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“Hunny, I really really have to pee! Where’s the closest rest stop?” I frantically asked my boyfriend as he sped down the highway. We were on our way

to his family’s beach house and I thought I could make it until we got there, but I guess not. “We’ll be there in 30 minutes and there isn’t another stop until then. Can you make it?” Jon asked me without taking his eyes off the road. “Why did I drink that Mountain Dew? It always makes me have to pee really bad!” I whined clasping my legs together and sighing I told him that I guess I could but to hurry anyway. I tried to distract myself by changing the radio station and singing along. Finally, we pulled up to a beautiful beach house. I jumped out of the car and as I ran up to the house yelled, “Where’s the bathroom? Come unlock the door!!!” Jon looked up at me and started to laugh as he grabbed a couple bags from the car and headed up the walkway slowly. Dancing around in front of the door I whined “Jooooonnnnnn! I’m not going to make it if you don’t hurry up! I’m gonna pee my pants!” “Whoops, forgot to shut the door” Jon chuckled as he walked back to the car. I finally lost control of my bladder and peed myself. I was wearing dark shorts so I figured I’d just hurry up and get in the bathroom and then take a quick shower and he’d never know. Jon, however, had other plans. “Sarah…sweetie, you wet yourself.” He said calmly as he finally unlocked the door. Blocking me from getting in he gently grabbed my hand and led me to the living room saying, “Its okay, I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, its been a long day for you. Don’t you worry about anything, I’ll take care of it all” in baby talk. I tried to protest as Jon led me to the living room and laid me down on the floor, but he’s much stronger than me and I was confused by his behavior and humiliated by the fact I’d wet myself. Then Jon’s demeanor changed suddenly. “Sarah, I’ve been reading those stories you read on that erotica site. And I’ve read your comments in the message boards. I even read the one where you said that you’re afraid to tell me about your fetish because of how I may react. I wish you’d told me. I was caught by surprise, but I have to admit, the more I thought about it the more turned on I got by the whole idea. I only wish you’d told me. I know how much you want this so don’t fight it. This week, the whole time that we are here, I will take care of you and you will be my baby. Got it?” “Jon…I…”I was surprised and didn’t know what to say, but it didn’t matter. Jon cut me off anyway. “Shhh…lets get you cleaned up.” He said as he reached into the bag he’d brought in with him. He smiled at me as he triumphantly pulled out a pacifier and stuck it in my mouth. Instinctively I started sucking on the pacifier as Jon pulled my wet shorts and panties off. I watched him as he wiped me off with a baby wipe and then lifted my legs to put a diaper on me. I stared down in awe of the situation. For a long time I had fantasized about being babied, the whole thing, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, wetting the diaper, but I didn’t think that it would ever actually happen! Jon was humming softly to himself as he sprinkled some powder on me and then fastened the diaper up around my hips. Wow, he was really prepared for this! He pulled my socks and shoes off and then sat me up and pulled my shirt up over my head. As he unfastened my bra he told me that babies don’t need bras. Then he pulled a diaper that said, “I love my Daddy” out of the bag and carefully tied it around my neck. “Come on Baby, Daddy knows your hungry, lets go in the kitchen and make you a baba” Jon said as he walked into the kitchen carrying the bag. I started to stand up to follow him when he rushed back over to me, “No no sweetie, you’ll fall, you need to crawl,” he said as he gently pushes me back down. I crawled after him into the kitchen and watched as he pulled a bottle from the bag. He opened the fridge and pulled out a can of Mountain Dew and poured it into the bottle. He then led me into the living room, grabbed the remote, and then lifted me up onto the couch, laying me across his lap. Jon pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and replaced it with the bottle. As I sucked the bottle he flipped through the channels on the TV, as if it was perfectly natural for me to be lying across his lap, wearing