How to Kiss a Girl Passionately?


If you are in a relationship and you have never kissed your girl before then it can be intimidating. Kissing a girl is an art that many guys have not tried. But don’t worry this is not a big problem. A little practice and preparation will make you a pro. Don’t be scared, a kiss wants the right time and mood. A date is a perfect time to kiss a girl. A common purpose of the kiss helps to determine your attraction to someone. Kissing a girl will arouse her. The first kiss is important to start out dating a woman. So move on and kiss your girlfriend. If you are looking to impress a girl with the amazing and perfect kiss then read this article to follow the tips.

How to kiss a girl

Best Tips to Kiss a Girl

1. Get Her Alone to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

This is the most important thing that can make your kiss romantic. If you try to kiss a girl in front of your group then she will think that you are trying to show off. You can create an intimate and special moment by making sure that you are alone with her. Most perfect moments will be achieved when there will be favorable conditions. A romantic and less crowded place would encourage to open her up and get her real self with you.

  • Gaze into her eyes, tangle your hands up in hers and pull away.
  • If you are with friends, ask her to hang back for a minute.
  • If you are with your friends, then try to touch her hands, shoulders etc.

2. Set the Mood to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

To kiss a girl, the atmosphere around you should be romantic. Tell her how you feel as well as make it easy for her to see you in a pleasing way. Talk romantic and sweet to make her feel good and get her into the mood. A romantic environment matters a lot when it comes to making out.

  • Find a way that has forgiving lighting which conveys a sense of romance.
  • Sunset is considered as the romantic moment where you can spend your time with your girlfriend.

3. Compliment Her to Kiss Her

Giving compliment is the perfect way to give the hint that you want to kiss her. Focus on something that you really like about her. Don’t compliment her about physical features such as her figure, her butt, her weight etc. Try to compliment about her hair, her eyes and her smile. Say it like that “you are looking beautiful or your smile is cute”.

  • Express it in a more romantic way. Lower your tone of voice and say it smoothly as it creates a sense of intimacy.
  • When you say it lean in slightly.
  • If you are really brave then lean in and whisper in her ear.

4. Get Closer and Warm up the Sexual Tension

For the first kiss, the perfect way to warm her up is by cozying up with her. Sit closer to her so that your arm can easily touch against hers. Touch her often and run your finger through her hair. Also, run it along her arm. Compliment her while touching like about her fragrance, her soft skin or about her hair. If she blushes or smiles when you touch her then it is a sign that she likes you.

5. Tip to Perfect Kiss: Make Your Intentions Clear

Move your face closer to her face. Don’t stop talking, say something, look at her beautiful lips and then back again to look at her eyes. She will know what you are looking at or what do you want. Stare at her and wet your lips. Licking your lips sends the message to the girl that you want to kiss her very soon. Give her signs that you want to kiss her badly and she might get your hints and initiate.

6. Going in For a Kiss: Know Steps to Kiss a Girl

  • Make sure that she wants you to kiss her. If you are unsure then start with small touches first. If she likes your touches then you can move forward.
  • If you are walking with her then hold her hands.
  • If she is sitting with you, place your arm around her shoulder.
  • Hug her for 4 to 5 seconds. If she likes it then try to move for a kiss.

7. Signs If She Wants to Kiss

You should know about whether she is interested or not. Here are some signals that will help you to kiss a girl.

  • She looks at you and when you see her she looks away quickly.
  • She starts talking or tries to seek your attention or makes a joke.
  • When you talk to her she blushes.
  • She starts biting her lips.
  • When you touch her, she leans in for more contact.
  • Her heart rate gets faster when you are close to her.

8. Break the Kiss Barrier to Kiss Passionately

Start with a small kiss. Hold her hand and kiss her hand. Most girls like it. Now slowly kiss her on the cheek. Don’t pucker, keep your lips soft and pressure light. Girls who smile that means she gives the signals to move forward or she wants to make an impression on you. A smile shows that you are doing right. When you will get apart in the middle of the kissing session then it will make her want you more. If you need to give a girl great experience then make her want you more.

9. Keep Your Kisses Soft and Light to Have a Perfect Kiss

This is very important if you kiss your girl for the first time. Don’t be aggressive or unskilled while kissing. Don’t talk when you are going to kiss. Before doing kiss, lock eyes. It is the signal that you are thinking about kissing. First, graze your lips to hers lightly and keep the pressure soft. Do it few times, kiss her lower lip. Avoid smacking that can be distracting. Open your eyes while kissing. Make your kiss better by putting your hands on her shoulders, on her waist, on the sides of her face or on the back of her head. If she seems shy then put her hands on your shoulders. This is the easy way to move in closer.

10. Learn How to French Kiss to Kiss a Girl Perfectly

If you are ready to move into a passionate liplock then try French kiss. Use your tongue and run the tip of your tongue over her lower lip a few times. She will get to know and open her mouth a little more if she is interested. After some time, pull your lips away so that you can breathe. To end the kiss, do it with a gentle caress. Run your finger on her cheek, through her hair or gently kiss her cheek. Don’t rush as girls like to take time with things. If you find her enjoying it then you can even try biting her lips gently look her reaction if she enjoys it then go ahead and bite both lips and tongue gently to make it more passionate. This will help to end the kiss on a positive note.

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