After a couple has been together for a while, they may feel like there is no need to keep the romance alive. Here are 4 ways you can keep the love alive and burning hot!

The tips are provided by the Cupid.com – online dating site members who’ve participated in a survey.

All too frequently, we find ourselves in a relationship that was once full of passion but is now a lackluster partnership. Our great romances tend to fail because we stop being spontaneous, we stop trying to court out love, and we just settle into a routine. No matter how well-intentioned you may be, you may find it difficult trying to find new ways to show your love how much you adore them.

It is the little signs of love and affection that seems to fall to the wayside. You no longer whisper sweet nothings into their ear, your dinners consist more of take out or something quick rather than a decadent meal that took more than 15 minutes to prepare. Even if you still do these things, they lose their impact if they are done too frequently or that is all we do.

Many find that in order to have a lasting, loving relationship, they need to do things that fuel that intimacy and reignite the fiery passion you once felt. If you aren’t sure how to accomplish this, we have four great ways to help get you started.

  1. Use Your Words

Too many times we don’t place the right amount of value on a poem or a love letter written from the heart. Too frequently we rely on technology to communicate with our partners and we don’t take the time to pen a letter or poem. Just think how special when they receive something written from you that expresses how you feel about them? It is just that sweet.

  1. Celebrate the Small things.

One of the easiest ways to turn your partner on and get them feeling amorous is to take notice of the small things that get them going. When we are falling in love with our partners, we take notice of these small details… details like how they rub their nose when they are flustered, how they hug the pillow at night, or the sounds they make when you give them an incredible massage. These details help you fall in love with them.

If you want to rekindle that passion you once felt, focus on the small things. Remember what made you fall in love with them, remember why you love tangling your fingers in their hair, remember how adorable they look when they clutch their pillows at night.

  1. Be Incredibly Indulgent for One Night

Let’s say your idea of a date night is a dinner and a movie, which is fine. Instead of going to the usual haunts, go all out for one evening. Try going to a swank restaurant where you have to dress up and instead of a movie, buy tickets for a show in the theater.

These lavish dates are a sweet way to shower yourselves in decadence and give each other an opportunity to appreciate the experience together.

  1. Give Them a Token of Your Love

Everyone loves to receive a gift, no matter the time of year. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift. The gift could be something that reminds you of them, their favorite something (artist, movie, music, etc), or it could be something that will just make them smile. A thoughtful gift boosts affection for both of you—them because they are on the receiving end of a sweet gesture and you because you are going an extra mile to show your partner you care.

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