How To Make A Woman Sexually Addicted To You


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Do you want your woman to want to have sex with you more often?
Do you fell like you have to initiate sex with her most of the time?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way when you know what you’re doing.There is a secret method to getting her more interested in having sex more often. Not only that but when done right this can even get her obsessed with having sex with you, yes even addicted to you.

Want to know what this method is?

Before we get into all the details it’s important to go over sexual arousal in women first.

I have said in the past men get turned on, women go through an arousal process. The difference being that for men it switches on from a state of not being aroused to one where you are instantly aroused when a beautiful woman with big breasts smiles at you. For women the process takes a little longer.

Women don’t get turned on instantly, there is a step by step process of arousal that needs to take place.

Now the good news is that there is a step by step approach you can take to getting a woman aroused that works to get her into a very aroused state.

To begin with, there is more of a mental aspect to a woman getting aroused than there is for men. Don’t mistake this for meaning that she is aroused by intellect, what it means is that her emotions are tied into her thoughts and that is the key to getting her extremely aroused to the point that she eventually can become addicted to you.

The secret to all this lies in anticipation.

You have to get her thinking about what’s going to happen next. You do this by bringing a level of mystery into the situation. The key is to go very slow at first. Two steps forward one step back approach.

This means that you make her wait for the next step.

So let’s say you are flirting with your woman. You make it look like you’re moving in for the kiss and move in close without kissing her. Then you pull away and then go in slowly for the kiss. From there you go real slow and amp things up.

With each step forward you start slowing things down especially as things get hot.

Before entering her it is critical that you have her asking you to put it in. You do this by teasing the outside of her vagina and building anticipation.

This is the secret to building very powerful feelings of intense attraction to you.

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