I am 36 year old man, who has had bisexual fantasies, and a few quick but unsatisfying bi experiences before. I had often dreamt of acting out my fantasies, and had gotten the courage up to actually try it a couple of times. Both times had led only to disappointment though, as the guys were both just someone looking for a quick anonymous blowjob. I wanted much more…..I wanted to not only be able to explore a man’s body thoroughly, I deep down really needed to have two men………..the thought of being on my hands and knees with a masculine man behind me fucking me vigorously while another knelt in front

of me and fed me his stiff dick made me cum instantly every time I had that particular fantasy. After months of agonizing, I finally decided it was time do something about this powerful fantasy of mine. Nervously, and very hesitantly I placed a personal ad on a bi and gay site in which I spelled out my desire frankly. I got the usual idiotic responses, ranging from gay bashers to old queens begging for a faceless suck off. I had about given up on ever realizing my fantasy when one day I read my email only to find the surprise of my life. It was an email from a gay couple near me, who had added a third man to their relationship in the past and wanted to try it again. I masturbated about 15 times just thinking about it in the next week, until finally I got the courage up to respond to them. We hesitantly exchanged emails, and personal information, until finally they asked me if I was serious about meeting. Almost embarrassed, I responded that yes, I was. David, the older of the two men, suggested we meet for lunch the following Saturday at a public place, and if we all felt comfortable we could go back to their house. I was stunned at the possibility of finally realizing my fantasy, and could only answer with a brief yes. Over the next few days, he gradually coaxed me into committing to a day and place. I was on fire the whole time, jacking off every 3 or 4 hours just imagining what awaited me. At last the day came. I very nearly chickened out, but knew I would hate myself if I didn’t play this out. I drove to the place we had agreed upon and waited for them to arrive. I was so sure they would turn out to be toads, trying no to let myself get too excited. At last two men came in to the restaurant, and they could only be David and Roy. Masculine guys, neither of them Adonis but most definitely attractive. I waved nervously and they came over and sat down. We made nervous small talk and I was saved by the waitress coming to take our lunch orders. Our food came, and we talked shyly as we ate. At last, as we finished, David decided to take the initiative. He looked me right in the eye, and asked “So, is today the day?” I almost choked on my tea, but managed to tell him yes. He smiled, and said “Let’s go, then”. We went out to our cars, and I followed them to their house. It was a short drive, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they lived in a beautiful house in a very nice neighborhood. They invited me in, and I sat on the couch looking like the cat on the hot tin roof. David sensed my jitters, and suggested we relax by getting in the hot tub. He ushered us to the back of the house, and I saw a beautiful hot tub in a yard surrounded by an 8 foot tall privacy fence. Both of them unselfconsciously stripped, and climbed in. A bit more slowly, I joined the, sliding down on the bench seat in between them We relaxed for a bit, and then I felt the most wonderful sensation. Two eager hands reached down to caress me…..David encircling my cock with his hand and Roy gently cupping my balls. I stiffened instantly at their touch, and haltingly reached out myself. I soon had a cock in each hand, both of them harder than rock! I was almost delirious at the prospect of what was to come. My fantasy, so close to coming true! We stayed like that for a bit, just stroking each other and moaning softly. Finally, David decided to take control of the situation. He looked me in the eye and said he was going to find out just how serious I was about this. I felt his strong hands lift me up out of the water and set me down on the edge of the hot tub. My legs dangled in the water and my cock stood straight up in the cool air. David smiled at me and said “Let’s see how you feel after that cock isn’t quite so insistent”. At that, he lowered his head and I felt his warm lips encircle me. I groaned out loud as I felt his tongue flicker over the head of my cock, swirling in furious circles. It was obvious he meant business, as his mouth flashed up and down my length, his lips tightly pressed against me and his tongue driving me crazy! I lasted about 10 seconds and then exploded into his inviting mouth, wave after glorious wave of orgasmic pleasure washing over me. All I could do was breathe as I tried to recover my poise. Both of them laughed, and then David asked me if I still felt like being there. I thought