Mel clambered on to the bed, and then over the top half of me, laying his hard cock on my breasts. My hands released their grip slightly, allowing

his shaft to drop into the valley between my tits, before I squeezed them together, engulfing his cock with my breasts. Mel’s hips began a gentle thrusting motion, rubbing his exposed, sensitive helmet against the soft warm flesh of my tits. My fingers moved my breasts against his shaft heightening the sensations. My forefingers and thumbs tweaked at my nipples, causing them to stiffen as Mel watched from above. His hips began to move more quickly and with a lurch his prick bounced free from the grip of my tits. Mel groaned and I giggled as I struggled to capture his cock once more between my breasts. His movements were slow as he watched his helmet emerge from between my tits and then become overwhelmed by my breasts as I cupped them around him. I also watched intently as his helmet appeared from between my tits and then retreat. I looked up at Mel and back down at his cock. My tongue made an involuntary lick around my lips, and Mel began to move. His cock freed itself from my breasts and he moved forward, his hands reaching out for the headboard as his helmet closed in on my face. My hands released my breasts, and reaching around his thighs, my fingers touched his balls from behind. As my hands clasped gently round his testicles, I eased him forward, allowing his swollen purple helmet to squeeze between my lips and into my warm mouth. Mel’s hips resumed their gentle trusting movements, this time easing the hard head of his cock back and forth between my lips, in and out of my mouth. My hands continued to gentle massage his balls and brush the sensitive skin between his testicles and his anus. Mel’s hands gripped tightly on to the headboard as his struggled to control his movements to slow gentle thrusts, easing his throbbing helmet into my mouth. My lips pursed, squeezing tightly, following every contour of his prick. My left hand brushed against his sensitive balls as my right hand slipped back, and my finger began to probe into the tight ring of his anus. Mel let out a long groan, his fingers dug deeply into the soft foam of the headboard. Quickly his hips began short sharp jerks, stabbing his swollen helmet in and out as he fucked my mouth. My finger probed with the same rhythm as his cock thrust vigorously between my lips. Suddenly his hips pulled his cock pulled back. With a cry, the first of his sperm splattered down on to my chin. My arms wrapped around his thighs, pulling him down and restoring his helmet in my mouth. My arms held him close as his hips continued to thrust, his penis continued to throb, releasing his load of thick warm sperm in to my mouth. The head of his cock emerged and as his hips continued to gyrate he smeared several streaks of white spunk over my face. I pulled him closer again, sucking his helmet between my lips and taking him in to my mouth. Mel let out a series of sighs as the last of his cum dribbled from his cock and oozed in to my throat. Pete certainly wouldn’t give up and a few days later phoned to apologise for standing me up and always being late. He promised never to do it again and would forgive me for everything. I explained that actually it was the best thing ever happen to me. Still he went on saying he wanted to see me so I made a promise to him. If he went to the village that evening and came to Gordon’s house at seven o’clock he could see me. It was seven o’clock and we were in the lounge at Gordon’s place. Greg was stood by the side of the window looking out through the partly open curtains. “He’s here, he’s walking up the pathway.” Said Greg. “Right, places everybody” I commanded, “He wanted to see me, and see me he will”. Pete knocked at the door several times and obviously got no reply. He shuffled his way up to the window and peered in. As he did so, I moved from behind the curtains into his full view. I was completely naked. His face looked confused. “Well”, I started, “you said you wanted to see me..and here I am”. “I know, but..” his voice stopped and his eyes looked to my side. Into view from behind the curtains came the naked bodies of Gordon, Greg, Andy, Jim, Mel and Alan. He stared at me and I just grinned back. “You can stay and see me some more if you like” I taunted and with that I turned to face my row of erections. I walked slowly over to Gordon and squatted in front of him. As I took hold of his cock I looked around. Pete was still at the window. His face was a picture, his mouth gaped open, his eyes looked almost disbelieving. I turned back to Gordon’s prick and took the head into my mouth. I made exaggerated bobbing movements with my head to make sure Pete knew what I was doing. After a moment, I moved on to suck on Greg’s cock, then Andy’s, Jim’s, Mel’s and finally Alan’s. Now I had got to the end of the line, I turned back to the window. Pete was no longer there. He obviously didn’t want to see me anymore. They guys formed a huddle around me. Words can not describe the ecstatic feelings I had when surrounded by these six excited erect cocks, all craving my attention. I reached out and took hold of Greg’s prick, leaning forward I slowly squeezed my lips over his shiny helmet. He let out a gasp of appreciation. Andy reached down, took hold of my other hand and placed it on his erection. My fingers clasped around it and began to gently massage. Gordon had crouched down behind me and his fingers began to probe at my pubic lips. I was so excited that I was already moist and his fingers slipped easily back and forth and then began to rub at my clitoris. Alan had muscled his way between Andy and Greg. To a disappointed groan from Greg, my lips and tongue turned their attentions to Alan’s penis and turning my head I pressed the head of his cock into the side of my mouth and licked hard around it with my tongue. “Jeez” was all the Alan could manage. Andy moved away but another hand took hold of mine and guided it to another hard prick. Gordon’s fingers continued to work their magic, running circles around my sensitive clit and stroking up and down between my wet lips. Alan had obviously enjoyed the sensations as his hand gently turned my head and he pushed the head of his cock into the side of my mouth. As he held it there I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his helmet. I felt his whole body tremble and after a few moments he pulled back. Mel’s cock, which I had been slowly