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My Boyfriend is Late Again I was in my room getting ready whilst my mother sat on the sofa in the lounge reading a newspaper. My boyfriend Pete had

been working late on some important jobs. He had recently been late for several of our dates and had missed two completely, much to my annoyance. This evening he was coming over to take me out and promised to be there for seven o’clock. I chose my clothes carefully. I loved to tease my boyfriend when we were out, particularly when I knew that my parents were home and so I couldn’t invite him back to the bungalow. I picked out a black half cup bra and matching knickers. Slipping on the straps, I reached behind he back to fasten it. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and had to admire my large breasts covered by the small black garment. I pondered for a moment before dipping back in to the drawer and picking out a black suspender belt and a pair of black stockings. I chuckled to myself as I pulled the stockings up over my thighs, imagining how my boyfriend would feel when he knew what I was wearing. In my mind I planned not to tell him, but to let him feel and find out for himself. I checked myself in the mirror. My large breasts were almost spilling out of the sexy black bra. The area of soft flesh was exposed between my black knickers and the tops of my stockings. I smiled at myself, before turning to the wardrobe. I took out a short black mini skirt, stepped into it and zipped it up. I leafed through the hangers and selected a black short sleeved top, and pulled it on over my head. The material clung to my figure, the plunging neckline showed my cleavage. Stepping into a pair of black high heeled shoes, I brushed my hair and moved in to the lounge. “My! We ARE dressed to kill” said my mother looking over the top of her newspaper and noting my outfit. I smiled back and sat back in the arm chair. I took a magazine from the coffee table and began to read. After a while I let out a long loud sigh. “What was that for” asked my mother from behind the newspaper. “Its seven o’clock. He should be here by now” I said. “You’ll just have to be patient” replied my mother and the two of us continued to read. A while later I gave a loud ‘tut’. “What’s the matter now?” said my mother. “Its a quarter past seven and he’s late” I muttered. My mother didn’t reply. The telephone in the hall began to ring. “I’ll get it” I said moving to the door, “I hope it isn’t who I think it is” and I closed the door and picked up the phone. My mother sat on the sofa and must have heard me ranting and raging in the hallway and guessed what was happening. The phone was slammed down and I burst through the door. “Oh! I just don’t believe it!” I exclaimed. “Is he going to be late?” my mother asked. “Late? He might not get here at all, I just don’t believe him. He’s impossible” I shouted. “Well there’s always another time” my mother said trying to be sympathetic. – “Huh!” said I as I flopped in to the chair, “I told him there might as well not be a next time. I go to all the trouble of getting ready and this happens”. “Oh dear” said my mother quietly. I was totally exasperated, frustrated, despairing. “Oh I’m not staying in again! I’m fed up. I’m going out anyway” I said rising from the chair. “Where are you going to then?” said my mother. I had, had a good idea but I wasn’t going to let on. “Oh! I don’t know, I’ll probably go to Mary’s or something, see you later” I said as I took my long green coat from the hall and left. The evening air was quite warm and I wandered in to the village. My unfastened coat billowed open causing several passing motorists to sound their horns. That cheered my up a little, at least someone appreciated me. I stopped at the ‘phone box and decided to ring Mary. We chatted and I told Mary about my boyfriend standing me up, again! And what I said to him. I glanced down at my partly exposed breasts, my short skirt showing off my long legs. I remembered my stockings and looking at myself in the mirror. I thought of my boyfriend. “Huh!” I said to Marie down the phone. “He doesn’t appreciate me, but I bet I know someone who will. Greg has asked me out on several occasions and each time I’ve refused. Anyway, I’m going to see if he’s in now. I feel as randy as hell, and there’s nowhere to go”. Slowly I made my way to Greg’s house, ambled up the front path and rang the bell. I stood with my arms holding my coat closed across my chest waiting for a reply. Greg appeared in the door way. “Hello Greg” said I in my most seductive tone. Greg spluttered and cleared his throat, “Oh! Hello” was all he could manage. “I wondered if you were busy” I asked in a quiet voice. “Er no, no I’m not at the moment” he replied. “Only my boyfriend has stood me up. And I had already got myself ready, and so I wondered if, well if you would like to er…” my voice stopped as my arms let the front of my coat fall open revealing my sexy outfit. Greg coughed and spluttered again without managing to say anything. “You see, I’m