How to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend


How to steal a girl from her boyfriend

Ways to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend

1. Get to Know Her to Steal a Girl from Under Her Boyfriend’s Nose

The first thing you need to do is to get to know about her. It doesn’t mean to know her personally what I mean to say is know the whole relationship thing going between her and her boyfriend. Try to know if she is happy with her boyfriend or not. This is the first step to making a girl yours. You can try looking it by various means try to be her friend and try to ask her about her relationship when she will be comfortable enough to share things with you. You will slowly get to know what the truth is. If she is happy then it would be best to let her be with her boyfriend. But if you see that she is not happy and her relationship is not going so well then you can do the next steps to steal her away from her boyfriend.

2. Make an Approach to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend

Try to be friends with her. Start with a normal salutation if she is not that familiar to you then try to become her friend slowly. When you two will be friends then she will start trusting you and will be able to share few things with you. Try to be a good friend and be available to her whenever she needs her boyfriend. Like if she has to go to watch a movie and her boyfriend is busy or not interested in watching that particular movie then go and watch that movie with her. It will make her realize that you are a nice person and he might also feel that you are better than her boyfriend in understanding her.

3. Make Her Realize the Truth to Steal Her Away

Now you now that you are better for her and you will keep her happier and satisfied. Then you need to make her realize this as well. But do not rush into it, have patience. If you will tell her directly that you are better than her boyfriend then she might try to stay away from you. Let her realize it on her own, start things slowly. Go out with her, be with her whenever she feels lonely this will make her realize that you might be a better boyfriend than her current boyfriend. Just keep on doing things for her without rushing into any things. One day she will realize it herself and will come to you. First be sure about any fact before putting it in front of her if that would not be true then you may end up losing her trust. If you are sure about something then it would be great to tell her too about it as it the matter of her life.

4. Create Trust to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend

Trust is the most important factor in any relationship. Look how much trust she has with her boyfriend and does her boyfriend also trusts her? If not then this is the golden opportunity for you. Gain her trust at any cost. Make her realize that you are a trustworthy person whom she can rely on. When she will trust you then she will also look forward to taking both of your relationships further. But this will only happen if she has some trust issues with her boyfriend or her boyfriend does not trust her. Get to know about how much she has trust on her boyfriend to steal her away from her boyfriend. Ask her questions which will help you to get to know her relationship better.

5. Fulfill Her Needs Before Her Boyfriend Does

Yes, this is a great tip if you want to steal a girl from her boyfriend. Is she planning to go on a vacation? But her boyfriend is denying her? Or does she likes to dance and her boyfriend does not support her or ever encourages her? You do it all then she will realize that things which matter to her the most also matters to you then she will be attracted towards you. She will keep feeling that you are the better person in her life and she can be happier with you than she is now. You can only get success in this step if you watch her carefully and try to know what is she going through even if she does not share with you.

6. Make Her See Your Positive Sides as a Boyfriend

What does a girl want? Yes, it the complicated question with ambiguous answers but there are few things which a girl desire most in her boyfriend like; every girl wants her boyfriend to be romantic, understanding, supportive and caring. Also, who would respect her and treat her equally. Do all of these to her. Make her realize that you are an ideal boyfriend that any girl desires. Encourage her to achieve her goals and she will definitely fall for you. Care for her, girls like caring boys, if you will care for her when no one else does she will think of only you no one else. Do not care for her to get her instead care for her because she really is valuable to you.

7. Make Her Realize She is in a Wrong Relationship

Now she has realized that you are an ideal boyfriend type but the problem is why should she leave her current one? Make her realize that the guy she is with now is not that worthy and you can keep her happier. Do not tell these directly, make her feel it by your action. Look for the weak point in their relationship and try to work with it. Make her feel that she did a wrong thing but it happens and you are the perfect one for her. This way you will definitely succeed to steal a girl from her boyfriend. It might be hard for her to get over from her current relationship and she might get depressed and you need to be with her the most that time. Be with her and do not force her for anything

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