10 Sexy Ways to Turn on Your Boyfriend and Become Irresistible


When you want to spice up your relationship and take it to the next level then you should know how to turn on your boyfriend? Not every guy is same, the same way the actions which will turn them on can also be different. When you want to turn on your boyfriend then you need to master few seduction skills which will make you diva of the bedroom and will make your guy crave for you. A girl with great seduction skills will never have to beg for his boyfriend’s attention as he already has the best with him. If a girl knows how to turn on a guy then she is considered the perfect dream girl in any guy’s life. To be sexy and seductive in bed you should know few things which will help you to turn on your boyfriend. We have compiled the most sexy actions to turn your guy on.

How to Turn on Your Boyfriend

Seductive Tips to Turn on Your Boyfriend

To Turn on Your Boyfriend Seduce His Senses 

1. Smell Great (SMELL) to Turn on Your Boyfriend

Woman have their natural body odor which is very strong and can be sensed by the men who love you. Has he ever complimented about your enchanting smell? If yes then skip the perfume. Take a shower and use your regular shower gel which will give you gentle fresh smell. Try to keep standing close to him so that smell will fulfill all in his head and it will hard for him to resist you. Capturing senses are definitely the best way to turn on anyone. If he will get enchanted by your smell then he will get tempted and turned on easily.

2. Expose Your Skin to Turn on Your Boyfriend (SIGHT)

Your bare skin will make him go crazy if you want to turn on your boyfriend then wear the dress which will show your back or will leave your arms bare. Do not wear over exposing dress. Wear it in a classy way only expose what is necessary to seduce him. If you will wear over exposing dress then it might ruin the fun as it will be less surprise for him. Seduce him showing you skin but keep a lot hidden for him to explore. You can also wear the dress which one is his favorite and fetched you lot of compliments from him. The trick here is to make him want you by teasing him. When he will get to see less he will want to have more. This is a great way to turning a guy on, do not surrender yourself easily and built the anticipation in him.

3. Have a Wine Together (TASTE) to Turn Him on

Having a bit alcohol lightens up the mood and people becomes fun-loving. When you will have a bit wine you both will be free and will be less hesitant. Thus, your simple move will also have a great impact on his mind and will help you to seduce him more. It will help you

4. Touch Him (TOUCH) to Turn on Your Boyfriend

Seduce him by touching him, you can touch his arms or can brush off your back of hand against his cheeks. You can also play footsie with him, this is a great way to tease him. When two people in love touch each other, then, oxytocin hormone gets released which is also called the love hormone and thus help in seducing him more. Oxytocin will also make the bond stronger in between you and your boyfriend. Thus, touch creates a magical feeling that is why cuddle are considered to release pain and helps in sleep better.

5. Talk Dirty in His Ear (EAR) to Turn Him on at Boiling Point

This sense can be seduced by whispering few seductive word in his mouth. Try to spell out dirty words in his ear it will seduce him more. Even when you are close few magical words can help to turn him on more. Your perfect word choosing can make your man bend over his knees. This is a great and very much opted way to turn on a man and it really works as well. Well, talking dirty will have him imagine things more and it will work on his own to temp him at his threshold.

6. Show Your Dirty Side to Turn on Your Boyfriend

If he has never expected you to see in a hot and sultry dress then put it on. Get a hotter look to turn your guy on. Focus on your sexy looks and sexy figure to turn him on. Give him what he always desire of. Show him how dirty you can be. Experiment with your looks and your moves. Walk sexy and give sexy poses. Make him see a total sexy and new side of yours which was hard to imagine for him. It will surprise him and turn him on immediately.

7. Play Music to Turn on Your Boyfriend at Extreme

Music plays a vital role in setting the mood, play the sexy and light music. Form a C.D of sexy and romantic songs and play it when you want to turn your boyfriend on. Gentle music will put your boyfriend in mood and will make him want to get closer to you. Also, listening the same romantic music will fill you both with sexy desires and emotions. Sensual music helps a lot in calming the mind and making people feel good at the same time. When you and partner will feel relaxed then you will better enjoy the time spend together. People also enjoys being intimate when they are relaxed and happy.

8. Dance to Turn Him on Easily

Nothing is sexy than a close dance, already you have set up the mood by playing sexy music. Now ask for his hand and put his hands around your waist. Lock your eyes into his eyes this will create special moment between you two. This close moment will spark a magic between you two and turn him on to the highest.

9. Set Up a Sexy Ambiance to Turn on a Guy

A sexy ambiance work wonders and does miracle when it comes to turn on a guy. Use candles to make it more appealing and sexy. Also, choose a sexy bed sheet colour like vibrant red or black. Put a romantic room fragrance or incensed candles can also be used instead of room freshener. Incensed candles has more impact.

10. Initiate the Act to Win Him Over to Turn Him on

Now everything is set, all you need to do it to initiate to turn him on to his heights. Take the lead, a lady who takes a lead in the bedroom can really turn on any guy. Even if your boyfriend is not interested  or not in the mood watching you take the lead will turn him on immediately and seduce him to a great extent. You can start with a kiss and moving your finger gently on all over his body.

Doing these will make your boyfriend beg more of you and turn him on at his extreme level. Try, these tips to turn on your boyfriend and make him crave for you always.

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