already..” I continued, hitching the hem of my skirt slightly to reveal a stocking top. “Wow, yes, well, I mean, I would, only my parents are here and they’ll be in all evening” explained Greg half in apology and half in frustration. “Ohh!” I exclaimed in true disappointment “Nobody seems to appreciate me”. “I’ve got an idea! Wait a minute whilst I get my coat and tell my parents I’m going out and we’ll go over to Andy’s. I’m sure he said his parents were going out”. Greg disappeared for a couple of minutes and returned with his jacket. “Come on then lets go” he said to me and we set off chattering with excitement. Pete knocked on the door of our bungalow. My mother answered it and seemed surprised to see him. “Lesley was fed up waiting for you and said she was going out anyway” explained my mother. “Did she say where to?” asked Pete. “I said something about going to Mary’s” my mother replied. “But how would she get there, no buses are running at this time in the evening” said Pete. “I must admit I hadn’t thought of that” said my mother. “Oh well, I’d better try there first just in case” he said, and with that he left and drove off towards Mary’s. Greg knocked on the large wooden door of Andy’s house. After some moments Andy answered. “Hello Andy” I said in my most seductive voice. Andy swallowed hard. “Hello” he said, looking from me to Greg and back again. “I, er I mean we, wondered if you were busy” I asked in a quiet voice. “Er no, no I was just watching the television” he replied. “Only my boyfriend has stood me up. And I had got myself all dressed up and ready, and so I, er I mean we, wondered if, well if you would like to er…” my voice stopped as my arms pulled open the front of my coat, again revealing my sexy out fit, my cleavage, my long legs. Andy looked from me to Greg and back again and mumbled. “Only you see, Greg’s parents are at home all evening, and um, I’m already..” I continued, hitching the hem of my skirt slightly to reveal a stocking top and suspender. “Wow, yes, well, I mean, I would yes, only my parents are out at the moment but they will be back about nine thirty” explained Andy with a certain amount of hope and anticipation. “Well, it’s only eight o’clock, what do you think?” said Greg. I gently eased Andy to one side and went in, followed by Greg and the door closed. Andy directed us up to his room, and as soon as the door closed, he and Greg began frantically to remove their clothes. I slowly removed my coat and carefully hung it on a hook on the back of the bedroom door. I turned to my now naked companions. “What shall I remove, this bit?” I asked, taking hold of the hem of my top. “Yes” Greg managed to splutter, and I pulled the garment over my head and tossed it in to a corner. I ran my hands over my bra, emphasizing the shape and size of my bust. “And this bit?” I asked, holding the waistband of my short skirt. “Oh yes” replied Andy with a quiver in his voice and so I unzipped the skirt and as I stepped out of it I kicked off my shoes. I eased the tips of my fingers into the top of my knickers “Yes?” I queried. “Oh! Please!” gasped Andy and I obliged by slipping my knickers over my hips. They slipped easily down over my stockings and I kicked them away. “There we are” I said as I stepped towards the bed. “and this” said Greg as he intercepted me and began to tug at the back of my bra. “you mean you don’t like my black, sexy bra?” I taunted. “Oh yes” retorted Greg, “But I think I’ll like the feel of your beautiful breasts much more”, and with that he unhooked my bra and I let it fall to the floor. I lay back on Andy’s bed. Greg knelt at the bed side, his hands shaking as he reached out and gently stroked my large firm breasts. Andy scrambled between my legs and moved forward, his face first brushing against the silky nylon of my stockings and then feeling the silky soft flesh of my thighs. He gently buried his head into my pubic mound, his tongue seeking out my pubic lips. I moaned softly as Greg began to knead the firm flesh of my large breasts. Andy’s tongue was soon arousing my clitoris which he could feel begin to swell and harden. After a while, Andy’s constant sensual attention had turned my slow heavy breathing into short frantic pants. My hips gyrated wildly and pushed against Andy’s face. In return his tongue continued to lick and rub at my sensitive clit. Greg had moved up and his lips closed around my stiff nipples sucking hard and increasing my pleasure. My climax continued to build, higher and higher as my hips thrust myself hard against Andy’s face, pushing my pubic area onto his hard working tongue. Suddenly my legs and arms began to thrash wildly. I cried out loudly with my orgasm as my head tossed from side to side. Greg continued to caress my breasts as I continued to shriek. The intensity of my climax was so great that I tried to pull myself away from the attentions of Andy’s tongue but his head followed my up the bed. “Oh!..Oh!..Oh!” I gasped as my orgasm continued and it was several minutes before I became still. My boyfriend Pete arrived