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Embedded image permalinkKitchen I am waiting for you and trembling as I think about your orders for me tonight. I have done as you instructed. Earlier, I drew a bath and filled it with your favorite scent. I have taken care to shave every part of my body carefully as you instructed. My cunt is as bare as the day I was born. My hair is now dried and beautifully arranged. I know how much emphasis you put on the way I smell. I have fastened my

collar on my neck and the cuffs are secured around my wrists and ankles. Finally I squat down and begin to insert the butt plug you have selected for my use tonight. Master, it is somewhat larger than you have used on me before now. I insert it first into my hungry mouth and slide it in and out several times in order to moisten it before I begin to try and fit its girth into my tight asshole. Even though I know how to insert it and I am going slowly, I wince in pain as it spreads me and pierces my tender flesh. Finally, I have it inside of my ass and it is almost time for your arrival. I find myself getting giddy with nervousness. I marvel at that. I know, Master, that you find your pleasure with me and that I please you in many ways, yet each session you introduce me to new things for your pleasure and eventually for my delight. I admit that the butt plug is uncomfortable as I move around the house and finish up last minute details, but I know the penalties are very severe if you should come home and find me without my proper equipment. Oh Master, I glory in your control of me. You know instinctively what I need and are stern enough to discipline me to make me most pleasing to you. I have never had such a man before. I hear your car in the drive now, and assume my prescribed position at the door. I kneel in front of it, and bow my head over to the floor and wait for your arrival. I am of course nude, but for the boots you bought for me on our first day together. You know the ones, the thigh-high black ones with the spike heels. Ahh Master, already I can feel my pussy getting warm just thinking about the session you have in mind tonight. The door opens and you enter the room. You hang up you coat and keys. I hear all this, but know better than to raise my head without your telling me first. Slowly you circle me and I feel you reach down and try to insert your finger in my ass. You grunt in satisfaction as you realize I have been faithful today. Still you have not spoken to me nor greeted me in your usual way. I am beginning to be nervous. Have I done something? Have I forgotten something? You clear your throat and begin to speak. “Slave, you have done fairly well today in your duties. I can see you remembered your plug today. I thought after last time you would never forget again. Ha Ha I am right, aren’t I, slave?” “Yes, Master. I thank you for my lesson.” I remembered the burn from the spanking I had gotten two days ago when I had neglected my duties to my master! No, I would not likely forget that lesson again. I heard my master move into the other room and he went to the toy drawer. Soon he returned and tossed a blindfold to me on the floor. “Place the blindfold on your eyes, slave, and be certain that you cannot see anything.” Quickly, I obeyed my dear master. I was beginning to really be concerned, however. Then, my master opened the door again and spoke to someone telling them to come inside. My mind began to race. Had I been traded off? Was my master tired of me already? (Oh please master, say it isn’t so…!) You begin to speak to the other person. “She is a willing thing, although sometimes she is forgetful. I have a special session in mind for her tonight and that’s where you come in. You know what I wish to do so I will not say a word to you and you are never to speak at all. You understand and agree to these rules or you would not be here. I am glad you are able to come.” Master leaned over me, I could feel his breath on my cheek as he leaned down and fastened my leash to my collar. At first, I was hoping that Master was playing with my head and that there really was no one else in the room. However, I soon found that that was definitely not so. “Take her into the other room and prepare her as I have directed while I go and take a shower. I felt a tug upon my leash and rose obediently. I could not see where I was going, but I am familiar with the house, so I had little trouble figuring out that we were headed into the kitchen. As we arrived, I again felt a tug, which communicated to me that I was to lean over the kitchen table. I did, as I was required. Soon my wrists and ankles were fastened to the special brackets my master had placed there for our sessions. I felt the person, I still do not know if it is a man or a woman, reach under me and pull my breasts through the holes Master has cut into the table. The holes are in the right place for my tits to just fit through them and hang