How to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying?


Lied to your girl? Are you secretly seeing someone else without letting your girl know? Has she started doubting your integrity because of your lies? Well, gaining someone’s trust is very precious, especially when it is a girl’s trust that you want to win over. Trust helps to deepen the relationship and nurtures respect. If you betray your partner then it is very hard to gain back their love and trust. Losing a girl’s trust will lead to breakup and the only way to patch up is to make them fall for you all over again. Earning a girl’s trust back after lying is not an easy task. It will be hard to get your girl’s trust back regardless of the mistake that you have committed. This includes if you are cheating on her, you lied about seeing someone else or it is something else that will eventually hurt her feelings.

But, it is not impossible to gain back someone’s trust. If you are eager, to gain back your girl’s trust, then give her some time and space. Also, don’t ever try to lie in future. Thus, you can win the girl’s trust back along with her heart. But how can you do it? This article will give you some useful tips to earn a girl’s trust back after lying.

How to Earn a Girl's Trust Back After Lying

Ways to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying

1. Apologize to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying

An apology is the best way to earn a girl’s trust back after lying. Whatever the reason was, she is feeling hurt because of your lies. Let her understand that how difficult you have made things for her and you deeply regret what you have done. Show her that you were wrong. Your apology should be sincere and real. Do not just apologize for the sake of doing it, apologize as if you really know what your mistakes were and you are really feeling sorry for it.

  • Don’t just say “I am sorry” because you think it is the right thing to do.
  • Say sorry because you mean it.
  • While saying her sorry, look into her eyes, speak slowly so that she knows that she has all of your attention.
  • You don’t need to say that you are sorry a hundred times.
  • Instead of repeating words try to make her feel that you are genuinely sorry.
  • Let her know, that you are guilty of all the pain and suffering that was caused due to your mistake.
  • If she thinks that you don’t understand her pain then she will not listen to you.
  • Let her know that you realize your mistake and are sincerely sorry.

2. Be Honest and Sincere about Why You Lied to Earn Her Trust Back

Honesty has always been the best policy. When you talk about a relationship, there shouldn’t be any secrets, no matter how deceitful or unscrupulous they are. If you are dishonest with your partner then you can never have a long-term relationship. Always stay honest to your partner. You don’t need to go in detail if you think it will hurt her more. Try and give an honest explanation about why you lied. Being honest will make her feel that you are actually sorry and will never repeat the instance again, in future. Let her know about your true motives behind lying, in order to make her understand your perspective and the situational frame of mind.

  • Make sure that it will not happen again.
  • If you doubt yourself that means you will do the same mistake.
  • If you are certain that it will not happen again then promise her that you will not repeat your mistakes.
  • Be sincere when you make the promise.

3. Giver Her Space to Earn Her Trust Back

Once you have told her everything, now it is the time to give her some space. Don’t call her or text her constantly. This is the worst thing that you can do after being dishonest with her. Let her know that you are waiting for her to reach out, when she is ready. This doesn’t mean that you should stop communication but it does mean that you both will take a break and will be back together once things are sorted and she is ready to talk to you. Allowing her some personal space is the best way to earn a girl’s trust back after betraying her (for the worst case scenario). Do not bother her between the “BREAK” mode and once you have decided to give her space.

4. Help Her to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying

Helping her to sort out things (only if she allows) is the best way to earn a girl’s trust back after lying. This means you have to be there for her when she needs help. If you are not dependable then she will be less inclined to trust you. Try to be helpful and supportive. Let her talk to you about her problems. This will show that she has started redeveloping her trust on you. Being dependable doesn’t mean that you should become her servant. Be yourself and maintain your own identity. She might refuse to take help since she is angry. So, wait for the time when she is really in need then trying to help her. This will mean a lot to her and she might even forgive you.

5. Make Her Feel Special to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying

Making her feel special is the perfect way to earn a girl’s trust back after lying. Make her feel special so that she knows you will not be dishonest with her, in future. To make her feel special, behave like a gentleman, compliment her looks, ask her out for a romantic date and show your interest in her thoughts, hobbies, and goals. Buy flowers for her, or maybe something that impresses her. Ask her opinion that matters to you. Take some interest in her life. Like, ask her about her latest exam or about her family. Let her know that you are not feeling good if she is not around you. Even if you are away for some days then try to call her at least once a day.

6. Open Up to Her: to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying

If you want to get the girl’s trust back then you have to open up to her. Unveil all those secrets about yourself that you have hidden from others, or are still untold. This will make her feel that you really trust her to share every bit of your untold secrets and care about her feelings. Let her see that you really value her reaction and judgment. Make her see that you trust her and hopefully she will reciprocate. Tell her what were your circumstances under which you were forced to lie. Be open while answering all of her questions, if she has any.

7. Be True to Yourself: to Earn a Girl’s Trust Back After Lying

If you want to get the girl’s trust back then you have to be true to yourself that who you are. You have to make some changes in your life to ensure that you will not lie again. You should not change yourself completely, in order to earn the girl’s trust. If you feel like that you are spending all the time and energy on winning her over then you are not really being who you are. When the girl starts to spend time together then keep up your honesty. If you are not honest with her then she will not come back.

8. Know when it is Too Late: to Earn Her Trust Back

Unfortunately, if you have not been able to win a girl’s trust back after lying, then what will you do? It has been weeks or months and you still feel like she doesn’t trust you. She will always keep a check on you and you may even have to constantly apologize for your past mistakes. That means it is too late now and she is not willing to accept your apology. So it is better to end the relationship before both of you get hurt. Once you know that you are too late, you should move on as soon as possible. If you feel that things won’t work any further then it is better you quit instead of lingering things uselessly.

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