nothing but a diaper and a bib, drinking a bottle. Then I realized that I felt perfectly natural too. I started to doze off and woke up to Jon pulling the now empty bottle out of my mouth and sitting me up to burp me. Surprisingly I did burp, and as I started to say, “excuse me” Jon picked the pacifier back up and popped it into my mouth. Laying me back down across the couch he got up and told me to take a nap as he unloaded the car. When I woke up it took me a few minutes to remember where I was, and realize that it wasn’t just a dream. “Jon?” I called out, he came around the corner and said “Daddy’s here sweetie, what’s the matter? Does baby need to go potty?” he cooed at me as he picked up the pacifier from the couch and put it in my mouth. I nodded but was surprised when Jon said “You’re just gonna have to wait. Daddy has to finish unpacking everything and then I’ll come help you potty.” As he walked away he turned his head back and said, “Don’t potty in your diaper, bad babies potty in their diapers.” I didn’t know what to do, I really needed to pee, but I didn’t want to be bad. I crawled out of the room and down the hallway, hoping to find the bathroom. I tried to open a door but it was locked. Frustrated I stood up just as Jon came down the hallway. “Daddy said to wait. I meant it. Babies can’t potty by themselves. Now you just go back and wait for Daddy to finish or you’ll be punished.” Jon said coldly. Obviously I couldn’t just go to the bathroom by myself so I crawled back into the living room and sat on the floor, watching the cartoon he’d turned on for me. But I really had to pee and I couldn’t hold it in much longer. I tried calling out to Jon but he ignored me. I really had to pee and I knew I was going to pee myself if he didn’t let me go to the bathroom NOW. “Jon! Please, I’m going to pee myself!” I yelled out. He quickly came around the corner, his whole demeanor had changed from the sweet calm loving attitude he’d had earlier. “I’m not Jon, I’m Daddy. Got it? I told you to wait for me and I mean it. Do NOT call me out while I am busy again. I will come help you when I’m good and ready to come help you. Pee in your diaper and you’re going to get a spanking. Now shut up, watch your cartoons and wait for me.” He yelled at me and then turned away without waiting for me to respond. This wasn’t quite what I had imagined, but I did like the whole taking charge attitude that he was having. A few minutes later I finally couldn’t hold it anymore and let myself pee in the diaper. It was so warm! I could feel the wetness spreading across the diaper as I peed. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was! After I finished peeing I sat there on the floor, watching cartoons as if nothing had happened. I even picked up the pacifier and put it back in my mouth, sucking it contently. Half an hour later Jon, I mean, Daddy, came back into the room. “All finished unpacking! How’s my baby doing?” He cheerfully asked. “Jon…uh…Daddy…I peed my diaper” I muttered looking down, suddenly quite ashamed. “You what?” Daddy asked, “You peed your diaper? I warned you. You know you’re going to be punished for this. Follow me.” Jon started walking down the hall and I quickly crawled behind him. He opened the bedroom door, pulled off my diaper and then picked me up and bent me over the bed, my feet barely touching the ground and my butt in the air. “I told you not to pee in your diaper. You have to learn to be a good baby and good babies don’t pee in their diaper. Now you’re going to get five spanks for being bad. Count them out loud.” Jon said as he leaned over me. *SMACK* “Oww!” I yelped. “I said COUNT THEM!” Jon hollered at me. *SMACK* “Two…oww!” *SMACK* “Three…please stop!” *SMACK* “Four…oww please!” *SMACK* “Five…it hurts!” I yelled out. Then Jon stopped and gently picked me up and laid me down on the bed. He told me not to move as he walked out of the room. I sat there, my head spinning trying to figure out how to regain control of the situation. Then Jon came back in with the bag. He knelt at me feet and wiped me with a cold baby wipe and then powdered me and put a fresh diaper on me. “All clean baby!” he said cheerfully. Then he led me back into the living room and gave me some baby toys to play with while he made dinner. He came back about 45 minutes later with a plate of stir-fry vegetables, one of my favorite meals and a can of beer. “Don’t touch…its hot” he cautioned me