How to Tell If Your Best Friend Loves You?


Building and keeping a friendship with someone of the opposite sex is not that difficult. It can become difficult when you start falling in love with your best friend and vice versa. Would you like to give it a try and bring that friendship to a higher level? When you met someone, you start spending lots of time together and quickly form a friendship. After some time, you feel that your best friend starts liking you. All of sudden, the old joking turns into new flirting and the old indifference has turned into jealousy or obsessiveness. If you want to know your best friend likes you then keep an eye on some signs of affection. Keep reading this article, you will get useful tips to tell if your best friend loves you.

How to Tell If Your Best Friend Loves You

Best Tips to Tell If Your Best Friend Loves You

1. Notice Signs that Your Best Friend Has Crush on You

Your friend knows you well and probably he or she starts falling for you. Actions speak more than words. Your best friend will never talk about his or her attraction toward you but actions and body language will betray him or her. Some people find themselves to initiate physical contact unintentionally like holding hands, wrapping an arm around your shoulders etc. Your best friend may touch your hands while talking or lean towards you when they say something. When you notice these signs, your friend may be attracted to you.

2. Watch Eye Contact

Eyes can speak what is in anyone’s heart. to know a person better you need to read what their eyes wanna say. When he or she looks at you, you feel like you are melting. Notice if he or she stares at you with intensity for a long time. However, some people are very shy to maintain eye contact or look at a person they like so they give many quick glances instead. Noticing eye contact is the way to tell if your best friend loves you. You will feel the love in the way they looks at you. If you have felt love in their eyes then it is the case that your friend is into you.

3. Your Friend Always Give a Shoulder to Cry On

Your best friend will always be there for you in your bad and good times or when you need them. Being there for you is the way to tell if your best friend loves you. If you feel that he or she has feelings for you then try to hang out with them so that you can communicate as much as you can. In this way, you can make a friend fall in love with you or you can find out if he or she likes you. Even when other friends leaves that friend is still with you and bit extra careful and possessive about you. You would feel like that he or she actually can feel your pain.

4. Notice If Your Best Friend is Jealous

If someone likes you then he or she will definitely jealous when you talk to opposite sex. Your best friend might not tell you that he or she jealous but you can see it with their actions. When you talk about a new person you like or met, your friend listens to you carefully. If you ask what they think about your new girlfriend or boyfriend then they will seem interested rather than encouraging. Jealousy is a true feeling and you can feel then getting hurt when you are with someone else. Everyone has a different way to express that they are jealous few can express it by avoiding you or few others express it by shouting.

5. Notice If Your Best Friend Wants to Spend Time Alone

If you and your best friend used to hang out with others or in groups and suddenly they want to hang out with you alone, it indicates that your best friend has feelings for you. Becoming a bit possessive is a sign of interest. You would find him or her making plans to go out just the two of you. Most of the time you two only would go out and you might hear the excuse that others couldn’t come.

  • Funny things happen when you hang out with your best friend. Your friend might confess they like you if they are confident you like them back.

6. Sign that Your Best Friend Likes You: Flirting

If your friend acts more than a friend that means he or she is into you. Here are some signs of flirting by which you can tell if your best friend loves you. It is also good to notice if you flirt with eveyone or just you? If they do it with everyone else then it is not a very strong point.

  • Your friend asks you to do favors. If he or she hold your bags, help you with your work or do errands then it is a sign that he or she loves you.
  • If your best friend compliments you in a more than a friend way then it is also a sign.
  • If your friend finds excuses to touch you like he or she holds your hand, your arm or your shoulder then it is a sign of flirting.

7. Observe Your Friend’s Behavior in Group of Friends

When you are with a group of friends, notice if he or she only pays attention to you. This is a good indication that your friend likes you. Some friends may ignore you because they are nervous or shy. They care for you in a group of friends. Observing your friend’s behavior in a group of friends is the good way to tell if your friend loves you.

8. Ask His or Her Friends

Finding out whether your best friend like you or not is such a big deal. One great way to find is to ask someone who is close to him or her. It is common when a group of friends talks about their crushes with each other. If your best friend has a crush on you then it is good chance that one or more of his or her friends knows about it. You can also find a mutual friend who is close to both of you. This mutual friend will help you to tell if your best friend loves you.

9. Ask Leading Questions to Notice If Your Best Friend Likes You

Take your friend to an isolated place where you both have some privacy and ask some questions like “If you want to do dance then with whom you would like to dance? Or “Who do you think is your best friend?” If you are lucky then the response will be you.

10. Ask Your Best Friend Directly

If you are still not sure then ask him or her. This is the way to figure out if they like you. Some friends don’t want to ruin the friendship and so they will feel uncomfortable to tell you. Be sure if you want the friendship to move onto a romance before asking. If you don’t want then it is better to avoid this question. If your best friend comes out and tells you then talk about it.

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