at Mary’s. “She’s not here” said Mary, “But do you want to come in for a moment”. The two went in to the kitchen and Mary started to make some coffee. “No, well Lesley phoned earlier but she couldn’t come over because she couldn’t get here you see” explained Mary. “Yes that’s what I thought” said Pete, “But her mother thought she was coming here”. Greg slumped back in to an easy chair in the corner as Andy turned on to his back. I lay still until my hand reached out and took hold of Andy’s erection. My hands massaged the shaft slowly and exposed the shiny purple helmet. Gently I wriggled down the bed until I was in position. Then slowly, and in full view of Andy, my mouth slowly engulfed his helmet. The feeling of my lips and my warm mouth around his sensitive cock were sensational. Andy could do nothing but stare as my head began to bob up and down on his erection. He let out uncontrolled whimpers of pleasure as my lips rubbed across his helmet. I looked up from Andy and saw Greg in the chair. I slipped from the bed, crawled across and squatted before him. Taking hold of his erection, I eased back his foreskin and lowered my head. Slowly my full lips squeezed across his excited helmet squashing the head of his cock in to my mouth. “Greg” said Mary with a start. “What?” said Pete in surprise. “Greg” repeated Mary, “Lesley said that she might call in on Greg”. “Oh I see” said Pete, “in that case I think I’ll drive back to the village and see if I can find her.” Greg’s hands ruffled through my hair as my head bounced up and down, my lips travelling over his cock, my tongue licking around his helmet. For a moment I stopped and looked up at Greg’s face, it was a picture. My eyes closed as my mouth returned to his cock. My lips squeezed once more across over his helmet but this time more slowly. And this time, having engulfed his helmet, my head didn’t pull back up, but continued slowly down. My lips encircled his shaft as my head pushed on downward. Further and further my lips went down his shaft until I had taken his entire cock in to my mouth and Greg let out a long groan. I slowly lifted my head, my lips retracing their course up Greg’s shaft until it was exposed once more. Greg could only sigh. I made my way back up on to the bed and clambered across Andy. Holding his shaft with one hand I presented it to my pubic lips and began to lower myself onto it. My buttocks came to rest on his thighs as I had impaled myself on his cock. Slowly, gently my hips began to rise and fall, squeezing my pubic lips up and down his shaft, burying his swollen helmet deep inside me. Andy began to pant as I rode his shaft. Greg moved quietly on to the bed, and from behind me, his hands reached round and grasped at the flesh of my large firm breasts. My hand reached behind me and found Greg’s erection, and I began slowly wanking at the shaft. I let go of Greg and moved onto all fours, my hips still travelling up and down, my cunt exciting Andy’s prick. Greg moved round to the side of the bed and held his erection towards me. I turned my head to face him and took the shiny purple helmet between my lips. As I continued to ease up and down Andy’s shaft, Greg’s hips gently thrust the head of his cock in and out of my open mouth, rubbing the sensitive organ around my lips. “I need to go faster” gasped Andy, “why don’t you move over to the other side of the bed”. I obeyed and moved across, staying on all fours. Andy immediately scrambled round and took up position behind me. Presenting his enlarged helmet to my moist pubic lips, he grasped onto my hips and pushed his long thick cock deep in to me. Greg knelt on the bed in front of me and placed his prick back between my open lips. Andy shafted me wildly, his body crashing against mine as he plunged his cock deep into my moist hole. Greg pushed his helmet sensitively in and out of my mouth, slowly and carefully he guided it to and fro. The two of them took their time as they screwed me at each end, extracting every last ounce of enjoyment from their sex. Gradually, Andy’s breathing became faster until it hissed through his clenched teeth. Suddenly he withdrew his large erect cock from me and resting it on my buttocks, began to rub the shaft with his hands. With a loud grunt, several drops of sperm peppered on to my buttocks. With a second grunt Andy’s hips lurched and a thick stream of warm sperm shot up the middle of my back. With another jerk, more spunk splattered up as far as my shoulders. Greg continued his moderate movements, pushing his sensitive helmet between my full soft lips. Andy wanked the last of his cum, his helmet smearing sticky spunk across the soft flesh of my buttocks before he withdrew to the chair. Greg watched intently as his helmet disappeared into my mouth. His hands ruffled through my hair and he began to pant. “Ohhh!” he gasped as he felt his cock explode. His thick warm sperm began to squirt uncontrollable into my mouth. As his slow movements continued, the sperm bubbled from his cock, dribbling from my lips as he thrust. More and more oozed