How I Slept With My Brother’s Girlfriend

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I got out of the shower to find my brother’s girlfriend standing naked in front of me and we snatched the chance to have a quickie.

I am 22, my brother and his girlfriend are 17. Me and my brother are best friends as well and our parents and his girlfriend’s parents are close. This all makes the situation really awkward.
One night the three of us went to the cinema. When my brother went to get some popcorn she whispered that I was far better looking and sexier. She said she would cheat on him with me if she had the chance.
I was flattered and we had a kiss. Fortunately he didn’t catch us and we just carried on as normal. She was staying over at ours that night and we all had a fair bit to drink. I made sure things didn’t get out of hand, though, knowing my parents would kill me.

The next morning I was in the shower and I didn’t hear her come quietly into the bathroom and lock the door. I am not going to lie, I checked her out and she was absolutely stunning. We kissed and I couldn’t resist her. I took a condom out of the cupboard and somehow we got away with having sex without my brother – or parents – finding out.

Afterwards I felt guilty and ashamed of myself. Later on I told her it was just a one-off but she kept asking me to meet her again. I finally caved in and agreed to meet her after work one night. She couldn’t keep her hands off me.

I was furious with myself for being so weak-willed. I told her seriously this was not going to happen again and I would delete her messages in future. She got angry when she could see I meant it, and said she will tell my brother everything if I don’t go on seeing her.
I have more to lose than she does and I’m afraid. Do I give into her demands or tell my brother myself?


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