How to Get Girls to Like You?


Want to know how to get girls to like you? Well, we are here to give you some easy tips which can help you to get the girl of your dreams. You might be frightened of getting shoved off into that friend zone or just so nervous to scare her away from you. You need to figure out a hell lot of things to know what works for you and what not to get girls to like you. Fortunately, we have already done this for you. Follow these simple tips to catch her attention and make her want you.

How to Get Girls to Like You

Top Tips to Get Girls to Like You:

1) Care for Them to Get Girls to Like You

You can start by caring for them to make them like you. It is the simplest way to make them feel that you think about them and want to help them in every way. Girls like those guys who cooks for them sometimes or makes them laugh. Inhibit some homely habits to charm girls. It makes them feel comfortable and safer in your company. Do small favours to them and they will never forget your good work. To be in the good books of girls, it requires only a little effort from your side.

2) Be a Good Listener to Get Girls to Like You

Girls really like to be with a guy who listens to them. You should listen to what they are saying. Do not ask the question just for the sake of asking. Give them your enough attention while talking to them. Girls do not like being treated as an object. If you keep on speaking about yourself and don not give them the chance to speak then you may look rude. Moreover, you will get to know about them if you show your interest in talking with them. By inculcating this trait, you will surely be attracting a lot of girls.

3) Show Confidence to Get Girls to Like You

You need to be confident in your approach to getting girls to like you. Show them that you have an interest in mingling with them. Don’t get hesitated or insecure. Your voice should be loud and clear enough to get heard by them. Stop yourself from confining into a corner. Girls do not like over-confident guys either who boast about themselves and behave inappropriately. You should be self-assured and direct while putting your views in front of girls. They will definitely accept you in their life.

4) Walk with a Slower Pace to Get Girls to Like You

You can try walking with a bit slower pace than normal. It can be accompanied with slightly exaggerated shoulder movements. Girls will fall for your way of walking. It can portray a well-controlled and relaxed image of yours. Indeed, it will make you the cooler guy of the town. Wear a smile and make eye contact while approaching towards them. It is one of the most used tips to attract girls.

5) Tell Them about Your Skills to Attract Girls

It is always good to have some talents and skills. You can let them know about some of those skills like playing guitar, surfing, skating, etc. It can also open up some more topics to start a conversation on and you do not come off as awkward. Without looking a self-bragger you can easily slip into a quality talk with them. Certainly, it is a good idea to become likeable.

6) Make Fun of Yourself to Get Girls to Like You

A good sense of humour can make you the most liked guy among girls. If you can make fun of yourself then you may fit into a girl’s world easily, that’s guaranteed. It is the most sought after trait which girls generally seek in a guy’s personality. Tell them a story of your life when you totally goofed up the situation or share with them any clumsy moment of your life. It will reflect that you can pull out yourself from a problematic situation without getting tensed. They will see you as a positive person who is comfortable in his own skin.

7) Keep Your Voice Strong to Get Girls to Like You

A muffled or feeble voice can make the girls unsure of your credibility. So, make sure that your voice is strong enough to reflect the confidence you have to face them. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to yell at them. Practice talking with your friends in a loud and clear manly voice, if possible. Sometimes, when you get nervous then your voice gets suppressed. To tackle this situation, take deep breaths 5-6 times. It will lower down the pitch of your voice and relax you.

8) Socialize to Get Girls to Like You

Girls like those guys who are a social being. As girls have very large social circles normally so they prefer to get in the company of a guy who can easily mix up with their friends and family members. You can win their heart by showing off your socializing skills. Girls will be assured of a fun and happening life if they are with a social being.

9) Have a Social Life to Get Girls to Like You

You should show some indulgence in your personal life otherwise, girls will think that you are too clingy and may wrap around them like a plastic wrapper. Those girls who have a strong self-worth and sense of purpose in their life can dislike you for your careless behavior. You should have a goal in your life and pursue some hobbies to improve your personality. Girls like guys who have a strong personality.

10) Look Good to Get Girls to Like You

Physical appearance always matters a lot when it comes to liking someone. You should look like a gentleman to get them close to you. Maintain proper hygiene and dress well to impress girls. Your shoes should be clean and your hairstyle should suit your personality. Girls like well-groomed guys who know about fashion a bit and take care of their fitness. Organize yourself to get girls to like you.

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