I had a very  ‘unsocial’ housemate during my service who used to brag about dating and shagging a lot of babes but I had hardly seen him with any babe so far. So one day he said he was inviting a babe which he said he met on a social media platform (Badoo I guess) he hadn’t seen the babe before but they always stayed in touch, the babe stays in Abuja while I served in the East. So on that fateful day he went to pick the babe from the bus park, but on seeing the babe, he said he felt short of expectations and started giving her attitude, but then she was to spend the weekend, and he couldn’t send her back to Abuja that same day, so he had no choice but to bring her home. On getting home from work after hyping the babe all morning that she was coming around, I was so anxious to see the babe he kept talking about.
Apparently the babe is a BBW but she kept sending pictures of just her face to the dude who liked slimmer babes. On getting home and seeing the babe in the parlor I almost busted out laughing because she actually was on the large side which I don’t have a problem with (the thicker a lady, the more places to explore). So I exchanged greetings with them and went to my room. The dude later came to my room to explain himself (message wea i no send am,.. saying  ‘na just her face she dey send o…bla bla bla’, trying to redeem his image from his hype that morning). He later said I should come join them and keep her company which I did voluntarily to help a friend out, that was the beginning my ‘doom’.
So I started my “cassonovaism” (if there is anything like that…lol)  and got her smiling thereby letting her feel at home not knowing that was my ‘doom’. Before we knew it she was all over the place, laughing heartily and much more relaxed, she then told me a ‘schoker’ saying ‘she had a crush on me’… (babe way i never meet or know for up to three hours)… my liver cut at that point because first of all, no be me she find come, the person way she find no like am and she was more like a stranger to us both not knowing her intentions or whether na setup sef…
So I smiled back at her and was speechless, she noticing my change of countenance quickly tried to change her words that she did not mean what she said. I suddenly became uncomfortable around her for a while and told my friend I was going to rest, he then told me that ‘omo, I dey go office tonight o, so na you and her go dey house’ I just became weak saying to myself which kind setup be this, abi who send me message to go cheer person up. Na so i enter my room go lock door they form sleep. About 30-45mins later my padi talk say he don dey go office (we worked in a FMCG company). For  my mind i said ‘LOBATAN!!! this na serious one chance.
So  I laid on my bed waiting for a knock on my door (was expecting her to knock though) I heard her giggle and laugh like she was on the phone. At that point, heart they beat faster saying which kind spiritual babe this guy bring come house. After about 30mins or thereabout the knock of life eventually happened…’sorry to disturb you, please I’m bored could you please open your door’ … omo, I no answer her o, she then persisted saying ‘i know you’re not sleeping’ I just need someone to talk to, my host have left me bored and I didn’t mean what i said earlier, please I need someone to talk to pleaseeeeeeee’.so I started feeling sad for her that ‘shebi  na only talk she wan talk’ so i ‘foolishly’ opened my door and behold I saw two round melons staring in front of me in a low cut black gown without her bras on, smelling fresh from the bathroom with a nice fragrance. At that point I had forgotten she said anything about having a crush on me and me being scared of some spiritual babe in the house. How I got a hardon I don’t know, but as a very good badt guy I dey form straight face saying ‘what do you want to talk about?’.. she then smiled and asked if she could enter the room, I allowed her in, she sat on the bed and we started talking, I can’t remember a thing we talked about because ‘junior’ started his own ministry which was over powering the ministry of her conversation. How we started kissing I sincerely can’t remember, but I naturally have a thing for kisses from the lips to the clits, so returning the kiss was not something I would think about a second time. So the kissing was passionate and intense and she being a BBW meant I had a whole lot to explore…wheew!
Then I started my exploration from kissing her lips to her chin back to her lips then take a second or two to glorify in the moment then back to kissing her lips to her chin and ear lobes which I noticed tickled her so I kept doing that on purpose while my hands could not get enough of her thick body rubbing my hands against her backline and getting to her butt which were as big as two basketball put side by side each other, then I realized she wasn’t wearing panties (thick girls rock!) then all of a sudden something strange happened while I was doing the caressing, kissing and smooching and moving towards her boobs, she suddenly stopped my hands and said she doesn’t like them being fondled… shuuuuuuuu!!!….Wetin I no go hear for this life.. As a badt guy I started kissing her towards her earlobes to get her tickled the more then  I would caress her boobs slightly, suddenly I noticed that as I touched her boobs she shivered, I then knew that was one of her weak spots  so I kept the kisses going and acted as if the boobs were no longer part of her body and decided to explore other possible ticklish areas of a BBW. So I shifted camp from kissing her lips to her shoulder and backline… OMG!!! Come see shivers upon shivers, I took my time to kiss her shoulders and neck line removing her black dress in the process, meanwhile we started kissing from the bed but ending up standing when I was removing her dress, with the dress to the ground I had other plans for those boobs of hers that she kept guarding them with her arms.

