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Secret Prostitutes

These days I laugh whenever I see guys who meet a new girl with big phones, wearing tight trouser and a top that’s showing her boobs and want to dump their real girlfriend because of this new ‘fine girl’.

What such guys don’t really know is that they are just a number on the girl’s list, nothing close to boyfriend. In fact, such babes don’t get emotional, they are all about “business” – I need money girls!Guys, stay with your loyal girlfriend and forget about flashy babes. See revelations below…

Things are not always what they seem to be at the surface level, so there is a need for you to ‘shine your eyes’ before being caught buying the counterfeit. Here are features of a runs girl to avoid:

Always wearing heavy make-ups:
They are always desperate to create an impression wherever they go. This leads to obviously heavy and colourful make-ups that mayn’t even rhyme at all. The ‘foundation’ could be so strong like she wants to erect a building on her face. Laughs!

Awkward piercings:
These set of ladies pierce their nose with rings attached. Their ears carry multiple piercings too. Some bold ones go as far as rocking nose rings to claim to be fashionable.

Breast display:
As goods are displayed on shelves in the shopping mall, so also the runs girls flash their ‘selling points’ i.e their area of strength for prospective buyers. They make sure you can have a vivid look of what you are up against like the massive boobs, big bum and exposure of the tummy or waist.

Funny Tattoos:
Most decent and well-cultured ladies don’t draw tattoos. Most ‘marketers’ are fond of conspicuous tattoos which are positioned at strategic points for you to feed your eyes and get attracted.

Bleached skin:
A fair lady gets more attention and is easily noticeable than a dark one. Runs girls don’t joke with bleaching. The skin is unnecessary white while the fingers, toes and knuckles stand out black with the intention to break away like Biafra. Laughs!

Runs girls love expensive phones with busy lines:
When a lady’s phone rings incessantly like she is a customer-care agent and you know she isn’t even selling anything; my guy, she is into ‘E-commerce’ like Jumia delivering the assumed and the social media is likely her booking office – her body is for the highest bidder, not just you. Run!

When you keep calling her phone and introducing yourself severally:
Runs girls have several men to deal with. They hardly store numbers until they are sure you have the will to do business. They easily lose track of the identity of their callers and you get poised to re-introduce yourself over and over anytime you call. Some pretend they know you until you say something they remember. Na Olosho o!

She disappears mysteriously like the 2016 national budget Friday nights:
Friday nights are sacred nights when the ‘god of koboko’ is worshiped by hardworking men that must have been engaged productively throughout the week. On a night like this, a hot runs girl must have been booked by the highest bidder; hence if your new girlfriend disappears on Friday just know you are on your own.

She is a likely ‘selling it’ if she spends the entire day sleeping and heads out every night:
Runs girls have opposite working schedules, they leave for work when others are returning, and go on recess when others are at work like ‘Edo witches’ (na joke oh).

Guys, this is to help those of you who like to leave your good girl for flashy girls, stop deceiving yourself as that flashy girl is not what you need for your life, don’t confuse your want for a need. Be guided!


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