below. Then the person squeezed my nipples really hard! MMMM ouch! I cried out. The squeezing continued, on and on it went. My nipples were beginning to burn and swell from the rough handling. I was, however, beginning to be aroused. Soon, the person crawled under the table and began to suck on my nipples. First the right one, he sucked it into “his” mouth like his very life depended on it. Harder and harder he drew me into his mouth and soon began to bite on it. Not enough to draw blood, but enough. I began to moan as it was really on fire now. He treated to other in the same way and once he was satisfied that they were ready, he place the nipple clamps on my poor savaged tits. Ohhh the fire, the burn! I longed to squeeze my legs together, but with the straps that was impossible. I really wanted the clamps off or at least loosened some. “Please, can you loosen them just a little? Really they are too tight!” I heard a chuckle then and knew that had been the wrong thing to say. I heard the swish of the paddle as he tested it in the air behind me. I knew I was in for it now. Sure enough, WHACK!!! The first swat was such a shock to my ass! Oh how the fire spread through my body! Soon it was followed by another and another. Faster and faster they came with no time in between to adjust or ready myself for the next! Oh Master what have you given me to? I am wishing Master would hurry with his shower because I am sure that this could not possibly be what he had in mind. Ohhh how my ass was burning! Each smack was landing on the butt plug too and it was as though I were being ass fucked and paddled at the same time. My tits were bouncing with each stroke as well and the clamps just seemed to be all the tighter. (Oh Master, come please help me.) I am afraid to say a word. If this treatment is what I get after only those few, what would be the penalty for further protest? “MMM I see she objected to something, eh? Ha Ha I thought she might! She can be very headstrong. You are doing a good job on her ass though; continue, I will watch a while!” I can’t believe it…my master is watching now and he approves? On and on the punishment continues. I feel myself near to tears at this point, not only with the pain, but also with what I see as a betrayal of me by my master. Soon the tears are flowing openly down my cheeks. “Slave, open your mouth. I feel my cock aching for your touch. Obediently, I allow my masters cock to slowly begin to fill my mouth. If it weren’t for the pain I would be in heaven now, well almost. My pussy was really beginning to talk to me. It needs filled sooo badly. MMMM Master’s cock fits perfectly into my mouth. I love to suck his cock. I’ll admit when I first met him, I was disappointed that it wasn’t quite as large as I had hoped it would be, but Master has taught me to appreciate its finer qualities. It is perfect for fucking my mouth and he is sooo delicious that I gladly suck his cock whenever he requires it. I begin to moan with my own needs building inside of me. My ass and asshole are so hot. My nipples throb with desire and pain. I wish Master would take me and satisfy me. I want him to fuck me so much. I cannot ask however as my mouth is filled with his sweetness. Yet the spankings are continuing…. “Remember what we discussed, I think she is ready now. You may go on to the next step.” My mind races. I cannot imagine what my master has in mind for me now. Suddenly the plug is ripped from my ass. I gasp in spite of myself with the shock. But that is not all. I hear the refrigerator open and close and immediately an ice cube is shoved into my recently vacated ass hole. Ahhhh it is sooo cold!! I don’t think I can stand any more stimulation and still my pussy has not been touched! Master removes his cock from my hungry mouth and I feel him move behind me. He himself shoves another ice cube into my poor hungry pussy and follows it immediately with his own sweet cock. Then our stranger steps in front of me and again my mouth is filled. I know now that the other person is male as his cock is shoved into my mouth! I am now being fucked front and rear for Master has again placed the plug into my ass trapping the ice inside. Ahhh the sweetness of such filling. I am greedily enjoying what pleasures I may in spite of the pains I am still experiencing. Master begins to moan with his own pleasure and satisfaction and I feel his cock begin to swell within me as he comes closer and closer to his own climax. The stranger’s cock also begins to leak those sweet manly juices that I crave regularly. I know that they will both soon be finished yet I am still somewhat far away from my own satisfaction. I moan in frustration. Master is aware of my situation. “You need more fucking don’t you slave? You are my little fuck slut, aren’t you? Ah your pussy is sweet. It is so hungry tonight too! MMMM fuck you slave. FUCK YOU BITCH!” Master continues to talk to me as his cock snakes faster and faster in my now