How to Get a Boy to Kiss You When You Are Not Dating Him?


Many girls dream to have their first kiss with their special guy. They have a guy in their life but being shy they don’t know how to get a guy to kiss them. You go out with a guy and you feel that there is a mutual attraction between you and that guy. Some guys are shy to kiss you while others are bold and macho and will kiss you on the first date. He may be afraid to kiss you or he may be worried about going too fast. Don’t force him to kiss you but you can do your best to create the right atmosphere. It is easy to get a kiss from a boyfriend but how can you get a boy to kiss you when you are not dating him. In this article, there are some tricks and tips that you can use to give hints to him and you will get a guy to kiss you.

How to Get a Boy to Kiss You When You Are Not Dating Him

Best Ways to Get a Boy to Kiss You When You Are Not Dating Him:

1.) Make Sure If He is the Right Boy

Sometimes girls have a problem to figure out if they really do have a crush on him. You need to do some investigation. Make a list of top things that you want most out of your typical dream boy. Move around and see what he does but don’t stalk him. That guy should have the exact or related things to your quality on that list. If he turns out to be your dream guy then talk to him to feel comfortable around him.

  • Make sure he is not in a relationship with another girl. He should be single. If he is dating someone else and she finds out you kissed him then it could be ugly.

2.) Show Him that You are Interested in Him

Do simple things like smiling at him are not a difficult task. If you are not already doing this then move ahead. Don’t overdo it. This trick is not to flirt with him. Give him some hints for a week or two and see what happens.

  • Always try to look your best around the guy. If you are wearing your favorite dress and your hair looks good then you will feel more confident. Confidence is important when it comes to kissing.

3.) Look for Signs that Tell He is Interested

Now he should start to show some signs that he has some interest towards you. He may take some time to express it. There are some signs that he can show like smiling, constant staring and touching you on the arm or shoulder etc.

  • If he is not your friend then become friends. If he is already your friend then it is good. Start conversation with him and share your common interests. Hang out with him and spend time with him as much as you can. When you boost his interest then move on.

4.) Flirt with Him

Flirting is the best way to get a boy to kiss you when you are not dating him. Put your hand in his hand and your head on his shoulder. Smile constantly and turn away when he notices you. Tease him from time to time, hug him when he meets up with you, and make short laughs or giggling any time to make him laugh. Do this for some days until he starts to do the same with you.

5.) Prepare Your Lips

Making your lips kissable is important to get a boy to kiss you when you are not dating him. Nobody wants to kiss cracked or dry lips. So get a good lip balm and apply it on hydrated lips. Before kissing, apply a light layer of lip balm so that your lips become smooth. Don’t use bright lipsticks and sticky lip glosses as they can ruin your kiss. To moisturize your lips use lip balm stick or petroleum jelly that work well. You can exfoliate your lips by rubbing them with a toothbrush or damp washcloth.

  • Having a fresh breath is also important to get a boy to kiss you when you are not dating him. Brush your teeth especially after eating. You can also keep breath mints in your purse.

6.) Make Your Move

Get relax and don’t look like that you are planning something. To make your move tell the guy to meet you somewhere you know personally. Don’t choose to meet at a place where lots of people are around. You can also invite him to a park or the beach. Try to meet him in the evening because at this time you will not find many people around you. But don’t make him feel suspicious or uncomfortable about what is going on at the moment.

7.) Show Interest and Intimacy

Showing interest and intimacy is the good way to get a boy to kiss you when you are not dating him. When you meet him at that place then greet him by giving him a hug. Tell him to sit on grass or bench. After being quiet, start a small conversation about something that happened some days ago. If he is showing his interest in your conversation then he may like you. Smile and look into his eyes. Let him see that you lost control of yourself. Now get closer to him. If he moves towards you that means he is interested in what is happening. If he looks away that means he is not ready for what is going to happen.

8.) Kiss

Now this is the time to kiss. Put your hands on his shoulder. He may hold your hands. Lean in a little, if he also leans in too that means he is definitely ready. Get close to him. Put your cheeks against his then lightly kiss on his cheek. If he seems interested then kiss on his lips. If he makes any movements then gently tug on his arm to give the signal to get closer. Seek his attention by staring into his eyes. If he responds then start the kiss passionately and romantically. Place your arms around his neck. He may respond by putting his hands on your waist. If you both are still kissing then he is still into you. You can also try french kiss by using your tongue.

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