How to Live a Happy Married Life?


In order to live a happy married life, you need to keep certain things in your mind. Now, just don’t start fetching for those things as there are no magic potions which can help you in making your married life rocking and happy. You and your partner together can make it work for you. Marriage is a consensual deal between two individuals, in which the compatibility and cooperation should be on the top of your list of coordinating things. Marriage is all about bonding and connection between the two of you. You cannot imagine a happy married life without putting in your genuine efforts. It takes a lot of efforts in order to be a good human being and it also takes even more than that to live and lead a successful and happening married life.

How to Live a Happy Married Life

Things to Know to Live a Happy Married Life

1. Respect Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

You should respect your partner as a person. It means that you are accepting them for what they actually are. Treat them just like you want yourself to be treated. You should give them equal importance. Ask for their suggestions before taking any important decision. Include them even in the smallest activity which matters to you. However, you should not become dependent on them for everything but, sharing your opinion with them will be considered as highly respectable. Try to talk to them and do not develop any communication  gap. Also, do not disrespect them for no valid reason as this can hurt your partner eventually forcing them to quit.

2. Give Your Partner Highest Priority to Live a Happy Married Life

You should give your partner highest priority in your life. Everything else comes second. You may have other priorities in your life before marriage like your friends, family members, your hobbies, etc. Now, you should think about your spouse first, before getting engaged somewhere else. You must take care that they are not suffering because of your lack of attention. Do not neglect those commitments which are important to them. It does not mean that you should stop socializing on your own or stop spending time with your friends just to be with your partner. It means that you should develop your life management skills in such a way that it does not make your partner feel that you are neglecting them or not giving them the importance or attention which they deserve.

3. Listen to Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

If you are listening to your partner then you may be living a happy married life. Listening to another person is a must to carry out a healthy conversation. You should listen to your partner when they are speaking to you. They want to convey their feelings and views. If you keep on pushing your thoughts onto them then they will feel isolated. They will feel neglected. They want your feedback and help to carry out day-to-day activities. Try to understand what your partner wants to convey to you. If you want to have a happy married life then it would be wise to give proper attention to your partner. Do not just listen but know what they mean.

4. Keep the Passion Alive to Live a Happy Married Life

In a year or two after marriage, you seem to lose that passion for your partner, which you used to have earlier. Don’t let this happen as try to recall those days and cherish all the old memories. Feel the same love and affection for your partner, throughout your life. Try to spend more quality time with your partner and just share your feelings with them. Go to some romantic place and plan a date with your spouse. Utilize each and every opportunity to create loving memories with your partner. You can try adding new and adventurous things in your day to day life to prevent your life from getting monotonous. Doing things which are fun should be done together to make it more interesting to live with your partner.

5. Take out Some ‘Me’ Time to Live a Happy Married Life

Being married or committed to someone does not mean that you cannot have personal space. You are an independent individual and you can have some time to think about yourself. You can access your positive and negative qualities while sitting alone for some time. Similarly, give your spouse some space and let them enjoy their life-like an individual. In order to stay happy, you need to love yourself first, only then you will be able to shower love on others. Spend time with your friends as you used to do before marriage. There is nothing wrong in giving yourself some quality time and you should practice it, in order to live a happy married life. Also, let your partner have their own personal space and time for themselves. Let them enjoy being an individual apart from playing the role of your spouse or partner.

6. Show Your Affection to Live a Happy Married Life

You should express your love and affection towards your partner. Make them feel special for what they are and make them realize their importance in your life. Appreciate their qualities which you see and like in them. Give them a compliment about their looks. They may think that you do care about them and the emotional bonding between you two will become stronger. Just don’t get used to and bored of each other. The monotonous routine you follow for years will bring boredom in your married life. Try experimenting and do new things with your partner.

7. Take Care of Your Appearance to Live a Happy Married Life

You should take care of your appearance to make your spouse feel good about you. They expect you to look presentable. You must have met them the first time in your best possible look. They fantasize that look even today. You can fix up your physical appearance to impress them. It will take only a little effort from your side but, it may give enormous happiness to your partner. Getting a compliment from them will surely revive the lost spark in your married life.

8. Be Kind to Live a Happy Married Life

Show some kindness to please and pamper your partner. You know that they love you so you think that you can take them for granted. But, this mentality will be going to make your married life unpleasant. You should behave kindly with your partner. Don’t throw out your angst and irritation from your workplace on your partner. They may get hurt and may not forgive you for this. You may want to do something else but you may do something as per your spouse’s wish. You can sacrifice your wish for your partner’s happiness.

9. Be Supportive to Live a Happy Married Life

You are the first and foremost support system of your spouse. They look at you in the time of crisis and expect support from your side. Being the one who is the most closest to them, it becomes your responsibility to give them strength and good advice when they feel low. Similarly, they should be supportive to you when you as even you may face something tragic or feel low at some point in your life. Don’t fight over petty issues and resolve it before things slip out from your hand.

10. Forgive Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

You should be tolerant and peaceful to live a happy married life. It is good to forgive the smaller sins and mistakes of your partner. Punishments do not guarantee non-repetition of mistakes. They may feel offended by your rude attitude and may commit something even worst than before. You should tolerate their misdeeds with patience as sometimes, wrong actions can even prove bad for your relationship. You can let go all the unpleasant things from your life. Have a Forgive and Forget ideology, in order to keep up a peaceful married life. You can leave them alone for some time if you are not able to control your anger. Bitter words used out of rage during a conversation can leave their marks for years.

11. Stay Attuned with Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

Do not ever try to neglect your partner. Always keep a check on their moods and behavior, then act accordingly. This is the actual time to pay attention towards your partner and comfort them. Try to know the reason behind their mood of being happy or sad. Sometimes, your partner may not feel like sharing the reason for being sad. Do not push them to speak, let the things go with the flow. This does not mean that you will stop showing your concern towards them. Try comforting and your partner will ultimately share the feelings.

12. Be Realistic With Life to Live a Happy Married Life

Well, I think that you are already aware of the fact that it is not some fairy tale or movie that you are living in. It is all real and not reel so, try to be realistic while dealing with all the situations that come up in a normal married life. Now, this definitely does not mean that your think that marriage is a dark and drab disappointment. We are asking you to be realistic about life and do not expect those filmy cliches and dramatic twists to happen in your life. Always remember that no one is perfect and every single person including you, has many flaws. If the only thing that you expect is perfection, then you are surely mistaken and setting yourself up for disappointment.

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