

What it means: We definitely love her.

Why we use it: Because we don’t want to fully commit to using that four-letter word, but we feel it.

Used in a sentence: “I don’t know, man. I can’t get her out of my mind — I think I might love her.”

Synonyms: “I love her.”

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