My First Time Sex

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First time I ever sucked a cock and took one in my ass. I was 7 and he was 47. This is a real story, and everything is true. I tried my best to explain it.

The first time I ever had sex or a sexual encounter was at the age of 7. The other man at the time was 47.
He’s been a family friend of mine ever since I was born and many years before that. He was trusted in the family so my mum and dad would allow him to look after me when ever he came over from the US (He is American).

He owned a house here in the U.K. and would come every so often. Sometimes staying for long periods of time.

One time, when I was 7, Ned had been tasked with looking after me, for 4 and a bit months. We bonded really well in the first few hours, I was already feeling safe cuddled up to him on the sofa (couch as him, and most Americans say).

About a week into the first month and I woke up in the middle of the night due to a nightmare. Obviously scared and upset, I ran into Ned’s room crying my eyes out.
Ned, being the sweet, caring man he is jumped right out of bed to comfort me. He ignored the fact he was butt naked and picked me up and cuddled me.
I felt so safe and calm in his arms that I begged him to stay with me for the night.
Instead of going back to my room, Ned sat down on the side of the bed, and sat me on his lap as he rubbed my back and kissed my forehead and cheeks.

I woke up the next morning still in my pyjamas and with Ned’s hairy, strong arm around my back.

I managed to convince Ned to let me sleep with him ever night as I enjoyed the cuddling and genuinely felt safe with him.
He has always told me I was very monkey see, monkey do. I’d follow him like I was a robot, programmed to do so. Copy every move. By the end of the third week of the first month I was stripping off naked to get into bed with my ‘Uncle Ned’ or ‘Neddy Bear’ as I’d call him.
My favourite way to cuddle was to sit on his lap and lay against him.

One thing I would always do absentmindedly was wiggle about. As we were both naked, he had my smooth, 7 year old virgin Ass rubbing against his thick, hairy, (surprisingly) uncut cock. It had an inch and a tiny bit more for every birthday I’ve had. Roughly 7.5′ big.
He never protested my movements, he seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t know what I was doing but I remember looking up into his bright blue eyes and seeing him smile, and even chuckle a bit every time I seemed to rub his dick right with my ass.

I could feel he precum had leaked out onto my ass but I didn’t take notice, I just wanted to cuddle.

Skip forward to the next night, sometime whilst he was asleep, I had woken up. Not sure what tempted me but I went to explore Ned, further down. I couldn’t see anything but I could feel. My hands running up and down his large, broad and furry chest and belly. He was a typical daddy really.
My hands felt his thick bush of pubic hair and soon after, his flaccid, precum soaked willy. I kept on fiddling with it, feeling the slippery, sticky liquid between my small fingers. I could smell his musk under the covers and something just told me to lick his willy.

I did, and then went to put my mouth around it as I liked the taste of it. I wanted more of it and I felt excited when I felt his willy get bigger and harder. I kept sucking for a good 5-6 minutes before I realised that the covers were down and Ned was moaning quietly.
5 seconds before he ejaculated in my mouth, he stroked my cheek and said to me ‘buddy I’m gonna cum. Swallow it for me sweetie.’

I felt his hot, sticky ropes of cum blast against the roof of my mouth, I tried to swallow it all but there was too much. After 10 seconds he pulled his cock out of my mouth and one last spurt of cum came out of his fat willy and across my lips.

He didn’t say much after that other than telling me I’m a good boy and to get some sleep, before holding me against him and laying down. I slept well that night and so did he.

The day went on as normal, other than I was getting more hugs than before.
Again, skip to the night and that’s when the fun begins.

I took my position on his lap, his wonderful, warm and hairy thighs were mine to sit on. I could feel his flaccid daddy penis against my smooth boy ass.

Through the night we cuddled, and I couldn’t help but to stroke his beard. Every time I did he’d give me a little kiss.
Later on, before we were about to fall asleep, I kept on wiggling on his willy. I felt his precum almost blow onto my ass, and his cock get semi erect. I kept on wiggling and Ned must have adjusted himself a bit, because after several or so seconds more of wiggling, his precum soaked willy slipped inside of my ass. Only the head at the time, and Ned let out a beautiful moan. I cried out in shock and pain. But my wriggling made it go a bit deeper inside.

After many minutes in this position, Ned held me tight and kept whispering to me, telling me he loves me so much and that he will stop the pain. (Even now at 18 I can’t sit on his cock without it hurting).

He held me as he slowly pushed in. His delicious precum acting as a lube.
After many minutes and my crying had stopped, he got deep enough in that he was able to get on top of me without pulling out. We were in a missionary position. His hairy chest and belly against mine, his fat, tasty daddy willy inside me. He so very slowly started to slide in and out of me. He kept on sliding in and out and soon enough the pain was gone and I was enjoying it.
Ned even more so as it was his first time fucking a guy (I’m still the only one he’s fucked and he wants to keep it that way). I was feeling a man inside me, making love to me and kissing me passionately and gently at the age of 7. My virgin asshole was no more and Ned had taken my virginity, and I couldn’t be any happier!

After many minutes of passionate love making, Ned lost his gentle rhythm, and began thrusting harder and faster. I was enjoying it too much, as it didn’t hurt.
I remember hearing him growl and moan throughout the sex, but only as he was about to cum did he tell me how much he loves me and wants me to stay with him. He told me he was gonna cum and make me his little boy forever. I felt his willy as he ejaculated. I felt the bursts of his sperm inside my ass, it felt so good. He managed to get me back to sitting on his lap with his cock in my ass, I looked down as he pointed towards his cock, I saw his cum drip from my ass and down his fat, hairy daddy bear willy.

He made me have an orgasm by playing with my little willy when he was fucking me.
I knew from then on, I knew I was gay, that I like men. Ned realised he likes men, and sex was something we did regularly after that night.

I’m now 18 and he’s 58, we live together, we still fuck bareback and won’t do it another way!
I’m so happy to have Ned in my life and I’m forevermore grateful for the experience he’s given me.

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