How to Be a Classy Girl?


Being classy is about having style, being confident in yourself and happy with who you are. In the traditional way, classy means elegant, stylish, lovely and respectable. Every woman wants a gentleman who treats them right. You must act like a lady to attract a gentleman. A lady displays class, appreciation, self-respect and etiquette. Being a classy girl doesn’t mean that you should be stuck-up or snobby but you should have consideration, dignity, and moderation in your daily actions. Class comes from inside. You don’t need a lot of money or have to be well dressed to look classy. It is all about your actions, facial expressions, reactions, ability to take a compliment or how you carry yourself in life. When a class girl walks into the room then you will see the guys’ heads turn. Guys like a girl who is classy and elegant. Here are some simple ways to be a classy girl.

How to be a classy girl

Ways to Be a Classy Girl:

1.) Choose Your Friends and Battles

Some battles are truly worth fighting. Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves such as animals, mentally disabled, children etc. If someone is getting rude to you then ignore him or her completely. Treat them politely while maintaining your personal stance. Be polite but make it clear that you don’t appreciate what they are doing. Don’t make judgments to other people. Make your friends who are positive and polite. Surround yourself with people who encourage and live your classy and intelligent lifestyle. Avoid talking too loudly and mumbling.

2.) Have a Sense of Style to Become a Classy Girl

A classy girl should have a sense of style. Read fashion magazines to learn about clothing and how to put together a classy outfit. Be sure to have your own style and create your own fashion. You should wear makeup appropriately. Wearing a little makeup is better than smudged makeup. Poorly applied makeup or too strong makeup look cheap.  Avoid clothing of bad taste and be modest in clothing. Too short skirts, belly-baring tops, extremely low necklines and revealing clothing can make a girl look like that she doesn’t respect her body. Keep in mind, classy girls are not desperate for attention.

3.) Maintain a Good Hygiene to Be a Classy Girl

Always keep yourself clean. Comb your hair daily and keep your nails neat and dirt free. Brush your teeth shower daily. Don’t use excessive perfume as it is not attractive and it doesn’t improve your hygiene. Never have oily hair. Oily hair doesn’t look attractive. Take proper care of your skin. Your skin should be scar free and smooth. Wash your face daily and remember to apply sunscreen. Try to give yourself a facial mask in a week. Don’t crack your knuckles. People find this habit very annoying or manly. Speak politely and calmly. If you talk loudly that seem you are desperate for attention. Listen to people carefully and always make eye contact.

4.) Behave Well to Be a Classy Girl

Attending a party is a fun but behaving like irresponsible and immature doesn’t look classy. If you are at a party then be socialize, speak calmly and don’t try to seek attention. Don’t drink much. Drunk girls are not classy girls. If you are underage then don’t drink. Having good posture is a very important trait. It can help to improve your overall health. Keep your back straight while sitting or standing. Poor posture is a sign of bad manners and laziness. So always keep your head up and spine straight. Classy girls always talk about intellectual topics such as art, books, current events, politics, travel, and fashion. Improve your vocabulary and don’t use slang terms. Never say racist and bigoted comments. This will make you appear rude and ugly.

5.) Smile

Classy people are always friendly people. Such type of people always smiles when to meet with people. It is a good way to improve your looks.

  • You have to be nice if you are a classy girl. Treat others well and be nice to others that will help to become a classy girl.
  • Always be friendly and kind to the people who serving you. If you really want to know who is classy then look at how they treat people who are lower social status.
  • Your hair should be clean and simple. Loose waves with a band or even a ponytail look good.

6.) Take Care of Your Work and Education

Everyone will appreciate a girl who cares about her work or her education. Parents feel good if their girl is focused on her career.

  • If you are in a restaurant, then classy people take care of their own trash and baggage. They don’t expect others to help them.
  • Limit your availability and time so that the people are aware of your limits.
  • Learn party etiquette, workplace etiquette, dinner etiquette and dating etiquette to become a classy girl.
  • Read novels to find role models for good manners and etiquette.

7.) Choose Your Words Wisely to Be a Classy Girl

Classy girls always listen more than she speaks. Having a strong vocabulary is very important. Don’t use a word unless you are sure of its meaning. Use words to express yourself intellectually. Don’t correct others when they don’t use proper grammar.

  • Intelligence is the key to being a classy girl. You don’t need to be a bookworm to be intelligent and you don’t need to show-off. Just brush up on many subjects as possible because it will make you well-informed.
  • Never swear because using swears words show an inconsistent state of character. When you use curse words less then it will be more impressive.
  • Don’t use offensive and hurtful words to other people.

8.) Be Assertive to Be a Classy Girl

Being assertive shows that you are a classy girl. Being calmly assertive demonstrates thoughtfulness, confidence, and maturity. Class requires assertiveness and balance. Don’t speak badly about people behind their back. Gossiping about someone will not solve your problems. To become a classy lady, then you have to control yourself and avoid saying negative about people. Keep your social sites posts positive. Don’t post any wrong about people.

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