How to Flirt Through Text Messages


How to Flirt Through Text Messages

Best Tips to Flirt Through Text Messages

1. Be Creative to Impress Your Partner

It is quite difficult to be original when you are texting. So your partner you want to flirt with will be more impressed when you are able to pull it off. When you are going to text your special person in your life, you should try to think of something very impressive. This will arouse the interest of the person you like and will make him or her more likely to respond you in the right way. Being creative is the way to flirt through text messages.  You can even flirt on Facebook.

  • Make your partner laugh. Start with a short funny talk about something you both saw recently.
  • Try to make your conversation clever and your partner will respond to that. Flirting with the intelligence is a great tactic.
  • Always be original and try to write something that no one can say but you.

2. Ask Your Partner Open Questions

An open question is the one that your partner can’t answer by just saying yes or no. Asking an open question to your partner is the great way to impress and flirt with the person you like. It shows that you want to keep your conversation going and care about what your crush thinks. Questions with one line answer will not help you to know your partner well. Avoiding one line answer questions would be wise. Also, do not get your partner bored with stupid questions and do not ask same questions again and again or they might get irritated.

  • Keep your conversation simple and ask about something that happened during the person’s day or week. Like how your friend’s birthday party went or how your mini vacation was.
  • Don’t make your conversation boring and be original when you ask questions.

3. Choose Your Words Carefully to Flirt Through Text Messages

Flirting through texting is a lot of fun but the problem with texting is that fact that you can not convey your tone. Make sure whatever the words you choose should be easily understood as a flirty message. Make sure that the words you choose should be lighthearted and fun. The worst thing can be if your crush misunderstands you and take your words in the wrong way. It is not that much hard but do think before you text. Know your limits and keep a margin not to cross while flirting with your partner. do not cross your limit while flirting or else she might take you as a pervert.

4. Embrace Emoticons to Flirt Through Text Messages

Many people find emoticons really annoying but they are really helpful when you are trying to flirt. You can throw a smile or just a winky face. If you are really comfortable with your crush then you can throw on a kiss. The emoticons will help you to get across the fact that you are flirting. It will really help to get the message across. emotions also make the conversation fun and interesting. Otherwise, you may end up having a serious boring conversation. Emojis will also help to convey your message to your partner the way your want. As a wink can tell that you are either kidding or being playful as per the context.

5. Compliment Your Crush to Flirt Through Texting

The best way to text flirt is to compliment each other on what you like best. Compliment your crush’s good looks, his or her personality features, his or her athletic abilities or what he or she was wearing earlier in the day. Everyone loves to be admired or adored by their loved one, so heap on the praise. But don’t overdo it and you don’t need to be too sweet. Also, give genuine compliments, not the fake one. Your partner may get to know that you are passing a fake compliment to them.

6. Tease Your Crush to Flirt Through Text Messages

Teasing your crush is also another way to flirt with him or her. Never say anything hurtful or painful in any way. Teasing should have to be in good fun. If your crush is watching a movie then you can make a joke. Don’t try to find the reasons to keep your conversation going. Don’t come as a desperate because nobody wants that. Teasing each other will help you both to get along well. It can even make the situation light and playful. Keep in mind not to overdo it or you may end up hurting your partner.

7. Send Him or Her Picture to Flirt Through Text Messages

It may be the oldest trick but it will probably work so well. Sending your cute picture of you will get your crush to think about you. Make it cute, crazy, sweet or a little sexy but whatever you do never send nude or partially nude pictures of yourself through text. A picture of your smiling face is enough to satisfy your crush. and to make them think about you and probably miss you too.

8. Spell Check to Flirt Through Text Messages

When you are texting, it is important to spell right. When you are sending a text message, you should take care of using proper punctuation and that your sentences are complete. If you send inarticulate texts or sloppy texts then it will look like that you don’t care about the person you are texting to spend time scanning your texts. Keeping your flirting mature will look appealing on its own level.

9. End Your Conversation on a Good Note

Whether you are stopping your conversation or you are going to meet up, you can leave your crush with something to think about. If you are going to meet up, you can say that you can’t wait to see your crush. Never say, “Bye!” Try to leave an opening to pick up your conversation at another time. Say something like that you are looking forward to chat about whatever is on your mind.

10. Ask Your Crush Out Through Texting

If you’re texting conversation is going well and your flirting is getting fierce then you can take your relationship to the next level and you can ask your crush out through texting.

  • Keep your texting light and in the middle of a conversation just ask, “Would you like to go for a dinner?”
  • You can be more casual. Instead of asking for a date, you can invite your crush out to join you and your friends at a party or for drinks.

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