How to Kiss a Guy?

Well, it is very common that you like someone and you would like to have a relationship. But the point is how would you like to start a relationship? Besides letting him know that you are interested in him or hanging out with him, you need to learn how to kiss a guy passionately. By kissing you can make your guy more attracted to you. When you fall in love with a guy, you show your love by kissing and giving a hug to him. Here in this article, you will get to know amazing tips to kiss a guy to make it memorable and turn him on at the same time.

Kissing a guy is very spontaneous and it creates the most intimate moment between the two people. Kissing also produces pleasure between the couple and brightens up your day. If you are kissing a guy the first time then it is a completely different experience for you as you don’t know how to start with. Once you fall in love with a guy then don’t shy to kiss him. A good kiss makes a new beginning of a relationship. So, try all the amazing and best ways to kiss him. Enjoy your day with a good kiss!

How to kiss a guy

A. Ways to Kiss a Guy

1. Prepare Yourself Beforehand to Kiss a Guy

Preparing yourself before kissing doesn’t mean that you start studying about kissing. I am talking about that you should look most kissable. That means, use a good lip balm to make your lips soft. While wearing lipstick will make your lips more attractive. Drink lots of water to keep your lip hydrated and naturally, make it look better. Also, apply a decent lip balm daily to keep your lips nourished.

2. Go Close to Him to Kiss Him

Going close to him is very easy. So you need to go close to him. Don’t try to kiss him from some distance. It is not comfortable for you and you will not enjoy a perfect kiss. The more you closer to him, the more you enjoy the kiss. Therefore, it increases the chances to arouse him and he will want to kiss you.  By various means, you can go closer to a guy. While you sit with him sit closer to him.

3. Let Him Take the Lead to Kiss a Guy

Kiss a guy, but let your man take the lead. Now, touch your lips to his lips softly and wait until he applies some pressure on your lips with his lips. Don’t pucker up your lips as it will stiffen your lips that will make him feel like he is kissing a wall. So part your lips slightly and keep them soft. Try to give him hints that you wants to have a kiss and this will make him initiate the kiss himself. Once he starts kissing you can take the lead and kiss him back.

4. Make the First Kiss a Short One while Kissing a Guy

Your first kiss should not be long or very passionate unless both the people are very turned on. If you find yourself in a romantic moment then take the kiss slowly. To make your kiss memorable, you should graze your lips against his lips for about 2 seconds. Make sure you part your lips after the first one and follow the first kiss with many small but sensuous kisses. If you both are inexperienced then keep it short and how your partner is reacting. If you both are liking it then go ahead and make deep and long kisses.

5. Know Your Kissing Style to Kiss a Guy

Don’t make the kiss forced and you should learn how to kiss a guy. Don’t push yourself on your guy, if you are worried that the kiss will be short. Kiss each other many times to get the perfect style of kissing that works best for you or you can make your own unique kissing style.

6. Separate Your Lips to Kiss a Guy

After grazing your lips on his lips, let your lips linger on his lips a few more seconds each time. Then separate or part your lower and upper lip after the first few kisses, so that he gets the idea that using a little bit tongue is acceptable.

7. Put Your Hands on His Shoulder to Kiss a Guy

While kissing a guy, slowly move your hands and place them under his arm or on the sides of his shoulder. In this way, an intimate move will be created that will bring both of you closer. This move allows your guy to touch your face while kissing.

B. Other Ways to Kiss a Guy:

1. Kiss a Guy by Using Texts or Chatting

You can use texts or chatting to kiss a guy. Message your guy constantly, but send a few messages so soften. Doing it in a right way, let him think about you.

Here are some tips to Kiss a Guy Passionately

  • End your conversation early. Don’t make your conversation boring instead make it interesting so that he will be looking forward to talking with you.
  • Make your conversation interesting. Don’t start it with ‘Hi’. Ask him about his plans, tell him what you are doing or put some joke so that next time he text you back.
  • Before leaving the conversation, set up the next interaction. If you want that will text you next time then set up something for the future or coming a day. It could be like as I would like to get movie recommendations from you tomorrow.

2. Make it Easy for Him to Get You Alone

Boys often complain that girls move in groups so much, so it is difficult for him to get you alone. Therefore, make it easy for your guy to get you alone. Move away from the crowd or go to some other place to grab some fresh air. If you are alone then you can ask him out on a date.

  • If you are trying to get your partner alone, find opportunities to pull him away from the crowd. Ask if he would like to step outside for a bit and walk with him.

3. Find a Romantic Moment

An intimate or romantic atmosphere will do half the work and help him to see you in a sexy light.

Follow these steps:

  • Try to be alone with your guy. If there is any silence in the conversation then let them happen. Remember, if you don’t stop talking, he can’t kiss you.
  • Have you ever thought that why most kisses don’t happen in the daylight? Because softer light seems more romantic so it would be better if you hang out in forgiving lighting. Campfires, rainy days, sunsets, candlelight and soft porch light at night can make you look more appealing.

4. Break the Kiss Barrier

If you are feeling brave, then kiss him on the hand or the cheek. If you feel that he is interested then probably you can proceed with a kiss on the mouth.

  • Lean in and kiss on his cheek for 2 to 3 seconds. Avoid puckering and keep your lips soft.
  • Now don’t waste your time once you go ahead. Close your eyes and start kissing.

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