massaging, thrust itself toward me. I held it back for a few seconds, then allowed it further forward and into my mouth. My other hand reached out and took hold of Jim’s cock and began to give it some attention. My clitoris was certainly reacting to Gordon’s fingers. I could feel my orgasm building inside me. I could feel by breathing was starting to quicken as he continued to rub softly and gently in exactly the right places. I released Mel’s cock and reached out for Andy. His was the longest and thickest of my cocks and I had to squeeze my lips tightly over his hard sensitive helmet. He gave a slight ‘yelp’ as my lips gripped around the rim of his helmet and my head began to bob back and forth. Jim’s cock seemed to be taking on a life of it’s own as it began to gently thrust between my fingers. Gordon’s fingers had brought me to the brink of a climax. I had to release Andy’s large cock from my mouth to allow my panting breaths. I looked around at the five erections which all stood proudly before me. The sight was enough to tip my over the edge and a let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. Gordon’s finger continued to circle my clit as my whole body trembled with my orgasm. I closed my eyes, I was breathing deep and hard, my clit felt like it was the size of a golf ball and Gordon’s fingers continued to rub gently at me. I don’t know how long I was in that state, but eventually I had to move myself forward from Gordon’s fingers to get some respite. Eventually I managed to open my eyes and there they all were. Six erect cocks surrounding me. I just wanted them to cum, to have as much pleasure as I had. “Cum for me” I whispered. “I want you all to cum for me, cum over me, whatever, I just want you all to cum”. I reached out and took hold of the two nearest cocks and began to gently masturbate them. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of one and then the other. Other hands took hold of the cocks and began massaging. I let go of one cock and then took another, licked around the head before letting its owner resume its massage. I looked around at my six beautiful cocks, this was fantastic. It wasn’t long before Mel was stepping closer to me and I braced myself. I sat still, watching my other pricks, when I felt the first sprays of Mel’s cum hit the side of my face. I turned towards him as he leant forward. A spurt of white sperm splattered over my lips and chin. Jim moved in from the other side and I felt more sticky warm sperm begin to ooze down the other side of my face. Mel was still going and was sprinkling spunk onto my shoulder and down onto my breast. Jim splashed more spunk down my face and over my other breast. As Mel pulled away, Greg stepped forward. His pressed the tip of his cock against my slips and I let the head of his cock slide into my mouth. As it did so I felt the first of his thick cum erupt into my mouth. His hand continued to massage his shaft, releasing more and more of his warm juice. I pulled my head back and allowed some of the spunk to dribble out of my mouth and down my chin. Of formed a long globule which eventually splatter down onto my breasts. As Greg staggered away, Andy moved in. He was tall and towered over me as I remained squatting on the floor. He placed the palm of his hand on my forehead and gently tipped my head back. I looked up at his big cock. His helmet was exposed, swollen and shiny. His hand gripped his shaft but there was hardly any movement. “Open” he said very quietly, almost without breathing. I opened my mouth stuck my tongue out over my bottom lip. Immediately a long glob of perfectly white sperm appeared from the tip of his penis and slowly dropped down onto my tongue. Now his whole body was trembling and I could hear his breath almost hissing as he struggled to control himself. There was a slight grunt and more thick white spunk oozed from his cock and down into my mouth. I could feel thick cum slithering down my tongue so I took a moment to close my mouth, swallow it and part my lips again. Suddenly I was aware of Gordon stood beside me. He leant over me as another long streak of Andy’s cum dropped onto my tongue. Gordon let out a gasp as his hand wanked at his cock and began furiously squirting spunk into my mouth. Unlike Andy’s controlled ejaculation, Gordon’s sperm was coming thick and fast, peppering my face, spurting into my mouth and splashing my breasts. Meanwhile Andy’s cock continued it’s seemingly never ending ejaculations, still sending sperm slithering down my tongue. My mouth couldn’t cope with any more and I pushed a great wad of spunk out between my lips which ran down over my chin, down my neck and the off in all directions. Eventually the onslaught ceased and Andy and Gordon moved away. My face was mess of sticky cum. I could fell it still running down my neck. I looked down at myself. My breasts were awash with sperm, great trails of it ran over my stomach, there were blobs and globs across my thighs. I cupped my hands around my large breasts to hold them but they were slippery and slimy and difficult to control. It was then that I looked up at the window. It had started to get dark but I could still make out Pete’s face at the window. He had obviously come back and looked totally shocked and stunned. As I stared out, Alan approached me from behind, placed his hand under my chin and turned my head up. My eyes met the underside of his erect penis. His hands rubbed over his helmet several times before he gave a long groan. A long streak of white sperm shot from his cock and splattered the side of my face from my forehead to my chin. He move his cock slightly and his hands moved again and another load of cum splattered down onto the other side of my face. He repeated the process several times and I ended up with streak after streak of sticky cum all over my face. Alan removed his hand. I slowly straightened my head and a I did so I felt the massive load of cum begin to run everywhere. O looked back at the window but there was nobody there now. Maybe he wasn’t there before, may be I was seeing things. “Ugh” I groaned as I felt Alan’s spunk dripping in long streaks from my chin. I looked at the window again. Was that a face I could see or wasn’t it? I kept looking, trying to make out I face in the darkness but I could never be sure. All the while, sperm continued to ooze down me. Well, at least I had got my wish and all my cocks had cum for me.

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