as he walked back into the kitchen, returning a minute later with a baby bottle and a couple jars of baby food. “Okay baby, Daddy will feed you while my food cools off.” He cooed at me as he opened a jar of baby food. I looked at him like he was crazy and refused to open my mouth. I was really hungry but there was no way that I was going to eat baby food. “Fine, Daddy will eat first, when you get hungry you’ll eat. Drink your bottle while I eat.” He said as he handed me the bottle. I pulled the bottle into my mouth and started drinking it. Again, it was full of Mountain Dew. I knew I’d have to pee shortly after drinking this, and Jon knew it too. Hopefully he lets me this time! I drank the bottle and watched Jon, Daddy, as he ate my favorite meal. I was getting more and more hungry. But, I was not going to eat that baby food. Daddy would cave and let me eat regular food. He wouldn’t want me to starve. Finally he finished his dinner and smiled at me. “Sweetie, if you don’t want to eat your dinner you won’t have to. You can always go to bed tonight with no dinner. Skipping one meal isn’t going to kill you. There have been plenty of times when you just don’t feel like eating. I won’t feel bad if you decide not to eat. This is your decision. Babies don’t get to make very many of their own decisions, but I won’t force you to eat.” Daddy told me as he cleared his dinner plate. He came back and started watching TV, leaving me sitting on the floor at his feet. Listening to my stomach growl I eyed the jars of baby food sitting on the table. Bananas and Squash: the bananas actually wouldn’t be too bad…but the squash? I was not going to eat baby food squash. He wasn’t even looking at me, he certainly didn’t seem concerned with the fact that I was hungry, and he’s right, I have often skipped meals, but after that long drive out here I was really hungry. I finally caved in and asked, “Daddy, can I eat the bananas?” Daddy smiled down at me as he picked up the jar of bananas and the spoon. “Of course baby, Daddy will go get your chair and then I’ll feed you.” He said as he walked out of the room. “My chair?” I asked myself, what is he talking about? Soon enough I had my answer. He walked back in with a high chair, just like babies use, but this one was larger, large enough to fit me. He picked me up and put me in the high chair and then fastened the tray on the chair and adjusted my bib. I started to ask where he got the high chair but he interrupted me by shoving a spoonful of bananas in my mouth. “Good girl! You like your bananas don’t you? Mmmm…eat ‘em all up.” Jon cooed at me. I didn’t respond, but the bananas actually weren’t bad at all, the texture was different, very smooth, but good. I opened my mouth for more and quickly swallowed as he gave me bite after bite. I started to zone out, opening my mouth, swallowing the food, and opening my mouth again not really thinking about what I was doing. “phewy!” I said as I spit out a mouthful of food. I looked down and realized that Jon had given me a bite of the squash while I wasn’t paying attention. I had orange squash splattered across my hands and the tray; I looked up at Jon and realized I had gotten some on his face as well. “Bad! Bad! Bad bay!” Jon yelled at me “You DON’T spit your food out. Now you be good.” Then he put another spoonful of the squash up to my mouth. I refused to open my mouth. I wasn’t going to eat the squash and he couldn’t make me. Then Jon lightly pinched my knee, it tickled and as I opened my mouth to giggle he shoved the squash in. Damnit. I held the squash in my mouth refusing to swallow. He may have gotten it in my mouth but he couldn’t make me swallow it. “Baby, you can hold that squash in your mouth all you want, but it’d be a lot better if you just swallowed it. The sooner you finish this jar of food the sooner you can have another bottle and then have a bath.” He had a point…refusing to swallow wasn’t really doing any good. I was strapped into the chair and couldn’t get down and holding the squash on my tongue was pretty pointless. I finally swallowed and then reluctantly opened my mouth for more. Jon cooed at me as I finished the jar of squash. Then he got up, grabbed a bottle of milk from the fridge and handed it to me as he washed down the tray and me. I drank down the bottle to get the squash taste out of my mouth and had about half of it left when he lifted me from the high chair and carried me to the