How to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend?


How to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

Best Ways to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend:

1. Don’t Think about Them to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You should restrict your thoughts and avoid thinking about them all day. This may help you get over them fastly. You may keep your mind distracted in some activities which you like to do. You can hang out with your friends. Spend some time with your family and help them in their work. They may feel great.  The more you think about your crush the worse you may feel about the situation. Whenever you get your crush’s thoughts replace with some other positive thoughts.

2. Take up Exercise to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You may try exercising even more than before. It is good for you to join a gym or do the workout with your friends. You may go for jogging too in the early hours of the day. It may help you relieve mental stress. You may become focused and you may pay attention to your physique more. Endorphins are released by the body when you exercise. It makes you happy. However, take good care of your eating habits too. Avoid overeating just to feel good.

3. Take Your Time to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You may require a little time to analyze the fact that you can’t look at your best friend in that way. Take your own time to re-wire your feelings for them. You may cut off your contact with them for some time. If at all, you need to meet them for some reason then make sure to keep it a short meeting. You are not required to hang out with them for the whole day. It may make things difficult to handle.

4. Value Your Friendship to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You must value your friendship above this crush thing. Think of only friendship and not more than that. You can’t break your friendship with them just for the sake of these one-sided feelings. They may not feel the same for you ever. You are their best friend and they respect this friendship. Moreover, you may break up with them out of some serious reasons once you get into a relationship with them but a true friendship can sustain for the lifetime.

5. Accept the Reality to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You should accept it the way it is. Your best friend may not be interested in you in a romantic way. So, be it and accept it wholeheartedly. Once you accept it, you may get the strength to overcome it automatically. Keeping a hope that they may respond you in a positive manner may create more problems for you. You may get confused and this delusion may affect your friendship as well.

6. Don’t Push Them to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You should not push your best friend to have the same romantic feelings for you just like you have for them. They see you as their best friends. They may be in a relationship with some other guy or girl. You cannot spoil everything just because of a crush on them. It may look so selfish on your part. Moreover, you can lose your friendship if you pressurize them to like you.

7) Spend Time with Other Friends to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You may look forward to your other friends to forget about your crush on your best friend. You may go out with them. Take a short trip to some pleasant city with your friends. You may share your feelings with them without pointing out your best friend’s name. They may advise you to end this crush thing as well. You may use this time to get closer to your other friends. Call your friends over your place and have fun with them, it will help you to forget every misery.

8) Change Something about You to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You may change your hairstyle or you may update your wardrobe or just buy new accessories. You can do anything to make yourself feel good about you. It may enhance your confidence too. You may attract some other potential partners with your new and enhanced look. Altogether, when you feel good about yourself then you tend to sideline other things. You can change your daily routine or the way you think about others or anything which will help you to get over your crush. You can adopt a pet to take care of and you will get too busy to be focussed on a person. Having pet is also a great way to live life tension free. This way you will not only forget your crush easily but will also stay happy, positive and energetic.

9) Change the Way You Look at Them to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You just need to change the way you look at your best friend. They are just the same as when both of you met for the first time. It is the perception which has changed. You need to work on it. Try to fix up your mind and make it clear to yourself that you can’t be in a relationship with your best friend. You may think of their negative side as well to give a thick base to your belief. Once you will start thinking about them differently then they will be no special for you. Try to maintain their position at the same place. Try thinking negative things about them to get over a crush on your best friend.

10) Find another Crush to Get Over a Crush on Your Best Friend

You may look for some girl or guy with whom you can have a relationship. There are various prospects available all around you. You just need to shift your focus from your best friend to look for them. It is possible that you may find someone who is more beautiful and more compatible to you than your best friend could have been. Well, you need to be positive and hopeful. Once you find someone then you can start dating with them. You will completely forget about your best friend for sure. You friend is just a crush and you too know that. People tends to get dozens of crushes in a single day. Try to find a person who you can love. Try to find your soul mate and you will easily forget your crush.

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