How to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back?


If you are in a situation in which you love a girl but you are not able to decide that whether she likes you or not? It would definitely be awkward if you will ask her directly and even if she likes you she may deny saying it due to the fear of facing embarrassment. Therefore, the best way to know if a girl doesn’t like you back is to check the subtle signs given by her. Subconscious or conscious hints given by her or her body language will let you easily decide that a girl likes you or not?

It will be easier for you if you know her answer as it is useless to waste your time over someone who does not even bothers about knowing you. Once you get emotionally attached to someone it becomes hard to recover after that thus, it is wise to check what is in their mind and to stop yourself going further in liking her. Check out these warning signs to know if a girl doesn’t like you back and save yourself from getting into depression.

How to Know if a Girl Doesn't Like You Back

Look for These Signs to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back

1. You Make the First Attempt ALWAYS

Mostly you are the one who will always make the first attempt and its like always. You have called her around four to five times and haven’t got the reply yet? This could be a strong sign that she is not into you and it will get you clear to know if a girl doesn’t like you back. When a girl will not like you back she will not bother to reply you either or she will only reply you when she is bored, she might also reply you considering as a friend.

She might even call you back after your several calls or many time can just send a voicemail in the reply. If this is the case with you as well then definitely she is not into you. Try to remember are you the one who always make the first attempt and you never saw her doing it? Now you know that she is into you or not.

2. Signs a Girl Doesn;t Like You: Shows Interest In Other Men

Have you seen her checking out the hot guys in front of you and wishing to be with them? No, she is not doing this to make you jealous. If she would have liked you she would never do that unless you are in a relationship. When in relationship girls do these to make her guy jealous but here that is not the case she does it because she actually like them. If she has shown interest in other guys often then it is a great sign to know that she doesn’t like you back. She would even go out with them and yu may find her talking to them over the phone or texting them. Or she may have started putting a lock on her phone to hide her chats.

3. Find Excuses to Avoid Going Out with You

Before she used to get excited to go out with you but now the case is totally different and you would see her showing any interest in spending time with you. You might have asked her several times but she mostly denied to go out with you. When a girl does not like someone she never bothers to go out with them unless they feel like going out and they have no other options. If you guys are friends then she may go out with you as friends but if that is not the case then most of the time you will hear a no in the answer. To know if a girl doesn’t like you back you can check her answers to your proposals.

4. Does Not Laugh at Your Jokes is the Sign that a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back

The girl who used to laugh over your stupidest jokes now does not even bother to listen it. Once or twice she might laugh but that is it, her response to you your jokes will help you to know if a girl doesn’t like you back. You must have heard that when a person likes another then they find everything related to them funny. If a girl will like you your lamest jokes will also make her laugh but this will not happen when she is not into you. When a girl does not like you, she will not bother to laugh unless your joke is really good.

5. Notice These Signs in Her to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back

When a person likes or loves someone they give subtle hints which they themselves don’t know much time. You can observe her body language to know if she likes you or not. Check these signs to know if she doesn’t like you back.

  • She will not smile a lot after seeing you, she may even not smile at all. When a person likes someone they tend to give a genuine and long smile to the other person. If she is not into you, she will never bother to give a big smile. If she is a nice person then she can give a nice smile as a common gesture but then she will do it with everyone as you are not the special one to her.
  • She will not hold the gaze. If you both look into each other’s eyes then she will not bother to keep on looking into your eyes for a while.
  • She will not bother to stand closer to you. Either in the group or when alone she will avoid standing closer to you will not make special efforts to be with you. These signs will help you to know if a girl doesn’t like you back.

6. Notice Her Friend’s Behavior for You

Her friend’s behavior towards you can tell you a lot about her feelings. Do they treat you with special care and attention? Or do they tease her occasionally with your name? If these does not happen with you then you are not the one in her life. When a girl has someone special in her life then her friends will also know about it and they will find occasions to tease her. If you are the one special in her life then you will notice her friends suddenly stop talking when you will enter or you can see her friend giving her a wink when you both are together.

7. Her Reactions will Help You to Know if a Girl Doesn’t Like You Back

When a girl does not like you back she will start getting irritated easily with your stupid behavior. She might also stop talking to you or she will never care if you both talk or not. She will also avoid your plans and she will hate when you will insist on something. Well, every girl is not same few has polite nature and some are a bit aggressive you have to judge it to reach the conclusion. As a polite girl will deny your offer politely and even agree to go out with you after insisted on making you feel good. To know if a girl doesn’t like you back try to know what kind of girl is she and then check the points given above in this article.

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