My Dirty Little Whore. I decide to surprise you and pick you up after the club. I park the car outside and while I wait I watch the pussy walking by and think about how I am going to have you tonight. You exit the club with a tall attractive male. When I am about to attract your attention I notice your hand is on the guy’s ass and both of you are flirting shamelessly. Standing right outside the club you pull the guy towards you and you begin kissing. He places his thigh between your legs and you rub yourself against him once before pulling down the hem of your figure-hugging short dress. Taking him by the hand you lead your date into the alley. I drive the car around the block and enter the alley from the opposite direction with my headlights off. I see your silhouette push the guy up against the wall and to my delight I see you drop to your knees in front of him. In the darkness the car creeps silently closer until I have a perfect view of the two of you. Dirty lil slut I think to myself as I roll down the car window. In the quiet of the alley I can hear you both moan and gasp and I can’t resist giving my swelling cock a firm squeeze. Ohhhhh! Fuck! I hear your

lover groan. I watch him push a hand down inside the front of your dress. Ohhhh Yes! You’re sucking me so good baby! I watch you purposefully work his cock between your lips and listen to him moaning with pleasure. It doesn’t take you long to bring him off. Moments later he grunts hard and curses as his hips jerk uncontrollably. Knowing how much you get off on having a guy unload in your mouth increases my enjoyment as I watch and I imagine just how wet your pussy must be right now as you hungrily swallow. When you get to your feet I immediately switch on my headlights and start the car. I am surprised when you casually walk towards me and lean in through the car window. Enjoy that Gary? You tease, giving me a wicked smile. I loved it. I confess, staring down the front of your dress. Now get in the back. You jump in and sit in the center of the back seat. I drive off and adjust the rear view mirror so that I can see you clearly. You knew I was watching? 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I struggle to keep my eyes on the road as I see you spread your legs wide and expose your panty-clad pussy. I’m such a filthy little cock-sucking whore! You pant. Then, letting out a long low groan of frustration you slide a hand down inside your panties. Ohhh! God! I’m so fucking wet! Hearing you moan I look in the mirror to find you masturbating. You horny bitch! Rub that pussy! I encourage you. Tell me what a dirty little whore I am baby! You moan. In the mirror I see you rubbing vigorously at your clit. You’re such a hot lil bitch! I tell you. You love it in your mouth don’t you slut? Yes! and you love to swallow cum too! Ohh Yes On your knees sucking cock in the alley. What a dirty lil bitch! Ohhhh God! I’m gonna cum! You gasp. Talk dirty to me Remove your hand slut! I order you. Please let me cum! You plead. No! I say sternly. You’re not permitted to cum yet Yes sir. Reluctantly you withdraw your hand from your panties and pull your dress back down. We’re here now anyway. I inform you before turning down into the basement car park of my apartment block. As I help you out of the car the seductive click of high heels on concrete echoes around the still and silent lot. You wiggle your hips and pull the hem of your dress down. Without any warning I push you down over the hood of the gleaming red Porsche sports car that I am parked next to and push my hand up between your legs. Lift that ass and spread them! I tell you. Panting hard with excitement you eagerly comply. I pull your dress up over your ass revealing your sexy white thong and then as I admire your shapely legs and tight little ass as I rub your damp pussy through your panties. Mmmmmmm! You wet lil slut! Fuck me baby! You plead. I need your cock in me. In one swift move I pull out my throbbing cock, peel your panties aside and penetrate you hard and deep, making you groan loud with satisfaction. Like that! You lil slut! I gasp as I begin thrusting my cock in and out of your dripping wet pussy. Ohhhhh God! Yes! You moan. Fuck your lil whore hard! Grabbing you by the hair I bring you to an upright position, pull down the front of your dress to expose your naked breasts and then push you back down onto the hood of the car. I slap your ass hard and continue fucking you. Like that? you lil whore! Ohhhh Yes! I’m gonna cum! You moan. Fuck me harder! Suddenly I pull my cock out of your hungry pussy and zip myself up. Ohhhhh fuck!!! You growl loudly with frustration. You bastard!! Fuck your little whore please! Calmly I re-position your sodden panties and peel your tight dress down back over your ass. Lets go. I press the button to call the elevator and then pushing you against the wall I kiss you and rub my hand between your legs. I can feel your pussy, warm and wet against my fingertips. I’m gonna have you good and hard you sexy lil slut! Ohhh yes! You groan softly against my mouth. Do whatever you want to me. Use me like a dirty little whore! A soft bing announces the elevator has arrived and when you follow me in I immediately order you down onto your knees and unfasten my pants. By the time we reach my floor I am thrusting my cock deep down your throat and fucking your mouth like it’s a pussy. Fuck! I complain angrily as the elevator doors open. In my apartment I lead you straight to the bedroom and push open the door. Kneeling up proudly on the bed when we enter, wearing only black stockings and thigh-high boots is my beautiful and obedient girl. The addition of a black studded dog collar and stainless steel leash ensures my pet doesn’t stray. Her raven black hair is cut short and her tanned body sculpted hard. A thick bush of pubic hair forms a neatly trimmed triangle between her parted thighs and her dark nipples stand out thick and erect on top of her firm rounded breasts. Oh Master! She is beautiful. My slave remarks on seeing you. Yes. She is. I agree before taking you by the arm and tossing you roughly onto the bed in front of her. I purposefully turn you over onto your belly and quickly straddle you. You groan aloud as my body weight pins you down hard. Producing a pair of gleaming metal handcuffs I take hold of your wrist and secure you to the bars of the headboard. With your constraints in place you are now helpless and completely at my mercy. Your breathing becomes hard and heavy as you test your bonds in a mock struggle of resistance. From this point on I know I can easily subject you to whatever form of sexual debauchery I desire. Lift that ass bitch! I order as I roll off of you. My slave sits up against the headboard to watch and spreading her thighs wide begins to masturbate. You obediently clamber onto your knees as instructed and as you present yourself to me the hem of your tight dress slides up over your backside deliciously slowly exposing your plump panty-clad pussy. Ohhhhhhh Yes! 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My slave moans with delight as she sucks you off, her ass high in the air right in front of your face. We continue with you hard and kinky fucking, making you cum three times in succession before your body falls limp with exhaustion and glistening with perspiration.

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