10 Easy Ways Tell a Girl You Like Her Without Getting Rejected


How to Tell a Girl You Like Her Without Getting Rejected

Ways to Tell a Girl You Like Her without Getting Rejected

1. Test the Waters with Kindness and Compliments

Don’t jump directly into the romantic mode. Compliment her like “I like you” and test her reaction. If she blushes or smiles gets slightly embarrassed or responds with words that mean she is probably picking up what you want to say. Listen to her carefully. Ask her about how you spend your day. Get her flowers and gifts. Go out to see her even for short time. Her reactions will give you a rough idea about her thoughts for you. Once you get to know what she feels for you or how much she think of you then it will be easy for you to proceed.

2. Talk to Her Alone and Appreciate Her Friendship

Tell her how you feel when you both are alone. Don’t do it when there are lots of people around you. This will make her feel comfortable. Take her to the isolated place. Let her know you enjoy her company and you have a lot of fun together. Now take a deep breath and you will feel better. Then tell her, “I like you or I love having you as my friend”.

3. Let Her Think to Tell a Girl You Like Her

Letting her think is the good way to tell a girl you like her without getting rejected. Give her time to think about your feelings. Things need time to process. If you feel for her that doesn’t mean she feels the same way as you do. Say her that you don’t want you to feel pressured or weird. If she is showing interest then ask her out on a date. Be specific with your time and date. If she agrees then take her out for a dinner.

4. Avoid Romantic Gestures and Become Friends

Just be yourself and don’t use gimmicks and lines from the movies that don’t work in real life. Don’t say such things like, “I love you”. It will be too early especially when you meet her first time. Keep your conversation casual. Make her feel comfortable so that she will feel safe. Don’t talk to her like, “I like you like honey and bees. Becoming friends with a girl is the best way to tell a girl you like her without getting rejected. Go where you know she will be like at parties, gatherings or clubs. Let her know your face and talk to her more often. By doing this, you will be friends.

5. Get to Know Her Before Telling a Girl You Like Her

By knowing her likes and dislikes is the way to tell a girl you like her without getting rejected. Talk about things like politics, religion, her family and some other important topics. Also, let her know you. Support her in the things which she likes to do. Enjoy plays or do performances with her. Let her see you enjoying the things which you love. Always help her when she needs you. Make her laugh and keep her life fun by findings new things to enjoy together. If you are comfortable with each other then it doesn’t matter how long you have been friends.

6. Create a Bond of Trust to Tell a Girl if You Like Her

Creating a bond of trust is the way to tell a girl you like her without getting rejected. You have to create an environment of trust between you. Be faithful to her. Tell her about your secrets and when she tells you her secrets then keep them. Never laugh at her or judge her for the things she tells you. Make her feel like she can tell you anything. Spend time together where you can really focus on each other. Ask her to go with you just as friends not as a date.

7. Let Her Know How Amazing She is

When she is with you, she should feel good. Make her feel good about herself. Never put her down and compliment her. Always encourage her for the things she wants. Many people think dating someone is about losing their friends and their time. So give her space to spend time with their friends. Also, give time to yourself. Do not keep the whole matter about you instead, make it about her to give her importance. Make her the main attention of the topic and she will like your this action.

8. Tell Her If You Like a Girl without Getting Rejected

Telling her face to face is very scary but you should tell her how you feel. You can also tell her by using a text, taking help from another friend, via email or other methods. No one will like someone or date someone who does nothing. Show a girl that you are a full and interesting person by doing things. Join a gym, do a sport, join some clubs, learn a skill and do whatever makes you happy. Girls will fall for you if you help others. Always be kind to everyone and do some volunteer work. These things will help to attract the girls.

9. Be Confident and Have Better Conversation with Her

Being confident is the most important thing when you deal with someone you like. Girls like those guys who are confident. If you want a girl to develop feelings for you then it all depends on how good your conversations are. Start with good and maintain a conversation to make her want to have you. Maintain her interest in the conversation whole time or else she will get bored. Try to add various topics in your conversation to make it entertaining for her. The first conversation is very important to impress a girl therefore try to make it as interesting as possible.

10. Improve Yourself to Get a Girl You Like

Improving yourself is the way to tell a girl if you like her without getting rejected. If she says no, then don’t feel sad. You can find someone else. You deserve a girl that likes you as much as you like them. Some people are not compatible with each other. So it is not your fault and not her fault either. So be the best version of yourself to develop feelings for a girl. When you will be the best version of yourself then you will not worry anymore to get any girl as they will be getting after you. You need to work hard for that but it will definitely pay off.

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