How Do You Know if a Boy Likes You?



Like girls boys also shows signs  when they feel something for a girl. Signs given by a guy are not very obvious but if you start noticing it is also not very much hideous. Having a keen observation will help you know what is running in the mind of the guy. Does he likes you or just treating as a friend? Are you an especial person in his life or just one random person in his long list of female friends? All questions can be answered by noticing him. To know if a boy likes you notice how he treats that girl or how different he behaves around that girl? Knowing if a boy likes you will also help you to take your next step as you may want to be just friends with him but he wants something more. Knowing what is in his mind will tell you that how much he is possessive about you and how much distance you have to keep with him. And if you are in love with a guy and doesn’t know what is in his mind then definitely you would want to know how he looks at you. To know if a boy likes you or not read further in this article we have explained all for you.

How Do You Know if a Boy Likes You

To Know If a Boy Likes You Look at These Points

1.) Look How He Treats You in a Group

When a guy likes you he will try to make you feel special and will do anything it would take to make you feel happy. When you both are in a group look how different he behave towards you. Does he treat you differently? Offer you a glass? Stand close to you or lean to you to whisper something in your ear? Is his behavior different towards you and he are not behaving same with others? Keep an eye on his behavior towards everyone if you think it is different for everyone else but you, then he might have feelings for you.

2.) Plans to Hangout with You

Are you free this weekend? Is this the question which you keep on listening from him? If a guy will like you he will try to make plans to be with you. It may be a group plan or a solo plan, he may ask  you out for a movie and will keep on asking till you agree. He might invite you to his home for dinner or might suggest you to go out together to a friend’s party. Reasons can be varied to ask you out but there will be constant nagging or plans made by him to spend time with you. Even when you got out in a group his main attention will be on you.

3.) Compliments You Often

Look how much does he compliments you? Even when you are looking a mess then also does he calls you beautiful? When a guy is into you, he will find you beautiful in every dress you wear or even without any makeup. Whenever you meet his eyes will be only you and he will be looking at you with eyes filled with love. You are the most beautiful girl in the world for him and his compliments are mostly genuine. If he compliments you often then there might be some feelings in his heart for you.

4.) Know if a Boy Likes You if He is Ready to Help

Whenever you need help he is there for you. When a boy likes you he wants to be there for you in your every good and especially in bad times. When you are feeling low he is there to cheer you up. Even when you do not tell him he knows it somehow by your mood. He tries to make you laugh with his stupid funny jokes. Even take you out when you are upset and says that you can share with him. You know when you are not at your good he is there for you. If these are happening then you definitely are a special person in his life whom he wants to never lose.

5.) He is a Good Listener

Many of time girls just want to open out your heart before someone. When it becomes heavy to tolerate a situation and everything makes your heart heavy then it is hard to keep much in your heart for longer. But girls never want to listen to advice. If he is a good listener and listen to you calmly then he might have feelings for you. If he remembers everything once you said then probably he has feelings for you and he would like to get along with you.

6.) You Know if a Boy Likes You When He Care

You can also notice how much he care for you? Is it different from he cares for others? When a person like someone then, he starts caring for that person and try to care for their needs. If a guy likes you he will try to know of your well being all the time. If you do not visit the school, college or office a day then a text will crop from his side asking “Is everything alright?”. He will ask you did you have dinner whenever he will go out to have a coffee or cold drink he will not forget to ask you do you want one too? There can be various ways to show care but you know that he is too caring towards you and also treats you very important.

7.) He Gets Jealous to Know if a Boy Likes You

This is very right trick to know that a boy likes you or not? If a boy will like you he will get jealous of other guys who are close to you. Do you see in a party or club how he stands between you and the other guy and try to keep away from the other guys? If he does that often or get possessive about you then definitely he in very much into you. You can also do a test by telling him that you are going out on a date with a guy and see how does he reacts if he gets jealous then you know that he definitely likes you.

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