How to Ask a Girl to Prom?



The most awaited prom night is fast approaching and you still haven’t got any date with you? Nothing can be bad than to be not able to find a girl to go prom with you. Most of the time guys end up being a joke when a girl denies. Is asking a girl to go on a prom date is tough only till you don’t gather up the courage to ask her? All you need to do is to gain confidence? Is that so? Well, it takes a lot more than courage to ask a girl to prom and get a yes in her answer. A lot of time boys summon strength and gets an ‘NO’ in the answer so courage is not what all is needed to ask a girl to prom and to get yes in the answer. Do not worry guys we have come up with a list of things to be done to ask a girl out on a prom which will also fetch you a yes in the answer.

How to Ask a girl to Prom (3)

Things to Do to Ask a Girl to Prom

1.) To Ask a Girl to Prom Take Her Out

Prom is a girl’s dream, every girl dreams of prom since childhood and wants it to go perfectly. Like you, she might also be desperate to go out to prom with you but you will have to ask her. Ask her in such a manner that she will love to say yes. Do not ask her to go to prom with you directly, keep it a surprise. Try to make it sweet and unforgettable. Take the girl you wanna go to prom with to a perfect restaurant. You might take her out even to ice cream parlor or a fancy fine dine restaurant. It depends totally on your budget. While eating start talking on general topics then start talking about prom. Get to know if she is going with someone else, if she says no then ask her out that would she like to go to prom with you. Romantic mood and sweet ambiance will definitely make her say yes.

2.) To Ask a Girl to Prom Hide it in a Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t love chocolates? I guess no one, at least girls ever cannot not like chocolates. Visit her with her favorite chocolate box and keep a note below chocolates. You can also keep the note on the inner side of the cover of the chocolate box. Or you can write it on the inner side of the wrapper of chocolate. Paint the outside of wrapper with any distinct colour. She will be curious to open it and make her see the inner part of the wrapper. Also, be careful do not let her throw it away, as this will ruin your plan. She might like this cute way of yours asking her to prom and you can get a yes in the answer. If that girl is a great chocolate lover, then this trick is definitely for her.

3.) Wear a T-shirt to Ask a Girl to Prom

What you can do is call her to your home and stay in your bedroom. Wait for her to come in and tell her to switch on the lights. She will be surprised to see “will you go prom with me” written on your T-shirt. Well, this way can be opted only if she is your friend and has visited your home before. So that she will not hesitate to come to your home. You can also gift the girl a T-shirt written YES on it when she will ask why yes is written on it then you can show her “will you go to prom with me” hidden inside your shirt.

4.) Impress Her with Dancing Skill to Make Her Go to Prom

Impress her with your dancing skill. Everyone wants a great dance partner to go to a prom with. Show her some of your sexy moves so that she can not deny going to prom with you. To show your dancing skills you can take her out to a pub where you can amaze her with your dancing skill. When she has seen your dance or amazing dancing skill then wait for a while and ask her that would she like to rock the prom with you? She will dare not to say no. You know this is not a trick for those who suck at the dance so you opt for this option only when you know you can nail it with your skills.

5.) Hand Made Card

Nothing is sweeter than a handmade card. Girls love the handmade cute stuff, especially cards, and written notes. Make a sweet card for her, which will make her feel happy and glad both. This will work as she will appraise your work and will not be able to say no after seeing your great efforts for her. Even if you are not good at doing crafts you can try making a simple card she will like the card for your hard work and thoughtfulness.

6.) Midnight Below Balcony Trick

This is a very romantic method. Every girl dreams of a romantic boyfriend in her life. Show her your romantic side and she might even end up falling for you. Appear below her balcony at the midnight, yes it sounds bit filmy and like bit exaggerated but it is cute and romantic. Trust me this will work if you will do it in a decent way. Get a bouquet of flowers and get below her balcony. Call her up and ask her to come to the balcony now show her flowers and a board written with ‘will you go to a prom with me?’ She will like this approach very much and most probably say yes as the answer.

These steps can be used to impress and ask a girl to prom. There are also a lot of options available which will fetch you a yes in the answer. If you know that girl very well then you will know on your own what she will like and what will make her say yes. Otherwise, these tips are pretty good to get a girl to prom with you.

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