bathroom. He put me down on the bathroom floor and then started to get clothes and a towel out. I had to pee and stood up to use the toilet. “No! You are a baby. If you need to potty you must ask for help and I’ll help you use the training potty.” Jon said as he pointed to a small training potty that I hadn’t noticed on the bathroom floor. “Sit back down and finish your bottle. “ he continued. I was getting really mad at him so I decided to piss my diaper so that he’d have to change me again. He looked up at me just as I finished peeing, he could see that the diaper was wet. I waited for him to yell at me, knowing that I’d probably get spanked again, but I didn’t care. Just like last time, it felt good. I was getting turned on and I was starting to really like this whole baby thing. Jon ignored me and kept getting stuff from the bag, then he took my bottle away, picked me up and put me down in the empty tub. “You like to pee your diaper huh? You like making me have to clean up after you?” Jon asked. I raised an eyebrow instead of answering, which I knew pissed him off. “Fine, we’ll see how much you like being wet. But first, you’re going to have another bottle.” Jon said, this time with a smile on his face. I waited for him to go get me another bottle, or to give me back the ¼ full one on the counter, but instead he started to pull down his pants. He climbed into the tub, sitting on the edge, his limp cock in my face. “Go ahead baby, take the bottle.” He said with an even bigger smile. I got between his knees and took his cock into my mouth and started to lightly suck on it, waiting for him to get hard. I reached one hand down to massage his balls, but he caught my hand and then held both my hands behind my head. “Mmmm…” Jon groaned, “we’ll see how much you like pee now.” My mind started reeling, what did he mean by that?! But I quickly got my question answered. “Drink it.” Jon demanded as my mouth started to fill with his pee. He was peeing in my mouth! I couldn’t push myself away because he was holding my hands to my head and pushing me back against him as I tried to push away. This wasn’t part of my fantasy! But to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. It didn’t taste bad, not like I thought it would. It didn’t really have much of a taste it was warm and tangy. He pulled himself out of my mouth and held the front of my diaper open, peeing into my diaper. His hot pee sprayed down my shaven pussy onto my clit, turning me on even more than when I peed my own diaper. He stood up, pulled his pants back up and told me to wait. I sat in the tub for at least 30 minutes, just enjoying the warm wetness of the diaper, rubbing myself and pushing the diaper tighter against myself, until he came back. “Bath time!” he announced as he walked it. Jon stood me up, pulled of my diaper and sat me back down in the tub as he turned on the water. He used a washcloth and Baby Magic to wash my body and my hair and then he pulled the plug out and wrapped me up in a towel. He carried me to a bedroom in the back of the house and laid me down on the floor to dry me off. After I was all dry he powdered me and put on a fresh diaper. Then he put me in pajamas. I looked down and wondered where he got them, they were just like real baby pajamas, except they were my size. It was almost like a terrycloth sack. There were sleeves for my arms, and then a zipper that went from my neck down to my feet, with no leg holes, my feet and legs were enclosed in a bag-like fashion. “Where did you get these?” I asked. “Oh sweetie, lets just say that Uncle Matt has had experience with this.” He said with a smile. Uncle Matt? Who the…Jon’s brother?! O my gosh! He told his brother about this!? I started to protest when he put a pacifier in my mouth, a bottle in my hand and told me it was bedtime. Then he lifted me up and put me down in a crib. That’s when I started to look around the room. There was the crib that I was in; it was just like a baby crib, but bigger. The room had a changing table, dresser, playpen, toys, diapers, wipes, lotions, baby powder; everything that a real baby nursery would have. Just as I was about to ask where all of this came from he interrupted me. “Matt always left this room locked and I never knew why, but now I know. Him and his ex girlfriend used to always play up here, this was her nursery and now it’s yours. Goodnight sweetie”


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