10 Ways to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her


How to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

Best Ways to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her:

1. Prolonged Eye Contact to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You may look into her eyes for a bit longer period in order to drop her a hint that you are into her. She may definitely notice it and may think that you are actually interested in her and not just playing around. However, you should not stare at her or look at her without having any expressions on your face. Blank and useless stares may annoy the lady and she may also find it offensive. If at all, she is really into you then she may look back with a dim smile on her face. Otherwise, she may just turn away and walk back towards the opposite direction.

2. Ask Her to Go Out to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You cab even ask her to go out with you. This will make her feel that you actually want to spend some quality time and know her well. You might have talked to her earlier about her likes and dislikes for a couple of things and what would she like to do the most while being with you. Try to pick a few common things so that both of you can take interest and cherish the time that is spent together. You may even ask her out for a movie, as this is what most of the people and especially couples like to do. Spending quality time and paying attention towards her may give a hint that you like her. As you can’t just ask every girl for a movie. She has to be someone special to go out with you. If she refuses to go out with you then you should try your luck the next time. Never try and force a lady to go out as this may make you appear clingy and childish.

3. Treat Her Nicely to Tell a Girl that You Like Her

You may treat her nicely or pamper her, to make her think that you really like her. You may do little gestures to her like holding the door open or pulling the chair for her like all these “Gentlemen” do when a lady plans to sit. This classy and elegant treatment may make her feel special and also might give her an idea about your feelings. Chances are that she may tell you if she feels the same for you. You may also expect a sweet and thankful gesture in return of all of your efforts.

4. Give Chocolates to Her to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

No lady can ever resist having chocolates, regardless of her age. After all, chocolates are a girl’s second best friend after Diamonds. LOL!. She may love to accept it from you if she also has a crush on you. You may offer chocolates to her casually. Don’t do this in a dramatic way or it may appear awkward. However, if she refuses to accept your gift then do not push her and respect her decision. She might have either felt shy or do not want to leave you with any positive sign of her interest in you. You can tell her that you got chocolates casually and are now offering her to eat as well. This may work and she can easily agree to share.

5. Always be Up to Talk to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You should be available whenever she needs you, no matter what. There can be any situation where she might be returning back home from a party and is unable to get a taxi. She may even land into some trouble and is now calling you for assistance. You should be dedicated to your approach and make her feel that you actually care for her. It will definitely give her a hint that you like her and will also make her realize her worth in your life.

6. Brush Her Hair out of Her Face to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

She may feel uncomfortable when her hair is constantly bothering her by falling onto the face. Try to sway those bothersome strands and tuck them behind the ear for her. Isn’t it sounding really romantic?This subtle and simple gesture may give her an idea that you like her. However, she may feel awkward if she doesn’t know you very well. You can use this trick only if you are well-acquainted with the lady or you either have an idea about her comfort levels with you. Such sweet gestures are obvious enough to give her hints that you are interested in more than being friends. It can be just a casual gesture for you if you act cool and she might not feel awkward about it.

7. Buy Little Gifts for Her to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You may buy small gifts for her like soft toys, necklace, handbag, other accessories, etc. She may find it very cute and a nice way to express your feelings for her. She may even notice it for sure that you like her. However, don’t gift her anything much expensive. She may refuse to accept it if she is not into you. You may send her flowers as no lady can actually refuse to accept flowers unless she religiously dislikes you. You can even gift her something self made to make her feel even more special. This would definitely make her feel that she is special to you.

8. Flirt with Her to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You may opt for some healthy flirting to give her an idea, that you like her. For this, you may hold her hand while having a conversation, even if you are just friends. Make eye contact, smile, try to sing for her or even a simple yet witty smile is enough to drop hints that you like her. She may respond to all these hints positively if she also likes you. However, you should do it casually so that other people don’t notice you. Do not make it a big deal or else she might get nervous. Do not make her feel uncomfortable with your actions and keep on checking if she is okay, otherwise stop.

9. Compliment Her to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You may give her compliments every now and then. She may find it as a very generous behavior of yours. You can tell her that she is looking pretty in this hairstyle or maybe her dress is quite stylish or her heels are really beautiful. Females always cherish being admired and especially when it is done by their man. She may notice your feeling towards her and think that you are into her. After all, this is what you want. Not only compliment about her looks but also admire about her character which attracts you and also makes you like her even more. She will like it, and eventually take more interest in talking to you as you are doing what she actually wants. Well, this way you add worth to the efforts that she has actually put in to get ready for you.

10. Be in Touch with Her to Drop Hints to a Girl that You Like Her

You may ask her how she is doing whenever you meet her. You may even try and conversate over the phone to know what she is up to or just text her about your plans for the upcoming weekend. Try and invite her over coffee or something that she will probably like to do. Altogether, you should show her that you are really very interested in her. Talk to her as much as you can and try to grab some attention, making her realize that you feel for her, more than just being friends.

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