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Its like a dream sequence every time you’re near..

the things that run through my mind. You cloud my it, make me completely high. Walking into the room, knowing that I am there, the intended target. What an incredible smile flashing at Me, melting what little resistance I still had and was holding with a death grip, white knuckled to. I am your sleepie time Lady, when your feeling all warm and mushy and ready to curl up next to someone, cuddle in, and drift sweetly to sleep. When you want to be held, know that your loved, never having to worry about strings or what ifs or what I want from you. I excuse Myself from the rest of the group while they socialize happily. Every part of My heart and mind begins to swim with endorphins. Anticipation of the feel of your skin with Mine, the taste of your lips, the scent of you….electrifies. Currents of need begin to race along my veins slowing raising the heat, causing the flames that set Me afire. Watching your clothes fall to the floor while I lean against the doorway, hopefully you think I am just enjoying the site of you, eyeing each new inch of flesh revealed. When the door is actually holding My body upright while My knees turn into jelly. You lay in the middle of the bed slowly, I watch intently as your dick rubs against the sheet, pressing along it as the rest of your body collapses. Laughing softly as I think inside how I have never so badly wanted to be a sheet in all My life. Slowly while you get comfortable, arms overhead to cradle your face softly, I slip off the silken slacks, dropping them along the pile of your things. Adjusting dark green lace panties, slide the shirt off, removing bra, slipping the silken blouse back on. MMoooaaanNnnn feeling it caress My nipples, gliding over their tips, teasing with sensations, and sending shockwaves directly to the little nub throbbing between thighs. Candles already lit on the night table, massage oil waiting, I straddle the back of your legs and slowly pour the oil, watching each droplets splash. Oh God… the feel of you. Your legs between My own. Breathing becoming labored. Spreading palms wide, kneading your flesh, relaxing every muscle slowly. The base of your neck flowing into your shoulders, working the knotted meat with thumbs and circling the heal of the hand firmly. Along your spine, branching out over the rest of that incredible back. Unable to hide the sea of urges, they glide around the plumpness of your ass. Adding more oil, letting My fingers dip between the cheeks, small circles along the puckered entrance. Again… I moan. Caressing, working, pressing in slightly, and for the first time I notice your reactions. Hips lifting towards My fingers, you push Me over the edge…..burring it deep inside. FFuuuucckkkk, so soft, gripping My finger sucking along its length while I thrust over and over again. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP I can no longer stop Myself. Your cheeks rippling against My hand with each whack, opening more to it, the slight sting and the pleasure mingling together. I tell you to touch yourself, voice deep and husky. Body adjusting making room for your arm to slide beneath you, knees drawing up slightly, ass defined even more. Smile turning the corners of My mouth, yet another groan slips out knowing those fingers are wrapping tightly right now, stroking along the length of the shaft, pressing over the tip just a touch. Oh, yes…. My slaps become hits. Flesh rising quickly in the shapes of fingers. The oil still acting as the perfect lubricant allowing a second finger to slide deep inside your hole, thrusting to the hilt, knuckles digging and biting at your skin, faster and harder each time. Ass completely reddened now, welts beginning to form, radiating heat. I grab hold tightly, nails digging into the tortured flesh and pulling harshly to the side. Every thrust taking you, hearing your moans and groans and gasps for air becoming heavy with need. Angrily I grind teeth and sputter out My desire to feel you explode, paint yourself with cum. Throwing your body around, quite unrepentantly, slamming your back to the bed. The thrusting bruising the skin slightly, twisting and turning pressing against the insides coaxing harder. Slapping your hand away with frustration, I seize your cock, grabbing roughly and stroking… demanding… not letting you stop. Yyyeessssss… the fount gives way, sharp jerks shudder and erupt from your every muscle. SLLLlooooowwwwwwly I continue, milking you. My fingers sliding out, still rubbing the outer of the sweet raped hole… soothing the skin, apologizing for the torment with renewed affection. My grip loosening, stroking softly. I whisper how incredible you are, while taking a washcloth out of the steaming basin on the night table. Wringing it with the one hand, I wash your body clean still very slow and lovingly. Helping you roll over again caring for the little welts and scratch marks, the washcloth feeling like a million little needles digging as it glides over top of them. Leaning in close I pucker lips and bbbllloooowwww, letting the air instantly cool the heat, the soreness. Kissing each bump gently, another moan escapes. Stretching straight I slip that blouse off and curl around you, stroking the soft hair along your arms. Wrapping around, running fingers through hair, kissing any part that I can get close to My lips. You turn towards Me and grab hold in return, our lips melting together. Slowly… drifting off to sleep, I whimper, squeeeezing you tight to Me before I open My eyes… and am faced with reality that it never was. Just another flash of desire through My silly mind at the sight of you.

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My take: Never ever on any circumstance allow yourself to be video taped in any form whatsoever in the name of love or fun. The consequences can be really disastrous! Beware!

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