See How More Sex Could Actually Make You More Fertile

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Big news, ladies: Having sex all the time probably makes you more fertile.

Researchers at Indiana University found women who have sex frequently have different immune systems than women who don’t.

What does this mean? First of all, if you have sex all the time, good for you!

Also, your body will release more type 2 helper T cells. These cells are responsible for managing the body’s immune response and act as antibodies to help fight foreign invaders in the body while not attacking foreign things necessary for pregnancy, like sperm.

In other words, they fight the bad stuff and allow the important stuff to help prepare the body for pregnancy.

So for anyone trying to get pregnant, having sex outside your ovulation window is probably really beneficial.

In a press release, lead researcher Tierney Lorenz said,

This research is the first to show that the sexual activity may cause the body to promote types of immunity that support conception. It’s a new answer to an old riddle: How does sex that doesn’t happen during the fertile window still improve fertility?

And in case you need more motivation to have sex, it also burns calories, lowers your blood pressure, relieves stress and helps you sleep.

So, yeah. Sex is really good for you.

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