10 Signs to Tell if a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend?


How to tell if a guy likes you more than a friend

Signs to Tell if a Guy Likes You More than a Friend

1. Tell if a Guy Likes You More than a Friend by Noticing His Focus

When a guy likes you his main priority will be you. To tell if a guy likes you try to observe him when you are together in a group. Does he focus more on you than anyone else? If yes then it is because he feels responsible for you. Most of the time in the group you will see him watching you and paying attention to your needs. He will be there for you whenever you will watch for anything or he will be there for you before even calling him. He will also talk mostly to you.

2. How Different He Treats You will Tell if a Guy Likes You More than a Friend

Everyone has different nature and unique personality. When a guy likes you he will behave differently for you than he does for anyone else. He won’t bother to ask others wellbeing but he will never forget to ask you “how you are doing”? He might even start having coffee which he used to hate only because you love it. You will find him changing for yourself. Things which never used to matter for him might become his top priority.

3. If He Remembers All Events He Likes You

It is quite difficult for guys to remember dates when they get into a relationship. But when a guy starts liking you then to impress you he will try to remember about you as much as he can. You might be surprised to know that he remembers the day you gave him your phone number. Check if he is blessed with a great memory and remembers everyone’s phone number if that is not the case then he is definitely into you. This case cannot be applied to every guy but if your guy has this particular sign then it is safe to tell he likes you more than a friend.

4. Signs a Guy Likes You: He Make Plans to Stay with You 

You guys are friends and it is common for you to hang out together in a group. To tell if a guy likes you more than a friend try to look how much he tries to be with you even after you both spend a lot of time together. You will notice him making more plans to stay with you. He will ask you about your plans on weekends so that he can spend it with you. He will buy extra ticket for you to go with him. There can be many ways and he will try as many as he can to spend most of his time with you.

5. To Tell if a Guy Likes You More than a Friend Look if He Takes Care of Small Things 

If you both are friends he must know many things about you. He knows your likes and dislikes and remember every little details about you. When you hang out together he will know what to order for you and how to make you smile. When a guy will like you more than a friend he will take care of you more than anyone in your friends circle. He might not even bother to know anything about his other friends but he will be updated with whatever is going in your life.

6. When a Guy Likes You More than a Friend He Would Get Nervous When Alone with You

He loves to be with you alone but he will show a little nervousness when you both are alone. When a guy likes a girl he will want to be close to her. He might even have imagined to be in your arms but since it can’t be true therefore he might get nervous when you both are alone. You can see him avoiding you, even if he wants to hold you badly he will back off so that you will not feel wrong. Maybe he is afraid of losing you expressing his feelings as it might spoil your relationship.

7. Tell if a Guy Likes You More than a Friend by Noticing His Flirts

He will have no eyes for other girls. You might have noticed that he does not try to impress any girl to go on dates with them because he is waiting for you. If he is not a shy guy then he will only flirt with you. With his flirting he might be giving you hints about his feelings for you. You will also never see him mentioning that he has someone in his life whom he wants to go on a date with.

8. Like to Keep You Happy to Know if a Guy Friend Likes You

Friends do this often, teasing makes friendship sweeter and funny. When a guy likes a girl he feels that keeping girl happy is her responsibility. To tell if a guy likes you more than a friend look if he tries to keep a smile on your lips. He cannot see you sad and would do anything to make you happy. He would even make fun of himself to put a smile on your face. Whenever you are sad you will find him doing stupid things just to make you happy.

9. Notice Every Small Changes to Know if a Guy Likes You

To tell if a guy likes you more than a friend look how much he notices you. When a guy likes you he will notice small changes in you. He will get to know that you got a new haircut which anyone else couldn’t tell. Since he notices you very well he can tell small changes in your looks and preferences and even in your nature. Like who is so free to notice even minute details about you? Unless you are a star no one gives a damn! If he is doing so then it means that he is into you and treats you more than a friend.

10. Know Your Mood Swings to Know if a Guy Friend Likes You

Not everyone is blessed to have a friend who knows you better than yourself. If a guy likes you more than a friend he will get to notice your mood swings without even your telling. Even when you are pretending to be happy by giving fake smiles he will be able to tell that you are not happy. If he is such a person who knows you this well then you are blessed to have him in your life and you should never let him go. And by knowing all these you know that if a guy likes you more than a friend or not.

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