into my mouth as the movements gradually died down until he was still. Slowly he removed the softening helmet from my mouth, my lips giving a final squeeze over his helmet. Greg looked down as I gulped and swallowed the sperm from my mouth. Streaks which had dribbled from my lips ran down over my face and formed droplets on my chin. He rubbed the end of his cock around my chin, collecting the excess spunk on his helmet before he pushed it back between my lips and I sucked him dry. Pete had left his car at the end of the drive and walked to Greg’s house. After a few moments, Greg’s farther answered. “Well, somebody called for Greg, I’m not sure who it was, but Greg said they were off to see Andy” he explained. “Oh, right, thanks, I’ll see if I can catch them up” said my boyfriend, and began the walk towards his car. He had second thoughts and decided to walk. Greg, Andy and me were getting ready to dress. “Where shall we go, what shall we do now” asked Andy, and for a while there was no reply. “I know” exclaimed Greg, “Let’s go round to Gordon’s, his parents always seem to be out. We can party there!”. “Great idea” agreed Andy “”I’d better leave my parents a note of where I am going. I’ll just get some note paper”. “Tell you what” said Greg with a grin, “why don’t you go as you are, just in your stockings and suspenders with your long coat over the top” “Oh that’s a brilliant idea” I giggled, only to pleased to oblige. Andy scribbled his note, let it on the hall table, and we left. We walked towards the edge of the village and turned into a dark lane which led to the bungalow where Gordon and his parents lived. There was a light on in the room at the front, the curtains were partly open. We knocked on the door and waited, me standing at the front, Greg and Andy behind my. Gordon slowly opened the door and looked at the three of us without saying a word. “Are your parents in?” I asked. “Nope” answered Gordon curtly. “When will they be back?” asked Andy. “Not until the weekend, why?” said Gordon. “Da-Dahh!” I sang out as I whipped open my coat to reveal myself. Gordon’s mouth dropped open, his eyes almost popped from his head. I jutted my large breasts forward. “It’s getting a little chilly standing here” I said. “Come in come in” said Gordon ushering us forward. As Pete approached Andy’s house, a car pulled in to the driveway and out got Andy’s parents. “Is Andy home” called out Pete as they made for the front door. “He was when we went out” replied Andy’s father “But the place looks in darkness now” and with that he put his key in the lock. His parents went inside, Pete waited on the door step as they turned on the hall light. “Oh I see” said Andy’s mother and she came back to the door. “It seems he’s gone out. There’s a note saying that he has gone over to Gordon’s”. “Okay” replied Pete, “I’ll see if I can catch up with him there” and with that he made off towards the edge of the village. I discarded my coat in the hallway and walked through in to the lounge. Andy and Greg followed, quickly removing their clothes as Gordon stood before me, his hands fondling my breasts, his fingers stroking my soft flesh, his lips kissing my shoulders. “I think you’ll need to get out of those clothes” I grinned and he quickly obeyed. Gordon had stretched out on the lounge floor. I had quickly clambered over him and then slowly eased myself down on to his erection. Slowly, rhythmically, I raised and lowered myself, my pubic lips gripping his cock as they travelled up and down its length. “Who’s that?” said Andy with a jump as he heard a knock at the front door. “Just leave it, I’m not expecting anyone” groaned Gordon as he lay back enjoying the attention of my pubic lips. The lounge curtains were half open and Greg moved to one side to peer out at towards the front door. “Oh Shit!” he exclaimed, “It’s your boyfriend, Pete”. I froze for a moment, thought about the situation and then said, “You mean my ex-boyfriend”. With that I resumed my movement up and down Gordon. He sighed with relief. Pete looked around at the bungalow. He noticed that the front curtains were open and that there appeared to be a light on. He knocked again. “Ignore it, he’ll go away if we don’t answer” groaned Gordon. Still getting no reply, he started to walk along towards the window. “Shit! He’s coming up to the window” cried out Greg, “shall a close the curtains?” “No! Leave them! Then he’ll get a good view then won’t he” hissed Gordon as my cunt continued to squeeze up and down his shaft. Greg moved back as Pete approached the window. He gasped out loud at what he saw. “Lesley!” he called out as he tapped on the window. I ignored the noise and with my eyes closed, continued to rise and fall on Gordon’s erection. “Lesley! What are you doing” called out Pete, still tapping on the window. “God He must be really slow if he doesn’t know what you are doing” said Andy with a chuckle. Pete continued to tap, shout and stare. “He’s not going to go away” whined Greg, “He obviously wants you back”. “Then we’ll just have to show him that he can’t have