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We were expats in our 40’s living in Port Harcourt Nigeria. My husband worked as a shipping manager and we were enjoying the social life of both the local and expat community I was happily married and I enjoyed sex with my husband. Things were going well until one day my husband told me he was in some sort of trouble with the Customs for making a wrong declaration, but hopefully after speaking to a Senior Officer the problem could be resolved. Everything seemed to go ok and the problem was resolved. A week or so later we were invited to dinner at his house and come the night we were dressed and ready having a drink while waiting for his car to collect us . The car arrived and the driver handed my husband a note I could see from the look on his face that all didn’t seem right. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that the note had instructed him to decline dinner but I was still to still accept the invitation. I was shocked and said I wasn’t going but my husband said if I refused he could well be in trouble. We were both scared as you hear stories and I was on the verge of tears. My husband tried to be positive and say its only a dinner and it would be ok . I knew what could happen to him if I didn’t and secretly hoped he was right, so reluctantly I agreed and got into the waiting car.

When I arrived a was shown into the house and I was met by him he was I guess in his 50s. he was a huge man well over 6ft heavy built and had a very dark skin. He was well spoken and invited me to sit down and offered me a drink. Straight away I asked him well blurted out why wasn’t my husband to be with me, he dismissed my question and proceeded to chat about other things and then invited me to take a place at the table for dinner . The conversation was at times awkward and although the table was set for 6 people only the two of us were dining. After dinner I said I must go but he said no please lets sit and chat for a while and we moved to the lounge. He chatted I pretended I was interested but just wanted to get out and go home. Then I felt uneasy as he turned his attention to me saying how he’d seen me at functions and how attractive I was and complimented me on my body and skin. Now I began to feel my stomach tighten has he stood up and sat close beside me on the settee. I told him I wanted to leave but he said you know your husband could be in very serious trouble or worse is that what I wanted to happen. My heart sank my fears were founded I knew where this was leading and what I would have to do to save my husband from trouble

I sat down downed my drink and asked for another to try and dampen my revulsion. He stroked my hair traced the outline of my figure with his finger and said take off your dress. I was shaking but stood up and removed my dress He looked at my and then said remove everything I stood there naked in front of this man , he stood up and examined my body touching my breasts by back and my bottom. Sit he said , as I did he removed his traditional dress and stood in front of me I took in everything in one his body his protruding tummy and his manhood which was placid but long and thick and growing hard by the second… I was frightful of what was going to happen as I have been faithful to my husband but also in a strange way fascinated at this man standing there. I kept telling my self blank out what happens. it will be over it can be forgotten the nightmare will soon end and I can get home to my husband. He stood in front of me fully erect his manhood ( his cock) was huge and so thick , he said touch him hold it. I hesitated he raised his voice that shook me out of my thoughts and I obeyed his command. I held it and stroked it hoping he would ejaculate and I wouldn’t have to take him inside me. He ordered me to suck him which I found difficult to take him fully in my mouth but I did, while I was doing this he lent forward and rubbed my nipples between his thumb and finger I tried to think of something to distract my thoughts as I felt my nipples harden and erect. He pulled me up held me to him and placed his
hand on my bottom his cock was pressing into my belly as he held me . I could smell the scented oil on his skin as he placed his lips on mine and he took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock. I felt shocked at my self as I was actually finding this arousing and automatically I was stroking his huge cock in my hand. Without saying a word he lead me to his bed room there was no foreplay he laid me on his bed parted my legs and I felt his cock pressing hard at my pussy I gave a cry as the head went in and to my surprise he was soon fully in me and I felt the passion riding over me in waves as he fucked me and to my shame I was loving every second. After a while he told me to get dressed and the driver took me home. My husband was waiting for me I went straight to the shower and washed him out of me angry at my husband for putting me in this situation and myself more so for actually enjoying it. My husband tried to ask me what happened and I told him never ask me what took place its over done and forgotten. I was so wrong two weeks after an invitation was sent for me to go to dinner this went on for 3 months until he was promoted and transferred to Abuja

The thing was after going the second time I actually looked forward to going and would get showered and dressed early awaiting the car to arrive . I have never told my husband what happens on my visits and that on the fourth visit he had invited a friend and I ended up having sex with them both and one more than that occasion Yes I got to love being pleasured with men with big cocks and did anything in bed they wanted me to do and the best of it no guilt can be apportioned to me as I did it to safeguard my husband.

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The point of sharing this?

A lot of bad people are using nude pictures to scam innocent people especially women. If they lay their hands on your naked pictures/vidoes they can use it as a scam material to aid them in their bad adventures. When your nudes are uploaded here you can contact us for removal so far you have proof!WE DONT charge a DINE

If Ladies could listen to our advice, it will be to their own good because guys are not what they always appears when in happy mood. Never send your nude photos/videos to any man no matter how you love him. Your nudes are not so cheap that money/relationship can pay for them. When the relationship ends, you will be under the power of whoever has your nudes. A word to a wise lady.

My take: Never ever on any circumstance allow yourself to be video taped in any form whatsoever in the name of love or fun. The consequences can be really disastrous! Beware!

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