How to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You?


Breakups are one of the most painful experiences that anyone can undergo as a consequence of falling in love. You talk to your girlfriend daily and suddenly she starts ignoring you. Your girlfriend used to be excited to see you or talk to you but somehow she doesn’t notice you when you are around her. She may spend the whole night at a party, talking to her friends except you. She may not even respond to your messages and calls. If you are feeling ignored by your girlfriend then definitely you will feel hurt or even get frustrated. It might be interesting to ignore her back but never ever think of doing this. So, how you should deal with it? Keep reading this article as here, you will get some magical tips that will help you to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you.

How to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

Ways to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

1. What to do When Girlfriend Ignores You: Give Her Some Space

Giving her some time or space is the best way to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you. It is quite possible that your girlfriend loves you a lot or she is crazy for you but, there may also be a possibility that she is going through some tough situations in life. If you are getting any negative vibes from your girl, then don’t force her to talk to you. Give her some time and space to settle down things. Stay away from her so that she can think about you being with her. If you will constantly nag her then she may get annoyed so, it is better to make her realize the worth of your presence. This will also help you to think about your own life. In this way, you can get a girl like you again.

2. Determine if She is Actually Ignoring You

If your girlfriend’s behavior has changed towards you then it might be possible that she is feeling anxious or depressed. If her behavior is worse than normal, that means she is actually ignoring you. It is possible that she has always been a little cold towards you but, when the relationship gets older with time, you start realizing that you don’t like the way she behaves. She ignores you, maybe you have demanded more attention and time from her or it can even be that she is not actually having time to meet your needs. Thus, it results in pulling her away.

3. Don’t Ignore Her Back to Get Her Stop Ignoring You

Maybe you find it very playful to ignore her back or you may even try to make her jealous, which is actually not a great idea for an ongoing healthy relationship. If your girlfriend is struggling with some difficult situations in life or she is depressed, then ignoring her back will make the things worse for your relationship. It can also bring your relationship to an end. So, all you are needed to do is to keep in your mind that your relationship needs time, space and a few efforts, otherwise you will start taking each other for granted. Also, give her some time and try to be respectful and kind towards your girlfriend. Don’t ever try to avoid and ignore her in return of her doings.

4. Take Care of Yourself to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

By taking care of yourself you can deal with your girlfriend ignoring you. Don’t be upset or hurt by your girlfriend’s behavior. Indulge yourself into things that make you feel good. This includes hang out with friends, pick up your favorite hobbies or start gymming. Instead of clinging to her, try to spend lots of time with your friends and family. You need to have your own time to deal with a girl ignoring you. Do things which makes you happy and which will help you to move ahead in your life. Let her see that you can be happy without her.

5. Get in Touch with Her to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

If your girlfriend is actually ignoring you that means you might not be able to get in touch with her via text or call. So you should still send her a message and let her think that you are concerned about her. Also, ask her to catch up on coffee or whatever she likes. When she is usually free, set the schedule according to her convenience. This is just to assure that she does not come up with any excuses and can meet you easily. Clarifying the doubts and speaking up your mind out would be the best way to deal with this matter and you should also try talking to her about it as soon as you get the opportunity or feel that you will get a positive response.

6. Use Body Language to Deal with your Girlfriend Ignoring you

If you meet up with her then try to use an empathetic body language. Your body language will show that you are trying to understand her and it will encourage her to open up. Empathetic body language includes the face of the person in an open position and also making direct eye contact in order to signal that you are listening to her carefully. Try to make her feel that you are by her side no matter what, but she owes you an explanation.

7. Express Your Feelings and Thoughts

Openly expressing your feelings and thoughts is the best way to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you. Try to focus on your feelings and thoughts rather than accusing your partner and blaming her for your failed relationship. Express your feelings to her and try to talk about all the negative and positive aspects of your relationship. The questions may include, Why did she ignore all your texts and calls? After expressing your feelings and speaking your mind out, let her understand that you are open to communicate. Try to encourage her to share her thoughts and feelings. She will understand what you are going through and will also try to sought out all the messed up things. If she cares for you then she will surely stop behaving weird and other ways which makes her partner uncomfortable.

8. Ask Her What She Needs to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

Asking her about her need is the perfect way to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you. If she admits that she is not happy then ask her what is she actually seeking for in your relationship or how can you help her in order to make it up to her expectations. Maybe she needs some time and personal space or it might be the reason that a few of your actions are annoying her. What you can do is simply hug her as this will comfort her. This will make feel that you actually want her to be in your life, no matter what. This will make her feel good and wanted. When she tries to speak, attentively listen to her words and be a good listener. Don’t interrupt while she speaks.

9. Impress Her at Distance if Your Girlfriend is Ignoring You

Impressing her is the best way to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you. Be a good partner/boyfriend or whatever you are tagged as. Let her realize that she is actually missing your presence. Don’t behave like you are broken or depressed without her as this will portray your weaker side. Give her some importance so that she thinks that you care about her. Help her when she needs you by her side. Try to stay a bit distant from her in order to make her realize your importance in her life. When she will realize what she is going to lose, then she will come back. Your constant nagging will only result in forcing her ignore you more.

10. Find a Resolution to Deal with Someone Ignoring You

Once you have understood the problem, now this is the time to resolve those problems. Don’t do those things which she doesn’t like or due to which she started ignoring you. If you are not able to resolve problems then take a break. It will really help you when you both are exhausted from arguing. Meet up her again after some days. Come up with some possible solution to solve the problem. Call her, text her or give some time to her so that she starts thinking you really care about her. Once you resolve the problem, ask her for a date. Go to her favorite place. Hold her hand and tell her that how much you love her.

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