FUCKED UP – 20 stupid questions people ask…

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1. You see identical twins, you still dey ask ‘na
twins be dis’?
No bros, na picmix…lol
2. Nepa brings light and everyone in the
neighborhood shouts’up Nepaaa’! My guy ask me,
O boy na light be that?
No oh, Na Holy Ghost fire! Lol!
3. You see person dey vomit, you still dey ask am
‘you no well’?
Em well, e juz dey practice how to vomit…
4. Someone sees you dancing and asks u ‘so you
sabi dance?’
No oh, I dey practice madness ni! *Lmfao*.
5.You just wake up from sleep person come ask
you “you don wake?”
No oh, I come buy bread wey I chop for dream..
6. You see woman wey born new pikin u ask her
“madam u don born? ” No ohhhh, she buy am for
7. I travelled for over six days….as I just return
back to town one boy ask me “are u back”
” No ohhhh, I’m front”… lol
8. You greet person “good morning ma” ! She
ask, my pickin you don wake????
no ohhhh, I dey sleep walk…
9. You call ur ex, nd she asked “did u jus call my
No ohhh “na ur battery I call… Lol…
10. My guy ask me “O boy where u dey?” I tell am
say i dey bank, nd him ask me “Wat is happening
I go uproot cassava… *Lmfao*
11. My neighbour sees me opening the gates to
drive out and asks me, U dey comot?
Not at all… I be the new gateman…
12. I dey watch film… my guy enta come ask me
“Guy na film u dey watch?
No naa… I dey discuss with Osuofia…
13. My guy see me, and he foolishly ask me “guy
na you be that?”
no ohh… Na my Grand father when him been
young. *Lmfao*
14. A game freak was passionately tapping his
PSP nd his girlfriend asked him, “U dey play
Him reply wit anger… No ohhh, I dey practice
how 2 press bobby.
15. I mistakely cut my thumb wit razor n my frnd
asks… Y u come cut ursef na? I reply am say “my
blood too much, I wan reduce am small…” IDIOT!
16. I dey quarrel with my brother one day, him
come ask me, “Na me u dey talk to???”
I say nooo, I dey talk to the spirit of our great
grand parents.
17. I plug my fone charger for socket one IDIOT
asked me u wan charge ur phone????
I tell am no ohhh, I wan charge my mind! ode…
18. I was watching football nd a friend came and
said “guy u dey watch ball???”
No ohhh, I won pay their salary…
19. U see me dey chop indomie come dey ask me,
O boy, na indomie u dey chop so?
No ohhhh… Na fried rubber band mixed with
20. U see say gen dey on nd u still dey ask “una
on Gen”????
No oh
hhh , na Gen on us.
As it stands now, abeg i need to ask u one
No vex abeg u d read diz msg?

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