There was this one time I had to travel down to Bayelsa on a business trip, I checked into my hotel on arrival and the first thing I noticed was this pretty, ebony skinned, sexy looking, slim goddess but unfortunately for me, she was with her bobo  :( Anyway, it was my second night out there and I needed some kinda fun (and I sure didn’t feel like fucking an Ashi). I left my hotel around 10pm and strolled down to a small club down the road to look for a ‘prey’. 40 minutes later and a few bottles & cigarettes in my system, I caught an average ‘fish’ that seemed just about ok. We went back to my hotel and I just didnt have time for the pre-sex stuff (guess that was the Odeku + Jack Daniels in my system talking). The girl was of average height but quite busty. I yanked off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra and went straight for those humongous jugs. I sucked the life out of them and the babe was blown out of this world, she undressed me in one swoop, she had had enough and all she wanted was to fuck, I grabbed my cd’s, flung her on the bed (she bounced a couple of times with her boobs moving in rhythmic fashion, guess that was bcos the mattress has springs). I bent over her, my mouth on her boobs with my tongue sucking gently on the nipples, while my thick dick slowly filled up her now very wet pussy. I gave her deep thrusts till i probably nudged on her womb, the babe no care o, she just kept on screaming asking for more. I them got off the bed, still inside her and fucked her on the table, down to the floor and carried her, pinning her to the wall. All of these must have gone on for over an hour and a half. The babe came severally but Odeku and Jackie wouldn’t let me (and I had to cos I had a meeting at the Govt House the next day). Anyway, someway, somehow I did come and it was a lovely experience. I tried chatting up with the babe after sex but she really was dumb and that just killed off any motivation to initiate another round so I had to let her go.

Here I was, alone in my hotel around 1 or 2am, reminiscing about the lovely encounter that just took place in the room and all of a sudden, fucking NEPA strikes! I waited for about 10 minutes hoping the gen would come on but na lie o, nothing at all. Mosquitoes started buzzing in my ear and I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to sleep so i got out in my boxers and a t shirt, off to the reception. I screamed at the first person I saw cos it was raining heavily and the rain beat me on my way. While I was screaming at them, I noticed someone was behind me, as I turned to look, I noticed it was the sexy goddess I saw when I arrived at the hotel and here she was all alone, looking prettier and sexier in her night shirt with nothing underneath…waaaaaaaaohhh (of cos I could make out her boobs, hips and butt in the dark thanks to the rain that soaked her tee, besides I have very good eyes for great bodies). I quickly used that opportunity to strike a conversation with her, she said she couldn’t sleep cos of mosquitoes and her boyfriend abandoned her at the hotel after they had a fight. Eventually the gen came on and we walked back to our rooms, I was surprised to find out she was staying just next door to me! I wanted to gauge the situation well so I surprised her by saying goodnight when she got to her door. You should have seen the look on her eyes like ‘dude, are you SERIOUS???”

I walked into my room, chilled for about 2 minutes and went out. The first knock on her door and the door flung open…damn, this was looked so beautiful; I still have that image in my head till this day. I asked if she’d like to come over to my room and she obliged. We got to my room and she was scrolling through my laptop looking for songs, this babe tripped me further when she said she was an adherent 2Pac fan and I totally adore Pac. She said she wanted some alcohol and men, you should have seen the way I dashed to the reception to wake up the foolish bar man who refused to put on the gen. I got 5 bottles of big stout and returned to the room swiftly. We started drinking and bopping our heads to some Pac tunes, next thing my Bayelsa Queen slowly took off her night tee and wow, damn, shit, gawd, those sexy firm beautiful boobs were staring at me…I swear that girl was finer than Tyra Banks. She crawled on the bed and yanked off my boxers, going for my pokeweapon, she lubricated the entire thing with her saliva and concentrated on my cap for over 15 mins nonstop while licking the length of my dick from top to bottom and then gulping my balls…i swear, the girl fine and really skilled. I came o, I no go lie, she made me come and she swallowed my cum patapata. Then she started caressing and licking again till it got bigger and thicker than before, this time I knew I had to give her the experience of a lifetime…

I carried her in my arms facing me, her legs wrapped round my waist and her soft butt gently placed in my arms. I inserted slowly, allowing every slow insertion of my full-veined dick rub gently against her very wet pussy lips and clits. She jerked, let out soft moans and adjusted as my stuff went in, I completely filled her up. Then I held her butt firmly, moved her outward gently, then in sloooooooooooooowly, then took her to the left, to the right, up, down and grinded so fast, 10 straight times without stopping. I followed this motion for the next 20 mins and my cute princess was cuming and screaming so loud at the same time. Then I placed her on the bed, leg raised to my shoulder so I had full access and started pounding slowly but with some force and real impact. I rubbed in from the top for 10 times, went down her pussy another 10, then to the left for 5 and right for 10. Again this went on and on for god knows when and she still kept on coming. Anyway to cut the long story short (bcos my dick is twitching and twirling remembering this), we had the best sex of our lives till 6 am, yes 6 am bcos we didn’t sleep, just rested for short intervals and continued. At about 6, we heard a knock on her door and it was her boyfriend who had returned to probably apologise. She was scared as the guy kept on knocking and this attracted the hotel staff who had to use a master key to open the door. They said she must have left the hotel but the guy insisted she was probably still in the premises. At a point, she wanted to go out but I convinced her not to and started another round of sex with her while her guy was still shouting her name all over, she just kept on giggling and laughing telling me I’m a very nutty guy. Eventually the dude left around 8 and we must have had over 20 sessions bcos I was sore and so was she. When we eventually walked out of the hotel to go get breakfast, the whole staffs were shocked to find her with me but what the heck; I had gotten a lifetime experience I would forever cherish. She refused to give me her no and I’ve never seen her since then but I still remember her face, her lovely body and her beautiful name. Who knows, maybe someone from NAF will give me a much better experience than what my Bayelsa Queen gave!


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