At 1 a.m. It now occurred to me that it was getting late and I need to go home. I was with a friend, we used to share good conversation. He loves sharing gists about his conquest and pains and tonite was not different. I have been infatuated with him for 3 years now but that’s my secret, never to be revealed. He relied so much on me, I was the first person he would call when feeling happy or sad. And I liked being in that special position. As I got up to leave, I gave him a kiss on his cheek and hugged him. He sighed and told me he didn’t want me to leave yet. I was puzzled by this request but elated that he enjoyed my company. He had this strange look on his face. I was fluttering inside but looking calm. He made light banter about his dependence on me. He asked if I had feelings for him. I told him he has a friend for life in me. Then it happened! He moved closer and kissed me. He took my mouth in his , kneading my lips between his and I shivered. He was still unsure then I kissed him deeply. He was surprised and also turned on. He began to murmur how he wants to taste me, touch me and feel me. I was wet already.  I was trembling as we devoured each other. He told me he wanted to fuck me and I was ready, very ready!

He loosened my blouse and my boobs sprang out, my taut nipples screaming to be eaten. He cupped one of my breasts and teased my nipples with his tongue. I moaned. Then he began to suck it hungrily. I traced his belly with my hand until I could feel his cock.  It was so hard. Taking my cue, he took off his pants. It was the best cock I could have imagined, long, thick and hard,  but not so big to be disgraceful. A few drops of semen glistened at the tip. He knelt in front of me, reached under my skirt and took off my panties. I was so wet and he liked that.  He went back playing with my nipples with his teeth while his fingers probed my pussy. I feel his cock stiffened even more against my body. Then he began to caress my pussy with his tongue. At first, he caressed the outer lips, and the feeling of pleasure was so intense, then he moved on to the inner core, flickering my clit like a snake, in and out. A throbbing started to build deep inside me, my body stiffened and before I knew it, I exploded. Before I can register what just happened, he rammed his hard cock into my pussy. There was no turning back. All he whispered was “relax!”

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