Test Yourself to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone



Falling in love with someone is one of the most exciting, scariest and rewarding things you could ever do. It is very common when you see someone and get attracted to that person. You find someone who is good-looking, confident or attractive. You start developing feelings for that person and want to start a new relationship but it is important to tell that person that you like him or her. It is very hard to tell if you really like someone. Now it’s time to come out of the zone and make the move which you want to do. Some people are shy which takes some time to share their feelings. Maybe, it is your friend or any other person which you see regularly or spend time with but you don’t know how to tell if you genuinely like someone. Follow some tips to tell if you really like someone to take the next step.

How to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

Best Tips to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

1. Get to Know Them Better to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

If you really like someone then it is important to get to know each other. This is not the task that can accomplish only through dating. If you know them better, you can easily tell if you see them as a friend or something more. Spending time with them or talking with the person will reveal more and more. Trying to know more about them will let you know them better and will also make you reach to the conclusion whether you like them or not?

  • First, start with a conversation with the person you like. Introduce yourself and ask them about something interesting. Make sure your conversation is not boring.
  • Share some interests with them and ask them about their interests.
  • Listen to them carefully when they talk. If you don’t interrupt them, they will like it.

2. Consider Why Do You Like the Person to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

Consider the things why you would like the person or what makes them different from the others. If you like them, then definitely you saw something in them. You see many people who are physically attractive and smart. But when you see something beyond looks that really catches your attention, you have marked that person unique and probably like them. When you want to get sure about your feeling then getting sure about it is the first thing to do probably. It can be done by asking yourself that are there any specific reasons which draws to closer to them? Try to find out if you really like them or it is just a phase of infatuation.

  • It might be possible, you find a person attractive but he or she is ugly from inside. While a simple person could have a good personality.
  • Maybe you find that person decent, humble or attractive. Other than looks there are many things that may attract you towards that person.

3. Consider How Many Times You Think About the Person You Like

If you think about that person many times a day and they are happy thoughts then you definitely like that person. Maybe you think about your last meeting or how you spend time with them. When you think about that person you like, you feel loving, cheerful or happy. This is the good way to tell if you genuinely like someone.

4. Think About How Often You Laugh at Their Jokes

When you like someone, you laugh at things even if they are not that funny. It is natural to make them feel appreciated. Your sense of humor should also be good. When you laugh at their jokes, make sure your laugh is genuine. If you laugh without any reason, you will look stupid. Laughing at someone’s jokes is the good way to tell if you genuinely like someone.

5. Notice How Often You Talk About them to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

Noticing how often you talk about them is the way to tell if you genuinely like someone. If you have had one conversation between you and that person which stuck in your head and you tell people about it that means it was important to you and you like the person. Maybe you had an amazing conversation with the person which you can’t stop telling people.

  • Always try to communicate with the girl or guy you like. Communication is the way to tell if someone likes you. Do little messages through e-mail or text and see if they reply to you.

6. Notice How Much You Try to be Near Them to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

If you want to catch a glimpse of him or her many times in a day then there is a good reason for that. When you love someone, it is very common you want to be around them. You find some reason to meet them or to see them. If you find yourself very often around them, then this is the way to tell if you genuinely like someone.

7.  Notice If you Get Butterflies When You See Them

When you see someone you like, you feel something in your stomach. This is an amazing feeling or funny feeling. They make you feel good without talking. You always smile when you see someone you like. You feel positive vibes which connect you with them. Getting such type of feelings is the sign to tell if you genuinely like someone.

  • Always be yourself and don’t behave like someone else because you think he or she might be more attracted to you but that’s not true. Being yourself is the way to attract someone you like.

8. Notice If You Get Voltage When You Touch Them

Well, it definitely does not mean that you are going to get an electric shock or something but the feeling would not be less than that metamorphically. If you touch him or her intentionally or accidentally, think about how you feel. If you are thinking about your last meeting where you broke the touch barriers whether it is playfully or purposefully, then this is a thought that you like him or her. You might have not felt the same way good when you are in touch with her ever.

9.  Try to Do Something to Get Them Out of Your Thoughts

If you are trying to get them out of your thoughts and still thinking about them, you probably like him or her. Try to distract your mind and when you get her thoughts think about something better like football or any of your favorite things which can help you to forget everything else. When you do something like swimming, biking, snowboarding or play something and still you think about him or her. You are not able to stop thinking about them. This is the sign you like someone.

10. Ask Him or Her Out to Tell If You Genuinely Like Someone

If you feel you are ready to start your new relationship and are confident enough for a positive responsive then go ahead and ask them out. If you are not sure about their feelings then ask. Don’t rush the things. Be patient with his/her response. Understand them from their point of view.

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