very wet pussy. I am truly aching with desire. It in itself is now a new physical pain as Master and Friend come closer and closer to their own final enjoyments. Friend’s cock now swells tremendously and begins to explode into my hungry mouth. On and on, his sweet juices flow into my waiting throat. I swallow many, many times in order to accommodate all his fluids. As I gulp down his last drops, Master too begins to fill my pussy with his delightful jiz. I feel him splash deep within me as he finds and calls out in his satisfaction. “Oh you fucking cunt! Take that you fuck slave! Fuck, fuck and oh my god! Fuck!” As they finish, each of them in turn withdraws from my body, leaving me alone and unsatisfied on the table. I realize soon that I am still bound on the table and that they have gone into the other room. I begin to cry softly in frustration. Master has never been so cruel to me before. He has always seen to it that I too was satisfied. I try to rub my clit on the table to ease myself a bit, but it is no use. I cannot reach the edge nor can I obtain satisfaction in that way. I begin to wonder if I have been forgotten entirely. I realize soon that I could stand to ease nature as well. Still I lay there alone. Seemingly forgotten, my ass and tits still burning from their previous and continuing abuse. I hear footsteps. Ah, I am not forgotten after all! “Well, slave, what have you got to say about the evenings festivities?” It is my master. He has not neglected me after all! I thrill at the sound of his voice! I hope I have pleased him enough that he will now consider my situation. “Master, I do not understand my lesson yet, but since you have returned to me now, I am sure you will help your slow-witted slave to understand how she may more completely please her master.” I was hoping this was the right thing to say to him. I didn’t really care actually; I just wanted him to ease the ache between my thighs! I would say anything he wanted for such release! “I did not think you had the point yet, fuck slut. You are my property. I can use you. I can share you. I can sell or give you away. If I choose, you may be satisfied, but it is never a given. You have been spoiled lately and seem to think that you should enjoy each and every session. How are your tits feeling, Fuckslut? And your ass is it sore? I know your clitty is swollen, I can see that! You should see your ass, such a beautiful shade of red. Your tits are really ripe now too! I think I will film you for a while. I need some action though, don’t I? “Hey, it’s time for the next step, are you ready?” I quickly realized Master was not talking to me. I heard the whir of the video cam and could even feel the warmth of the lights on my skin. First I knew my ass was being filmed and next my tits were getting a close up shot. The man now stepped up between my legs and began to rub some sort of cream into my abused butt cheeks. Soon it started to burn and feel cold all at the same time. I knew it was some sort of arthritis lotion. My ass was soon on fire again, but this time it was different. I was squirming now and whimpering. I was afraid to say anything though. “What’s the problem, fuckslut?” Master said. “Is your ass burning? Would you like some release? Or maybe just something to take your mind off it all for a while?” Master was teasing me. He had never done this before. My mind was racing, should I answer? Should I remain quiet? I heard Master laugh softly to himself. He leaned over me and began to gently stroke my ass. Soon I felt him pull my cheeks apart. The man behind me again pulled the butt plug from my poor burning ass and this time immediately followed it with his cock! His cock was a great deal larger than Master’s. I gasped with the suddenness! Soon he was slowly easing himself in and out of my rear. Master, at my head, had again placed his sweet cock into my mouth. MMMMM I was beginning to get into the rhythm. Master began to play with my poor swollen titties. Sliding his finger across my burning nipples was a new torture in itself. Then as the other started fucking my asshole as though his life depended on it, Master leaned over my back and reached around to my starving clit! AAAAHHHHH heaven was only a matter of seconds away! I knew then that my master wanted me to trust him no matter what he chose to do. He would always take care of me and see to my needs in his own good time. AAAAHHHHHHHH MASTER!!!!!! I bucked wildly as I reached my own climax!!! At that same instant, Master released the tit clamps, and the man came in my ass hole. We finished off the whole session with my dear master shooting his final load into my now very grateful mouth. Master released me from the table, but I knew better than to remove my blindfold. I was left alone in the room again as Master saw our guest to the door. I thought I heard him say that next week would be fine. I can hardly wait!

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