8 Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex


don’t know what to do then here are some best tips that will help you to get revenge on your Ex.

How to Get Revenge on your Ex


1. Hang Around with Ex to Make Revenge Pranks on Ex

Rebound date is the best way to get revenge on your ex. Rebound dates are fun because you don’t expect anything serious other than some fun and are believed to be short-lived because of your partner’s emotional instability. Tell the other person that you are rebounding only to move out of a relationship and want to keep it casual. People suffering from post break up syndrome are often advised to get into a rebound relationship and avoid serious commitment. This allows them some time to overcome their tumultuous emotions.

  • Your revenge will be sweeter if the rebound is a guy or girl that your ex, hates the most. This will work pretty well on ex-boyfriends.
  • Choose someone sexier than your ex-girl or someone who is more handsome than your ex-boyfriend. Both girls and guys get insecure about their femininity or manliness.
  • Be around your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend with your new rebound. Try to avoid your ex if you want to get over him. Be around him/her with your rebound if you want to make him feel jealous.

2. Date One of Your Ex’s Friends to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Dating one of your ex’s friends is one of the best ways to get revenge on your ex. This one is a little tricky because you are pulling two friends apart. If you are fine with this idea then go on. It will make your ex, feel tremendously jealous. You must be having someone from his friends group who would have previously tried to flirt with you, since the beginning.

  • Groom yourself to a certain level which your partner can’t even imagine. Go to the gym, hang out with friends or you can even go for shopping.
  • Do every possible thing with your new rebound, which makes you happy and your happiness will make your ex, feel jealous.

3. Go Travelling or Adventuring to Get Revenge on Your Ex

Explore places in your city or even in the outskirts. Probably the places you have not visited before. City trekking is also a great way to spend some time with your newbie rebound is also a great way to show your ex that you are easily getting over. Try to experience new vistas and enjoying your life.

  • When you go for traveling, update your travel diaries on social media like on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tell your social network where you are going and what you are doing. Also. Upload your pictures.
  • Meet new people if you want to make your ex, feel jealous. Have fun with your new friends so that when you get home your ex is only left anticipating to what happened between the two of you.

4. Use Your Ex’s Number for a Prank

If you want fun and not destruction, then try to play a prank. Opt for a few casual pranks that do not produce any harm to your partner. In case you feel that your pranks may harm your ex or may even lead to depression, then immediately quit. It can even come under criminal offense if anything wrong happens, therefore, do it with proper caution.

  • Place an ad with your ex’s phone number over a website, newspaper or even on the social network.
  • Include some sensual or provocative picture. This works great for all the desperately lurking beings.
  • Test your ex by texting through a fake id.
  • If your ex is a guy and you know his address then hire a male stripper.
  • Send the stripper to your guy’s place.
  • Send him/her a text and say, “I miss you” or “I love you” then send another text “Oh Sorry, this message was not for you.”
  • Register your ex’s name, address, e-mail to every credit card/spam site/company that you can find.

5. Bumper Sticker His or Her Car to Pull Pranks on Your Ex

This is the great method if he/she parks car outside and doesn’t have a garage. If your ex is a car freak, this master plan will surely work. Bumper stickers will annoy your ex especially if your ex is a guy. If he/she doesn’t like pink color then get a bunch of pink bumper stickers. If your ex has a political party then bumper sticker on his/her car with the opposite party. Be careful, don’t get caught sticking them on his/her car. You can even paste his funny and stupid pictures and posters with stupid quotes to take revenge from your ex.

6. Hack into His/Her Facebook or any Other Social Media Account

Your ex must have shared the passwords to their social networking sites. Now all you need is to grab the opportunity and get an access to the Facebook or other social connects. Hack their account and check the inbox. You can also change his status, Profile picture and send an out a bunch of questionable texts to the friend list. Blast his account with an embarrassing status update. Message his/her close friends and say some something weird and also tell them what he/she did to you especially, if your ex cheated on you. You can even post stupid things on your ex’s wall and make him or her as a laughing-stock. It sounds childish of how you want to seek revenge on your ex but, trust me it is a lot of fun to do it.

7. Dump Your Ex’s Stuff to Get Revenge on Your Ex

If you were staying in a live-in relationship then it is obvious you must be having your ex’s stuff like the clothes and other belongings. Now, it is the time to sell them off or you can give them to the poor. You can use that money to give a treat to your friends. But do not commit something which may actually hurt your ex. Like selling off their very personal belongings or things that are actually close to their heart and-and have some emotional attachments to it. This is the best way to get revenge on your ex. Well, it may not sound mature but who cares about doing maturity when it comes to taking revenge from your ex. Isn’t everything fair in love and war? Pulling each other’s leg is probably the best way to get revenge on your ex.

8. Send Warning Letters to your Ex’s Neighbors

This is the best and an evil prank that works great to get revenge on your ex. You can send pamphlets to some of your ex’s neighbor. You can say your ex is a sex offender, a drug dealer, a wife beater or may even be an arsonist or a sadist, well you never know. The judgment of his/her neighborhood can be enough to make your ex, move out from his place for the good. You can even use your ex’s email address to bombard his or her inbox with spam emails.

  • One of the best revenge is just to get a happy life.
  • If your ex loved your hair and you didn’t change it for the sake of their liking then it’s time to get a change. Chop off your manes in case he loved your long manes. Trying a hairstyle which was liked by your ex’s enemy is probably the best trick.
  • Enjoy your life and say thanks to god that you are not with them anymore. By enjoying your life you can easily get over your ex.

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