me back” I retorted. “How?” asked Greg, as Gordon reached up and began to clasp his hands around my breasts. “I’ll just have to have all three of you at once, in front of him. That should get the message across” I replied, not wanting to stop my sexual adventure. Andy quickly made his way round to the front. “What about me” Greg whined once more. “Like this” I said moving on to all fours. I pushed my knees wide across the carpet, lowering my self right down on to Gordon. My hands reached round and slowly prised part my buttocks, revealing the tight ring of my anus. “Oh God!” Greg groaned deeply, “I’ve always wanted to do that”. “Well now’s your chance” I whispered as I waited for Greg to move in behind me. Greg now seemed oblivious to the continued knocking and shouting at the window as he pressed the tip of his cock to my rear. He continued to push gently forward and I continued to hold my buttocks as Greg gently squashed the head of his cock in to my arse. With my second prick safely in position, I let go of my buttocks and raised my self up on to my elbows, then my hands. “Now, where’s my third hot cock” I said as I turned to Andy. Without any help, he quickly eased his helmet between my open lips and in to my willing mouth. I remained still as my three stiff pricks began to gently shaft me. Gordon’s hips raised and lowered, pushing his cock in to my moist cunt. Greg had taken up a rhythmic but gentle thrusting movement as he squeezed his excited cock in to my taut anus. Andy’s hand rubbed the helmet of his penis back and forth between my lips. I remained, eyes closed, breasts bouncing and bobbing, my long hair swaying. I had become oblivious to the shouting and banging outside and was unaware that it had stopped. I had become oblivious to everything except my three gorgeous cocks. I bet Pete couldn’t have believed what he had seen as he turned away and made for his car. I couldn’t believe the fantastic sensations as Greg’s swollen helmet probed my anus, Gordon’s cock eased in and out of my wet hole and Andy rubbed his penis in and out of my mouth. It was wonderful being shafted by my three stiff cocks. I could tell Greg was getting a little over excited at what he was doing and he gently eased his cock away and clambered off the bed. Andy withdrew from my mouth and made his way around the bed. As Greg approached me from the front his hand was gently massaging his shaft. Droplets of sperm were dribbling from his cock and as he got closer a thick streak of white cum erupted and hit the side of my face. I felt Andy clamber on to the bed, I felt the palm of his hand press onto the small of my back, holding me still, I felt the tip of his cock tough my ring. Greg was squirting the remainder of his spunk over my nose, my lips and chin. I could already feel it oozing down my neck as Andy pressed forward. He was bigger than Greg so I braced myself, but the head of his cock was wet where it had been in my mouth and he eased it smoothly into my anus. It felt large and seemed tight but it slid back and forth with ease. Greg staggered away spent with a quiet groan. Suddenly I felt a hard thrust upward and warm sperm spurting into me. Gordon hands clasped around my large breasts as he pumped his sperm into me. His body arched upwards, his head lurched from side to side until his whole body began to go limp. Andy’s hands held onto my hips as he worked his swollen helmet gently in and out of my anus until he carefully withdrew. I heard no noise and felt no movement, just a warm splatter up the middle of my back as he began to ejaculate. It was after midnight when Greg and Gordon walked me back home. The bungalow was in darkness, everyone else was in bed as I said goodnight and went inside. I too was ready for bed, but this time to sleep. The following evening Pete tried again. He hadn’t told anybody of his impending arrival, he just walked up to the front door of the bungalow and rang the bell. My mother answered with some surprise. “Lesley didn’t say she was expecting you” she said. “It’s a surprise, I didn’t actually tell her” said Pete. “Well I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed” replied my mother, “Only Lesley has gone out already” “Oh, do you know where?” he asked. “I think she said something about going to Gordon’s” said my Mother. His stomach must have sank. “Oh, right, thanks very much, sorry to have disturbed you” he muttered and turned back to the gate. For whatever reason, Pete decided to go back to Gordon’s, Presumably to face me, to apologise, to try and make up to me. He walked through the village towards Gordon’s. Gordon’s family also lived in a bungalow, right on the edge of the village, the rear of their home backing on to open fields and countryside. As he approached the front of the place it appeared to be all in darkness, everything looked quiet. He surveyed the bungalow from the front. A tall fence once side and a large gate the other barred any way round to the back of the building. He remembered the style he had just passed and the footpath which ran off in