for a second, and then answered him by sliding back into the water and pointing to the edge of the tub. He took my meaning, and climbed up on the edge. Roy joined him, and I was rewarded with the sight of two stiff cocks just waiting for me. David was about 8 inches, long and slim, curving slightly back toward his belly. Roy was shorter, maybe 7 inches, but very thick. Like a starved kitten I descended, and moaned again as I felt David’s cock slide through my eager lips. My hand reached for Roy, and I found myself at last living my dream, pleasuring two men at once. I wanted them to enjoy this as much as I was, so I concentrated firmly on what I was doing, trying to make sure I stimulated them both. David let out a hue sigh, letting me know his cocked liked the attention I was giving it, and Roy matched it with a sigh of his own. I felt Roy’s hand reach down and slowly lift my face, then push me back down on his thick member. I ran my tongue in a circle around the skin just below the ridge of his cockhead, and felt him shudder as I did. I bobbed up and down a few times, tasting my second cock, while my hand was busy with David. David looked me right in the eyes and said “It’s time”. He climbed out of the tub, and pulled me out by my hand. Roy followed, and they both took a hand and led me into the house. We wended our way back to their bedroom, and soon were lying together on a huge king sized bed, our hands running all over one another’s bodies. I felt David’s hand press against my ribs, as he urged me to roll over. I was on my stomach, between two aroused men! His hand reached under my belly, and pulled my ass upward, til I was on my hands and knees. I felt so exposed, my ass in the air with two hard cocks right there, but something deep inside me told me to take the chance life had finally given me. I moaned “fuck me, please”, almost as surprised as they were to hear that coming out of my mouth. David laughed, and said “slow down, man, let me show you the way”. He moved around behind me, and pressed his body against my back. I felt him move against me, his hard cock sliding between the cleft in my ass cheeks. Roy moved around in front of me, and knelt. His fat cock dangled right in front of my face, semi erect. At last unashamed, I reached out with my face and sucked him into my lips, making a loud smacking noise as I did. He groaned, and I felt his hands reach down and take my head. David had reached into a bedside drawer and gotten out a tube of lubricant. I felt his finger explore my anus, and tensed. He backed off, slightly, but stayed where he was. Soon, I felt the most amazing sensation. My anus began to twitch, almost as if it had a mind of it’s own. Unconsciously, I pushed my ass back toward him, and felt his finger slide in me. It hurt, but only for a second, and then he began to slide it in and out. Roy was the beneficiary of his efforts, as the stimulation made me begin to suck the fat cock between my lips in earnest. I reached hand up between his legs to pull his balls forward, and pulled off his delicious manhood only long enough to take his nuts into my lips. He arched his back and grabbed my head, telling David “He’s ready, fuck him!” I heard his words, and responded by arching my back and making my ass ready for David. He moved up and knelt between my legs. I felt his cock urgently pressing against my anus, the blood throbbing through both of us. He pressed forward……pain, hot and quick, as his fat cockhead spread my muscle. Then, amazingly, incredible pleasure, as the head of his slid into me. I pulled off Roy’s balls only long enough to hungrily swallow his thick shaft again, as deep as I could. There I was, a regular guy, with his ass in the air getting fucked while another man shoved his dick down my throat. How did I react? By coming up off the dick in my mouth only long enough to moan “Fuck me David, fuck me hard!” I found myself turning into the slut I always knew I was, pushing my ass back to take his cock even deeper as he thrust into me, begging him to take me. At the same time, I was deep throating Roy like a pro, swallowing his fat cock to the hilt over and over. The passion of my fantasy overcame me, and I felt my own orgasm begin to build. David felt my anus contract as I came, my fluid spilling out from my cock like hot lava. My orgasm made my ass squeeze his cock, driving him over the brink and making him grunt animalistically. He drove into me one last time, as deeply as he could, as he spilled his hot cum into my ass. Roy could feel the vibration of our rough fucking, and spilled his load into my horse throat. For what seemed an eternity, we held there, each of us in the throes of ecstasy. At last, their orgasms subsided, and I felt David’s dick slide out of my quivering anus. Roy’s salty cum dripped down my chin, and I felt David’s essence running down my inner thigh. God, what heaven!


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