As she stood completely naked I could not help myself but to lay her on the bed planting kisses on her belly and belly button since she was still guarding her boobs I didn’t have “access” to them at that time, so I paid attention going towards her thighs which suddenly made her loose grip of her boobs (for my mind I dey smile say booby don dey free small small) parting her thick and fresh laps apart and planting kisses in-between avoiding her pussy region but blowing air on her well smooth and shaven pussy (the smoothness of the pussy was like a serving military’s man shaved beards… super smooth) she suddenly left guards of her boobs and started rubbing my head trying to guide it to her pussy, I then continued the caressing of her thighs avoiding her pussy then I broke the space and acted like I wanted to kiss her only for me to stop at her boobs and suck on one of her hard nipples.. (omo com see chemical reaction) I sucked tenderly on them, this time she was the one supporting my heads to keep sucking on them, then I would bite gently on them at intervals before I shifted to the other boobs to give equal treatment also rubbing in-between her thigh which was resulting into the first of her many orgasm to happen that night, the moment I started rubbing the top of her clits while sucking on her nipples, she practically screamed while shaking from left to right like someone who was having a ‘seizure’.. so I applied a little extra force on her clits till she finished her orgasm, before she could totally recover  from her orgasm my lips went straight down on her pussy lips which was so freaking wet. I parted the pussy lips with my both hands not finger o (to tell you say no be child’s play…lol) to have a good view  and perfect access to her clits, I sucked on them like I was sucking on a sweet ‘agbalumo’, while she was scratching my head and pulling the bed sheets from left to right. But I continued rubbing the top of her clit while kissing and sucking the clit , it didn’t take long again before she came having a more scary ‘seizure’. Feeling cool with myself I laid on the bed cuddling her and playing with her nipples that she once guarded. She then turned to kiss me and started stroking my cock which I wouldn’t brag like others do is of moderate size ( at least no lady has said it’s small and I know it’s well over 7 inches but not up to 9).

The way she started kissing and stroking was so intense with my precum making it slippery that I almost wanted to just pick a condom and fuck her brains out of her then  she stopped and looked at the cock like something was on it, before I could say “jack” she had her lips on the cap of my cock.. I sure must have exclaimed “what the F**k, holly jeez” she took it slowly with so much expertise that I was overwhelmed with what she was doing, while she did that I started playing with her nipples which seemed to spark up the flame of the blow job she was giving, not long after I started playing with her nipples which seemed to get her on the edge again she asked for a condom which was a stone throw on a table nearby in my wallet which she wore for me in a split second. Now I was standing at the edge of the bed while she spread her legs for the arrival of junior.. I did a few strokes of massaging her clit before inserting… OMG!!! This babe was tight not just tight but super tight (now I guess why she stared at the dick earlier) the entry was smooth but slow thus making her adjust to my size while she moaned lightly after some few strokes. When I was certain she had adjusted to my size, I  then inserted deeply and waited for some few seconds which sent shivers down her spine, then I slowly withdrew and repeated the action few more times trying to tease her while I was enjoying the view of her shiver, then I began pounding her slowly and increasing my tempo asking her in-between ‘how do you want it”.. “ you like it this way or that way” with her affirmation I began pounding faster until her legs started trembling again then I withdrew and used my fingers to bring her to an orgasms,  buying time for myself to last longer too. After which she turned around and…. wow!… What a booty to behold, the doggy style!.. We went at this for a while but watching her bum wiggle with each trust was driving me crazy couple with her moans.  Then the unexpected happens, she stopped and turned around smiling and said “could you please fuck my ass”.. I actually taught I didn’t hear her right and replied “ wetin you talk” then she repeated the same thing.. I smiled but was shocked at the same time, I have never gotten such offers in my life and I was fucking someone I met less than six hours ago. She then asked if I had cream or Vaseline in the house, I nodded my head cause I was still stunned and excited to answer, she then applied the cream on her ass hole and was stroking my dick to keep it rigid, then I started the process of trying to enter her asshole (omo, e no easy o… if them tell you say it’s easy to enter any asshole na setup)we went at this for a while, I was almost getting limb but she was determined I fucked her asshole, it took a while then finally the limb-hard dick of mine finally found its way inside and started getting hard again (during the process I they pour cream continuously on her ass hole like say I dey pour salad cream on top salad…lol)

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