the other direction. He walked back down the lane and climbed across the style. He didn’t take the footpath but picked his way along the edge of the field through undergrowth and bushes until he was level with the back of the bungalow. Noticing that there was alight of some kind coming from the building he began to push away some of the thin branches of the bushes and undergrowth. He was closer to the bungalow than he thought and once he had made a small gap he peered through. There was a long window in to a bedroom, the light was on, the curtains open. I was stretched across the bed on all fours. He couldn’t see my face as my head hung down, my long dark hair almost touching the bed clothes, but he would have known it was me. Crouching over me from behind was Gordon. His feet were either side of my knees, his knees were either side of my waist where one of his hands gripped me. His other hand had firm hold of his erect cock as he guided it towards me and he slowly squashed his swollen helmet in to the tight ring of my arse. It was a fantastic sensation. Gordon held on to my waist with both hands, gently raising and lowering his hips as he eased the head of his cock in and out of my tight hole. Gradually, his thrusts became longer as he eased more and more of his erect penis in to my anus, penetrating deeper and deeper. He withdrew as far as he could, and then with a deliberately slow long movement he pushed his erect penis into my arse up to the hilt and held it there. My fingers clenched tightly into the bed sheets. His arms reached up until his hands grasped on to my shoulders, holding my tightly. With a slow but firm rhythm, he began to stroke the entire length of his cock in and out of my rear. My tight ring gripped around his shaft as his body bobbed up and down, my breasts began to swing slowly, my hair swayed gently. Steadily I felt Gordon’s pace began to increase. His strokes became brisk as his swollen helmet squeezed in to my anus and penetrated deep into me. He began to crash against my buttocks, my breasts began to gyrate more vigorously, his hands continued to grip my shoulders tightly. I began to pant at the sensations deep inside me. As Pete still watched, frozen to the spot, there was other movement in the room. Andy stepped up near to the bed. His hand held his big erect cock as he masturbated fast and furiously. He got nearer and nearer to me as my head remained down, my hair tossing wildly as Gordon continued to shaft my in the arse. Eventually, with one hand remaining on my shoulder, Gordon’s other hand reached down and cupped under my chin. His hand lifted my head until my face pointed towards Andy who was just inches away, still wanking hard. With my head held in position by Gordon, I slowly parted my lips and remained open mouthed as Andy edged nearer and continued to rub his shaft. Suddenly Andy jolted forward, pressing the swollen helmet of his cock into my mouth. His hands continued to masturbate at his shaft, his hips began to tremble, his whole body shook. With a cry he let the first of his sticky cum squirt in to my mouth. His hands continued to hold tightly on to his cock, and wanking slowly he dumped another load of warm sperm in my mouth. Gordon’s hand continued to hold my neck and shoulder as he drove his cock vigorously in and out of my arse. With the head of his penis firmly in my mouth, Andy continued to masturbate, the rest of his spunk bubbling and spitting in to my mouth until his balls felt empty. Finally he staggered back out of sight, but before I could close my mouth, traces of Andy’s sperm began to ooze over my lip and dribble down my chin. Gordon’s hands both gripped tightly on to my shoulders again as my head lowered. His hips continued to crash down against my buttocks with power and strength, plunging his thick excited cock deep into my rear. Carefully Gordon let go with one hand. On an outward stroke he let his cock slip from the taut ring of my anus and he grabbed hold of it. His hand wanked the sperm from his excited prick, dripping it on to my buttocks and squirting long thick streaks up my back. He continued to wank at his shaft until eventually the ejaculation ceased. I collapsed on to the bed, and Gordon collapsed on top of me. There was a commotion at the front of the bungalow, a car door slammed, there were muffled voices. Pete eased himself back amongst the bushes out of sight and waited for a while. All went still and stayed quiet, and he moved cautiously back to his vantage point. I was still laid across the bed but was alone and dozing. Two naked males came back into view, but it wasn’t Andy and Gordon, but Mel. Mel stepped to the side of the bed, and taking hold of his erect penis began to brush the helmet back and forth over the soft flesh of my breast. My eyes opened and looked at Mel, then down at my breast. I grinned at Mel and began to wriggle up the bed until I was lying on my back. My hands cupped around my ample breasts and began to caress them and cup them together.


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