SEX STORY – A Ride on the Underground

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The subway car squeaks and squeals to a stop at the station. The doors flop open with an emphatic rattle and crowds of people surge out, and new crowds of people surge in.

My girl is sitting next to me, looking like her usual jaw-droppingly sexy self, prim and proper and petite, the very vision of s*******n year old schoolgirl loveliness. I have my hand on her knee. She’s got a fine set of legs, lanky and thin and strong, the legs of a long distance runner. My favorite sort of legs, and she’s got the finest example of them.

My hand looks quite large on her knee. It enfolds her knee entirely. As the train rattles and squeals out of the station my fingers move up–inadvertently I swear!–half-way up her thin, toned thigh. Half-way up the inside of her thigh, fingers petting her soft, sexy skin.

Every bloke on the train is looking at my hand. Every fucking one of them. They’re wondering how the hell a loser like me gets to be sitting here feeling up the cutest girl they’ve ever seen. And they’re thinking, that fucker gets her pussy, too, doesn’t he? Damn! And now their brains are full of graphic images of my girl laying underneath them, skirt hiked up to her waist, their rods ramming into her.

Then the train squeaks and squeals into the next station and all the poor blokes, half-way to hard with their lascivious thoughts about my girl, shuffle to the doors, and the doors flop open and the crowd surges out and they go sadly on with their day, the vision of my girl and her gorgeous legs burned into their brains. And a new crowd surges in.

An older lady gets on and grabs onto the pole next to me for support. Both me and my girl jump up at the same time and offer our seats to the lady and the lady smiles at us as she sits down, and then I plop into the empty seat next to her and grab my girl by the waist and pull her down onto my lap. When she lands there she turns her head to face me and gives me her sweet smile and a wet little peck in the cheek.

The doors clatter shut and the train squeals out of the station and it’s bouncing and rattling and my girl’s bottom–did I mention what a fine bottom she has? Full, muscular and athletic, the bottom of a long distance runner. My favorite sort of bottom–

Where was I? Oh yeah, her bottom’s bouncing up and down on me along with the bouncing of the train and, well, you know what that means. About two seconds into the ride and my little guy is starting to wake up. He knows this ass, knows it well. And he’s hopelessly in love with it.

And so we bounce merrily along, my cock now big and hard and pushing happily into my girl’s naughty bits.

A couple of stations later it becomes perfectly clear that the dirty little minx is bouncing on my lap far more than the train itself is bouncing. And all the blokes on the train, a different set of blokes now but let’s face it, all of us have the same thoughts when it comes right down to it, all the blokes on the train are standing there with their jaws dropped watching this beautiful s*******n year old hottie dry humping me. And their minds are full of images of her with her skirt up around her waist sitting in their laps and giving them the ride of their life.

And then the train squeaks and squeals and clatters into the next station, and crowds of people surge out, all those poor blokes having to leave behind their new favorite girl. We must be in the city center at this point, you can probably appreciate that I’m not paying much attention to the stops right now, but this must be like Victoria Station or Westminster because the crowd surging in is huge, the train is packed to the gills, not an inch of breathing room.

And my girl takes advantage of the huge crowd and reaches down between her legs and unzips my fly and frees my cock.

He’s standing up as big as Nelson’s column. OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but in his own little mind that’s how big he is, for sure. And my girl works quick; she slips her panties to the side and sits up a bit and lifts my cock so that my thick, blunt head is at the quivering opening to her tight little teenage sex.

And then, just as the train starts rattling out of the station again, and just when she’s attracted the attention of a couple of older blokes standing above us, she pulls her hand out of her skirt, quickly adjusting it to conceal everything, and sits down on my cock.

My heart is pounding hard, I can’t believe she’s doing this, she’s fucking me on the goddamn subway!

Her pussy lips are hot and wet as they splay around my thick head, but she’s got to work a little bit to get me in any further and so she lifts her bottom up and down a few times and the older gentlemen are standing there bug-eyed, watching with fascination. You know their dicks are rock hard.

And then the train rattles into the next station and the old men reluctantly have to leave and my girl sits down on me entirely, my cock buried in her hot hole and while everyone around us is distracted with the coming and the going and the finding seats she sits up and down a few times, fucking me. And then the doors close and she settles back down and turns her head to me and gives me a big wet kiss, tongue in my mouth.

“Love you baby,” she says.

Goddamn. What a girl.

“Love you too, Katie,” I say.

She gives me her sweet little smile and turns back around and puts her hands on my knees and starts trying to fuck me as discreetly as she can. She really can’t move much, the crowd’s a bit thinner now and people would definitely notice, but the train is bouncing along the track again and that helps a bit and she’s getting something like a rhythm going without anyone around us really noticing.

At this point, my head is spinning. My cock is rock hard. Painfully hard. I haven’t been this turned on in ages. And she must be feeling the same because her pussy is drenched. Girlcome is literally flowing out of her. And I realize, as I look around us, that what’s really going to give us away. The smell. My girl’s sex perfume is the nicest smell on Earth, I get hard just thinking about it, but it is rather, how shall I say it, pungent. Odoriferous. And right as I notice some people looking at us with their noses twitching, the train rattles into another station.

The doors flop open and the nose-twitchers shuffle on out and my girl takes advantage of the distraction and pumps hard, sitting up and slamming down–one, two, three!

“Oh fuck,” I moan.

She turns and puts her finger to her lips. “Shhhh…” At the same time she sticks her other hand under her skirt and gives my soaking wet balls a little tug.

Then the doors close again and the train rumbles away and it’s back to the bouncing and the little rhythm that she gets going again.

It’s almost over. She’s almost got me off. And she knows it. She always knows when I’m about to come. And thankfully this time the little hottie doesn’t use her special insight as an opportunity to tease me. No, she wants it just as bad as I want to give it to her.

And so she starts fucking me.

She sits up, lifting herself up with her hands on my knees, and sits back down, nice and hard, my head shoving into the warm, soft end of her vagina, then back up, then down.

Everyone around us knows now. There’s really no mistaking what the little slut is doing to me. But in case there’s any question, I’m starting to groan now. Bitch has got me on the edge, and there’s no mistaking it for anything else. She turns her head to look at me, a big grin, she loves to look at my face when I come. She’s bouncing hard and I blurt out–“Oh Katie!” and she laughs out loud and my legs shake and my face goes all tense and red and my balls explode and my come surges out of me and into her. And she slides up and slams down and my next shot surges out and everyone around us on the Tube is wide-eyed, watching the young girl take her man’s load, take it deep, take it all.

And then the train rattles and squeaks and squeals into the next station and she jumps up off my lap, my poor cock is still twitching and I quickly stuff him back in my fly and we run out the doors the second they flop open, laughing and laughing and running into the crowd.

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